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    medafter30 reacted to Neurophiliac in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    After 6 years of applying to UBC Medicine... going through all the possibilities (regrets before interview, to regrets after interview, to regrets after waitlist, to being ineligible for 2 whole years), I seriously cannot believe I'm writing this... It had always seemed like it's something too good to be true, yet here I am.  There are many people I would like to thank (and letting them know will take a solid week) from the bottom of my heart for the support, encouragement, and love they have provided me within this long and incredible journey I have been through.  I write this with shock, excitement, and full of heart.
    TIME STAMP:  11:56 AM PST (May 10, 2019)
    Result:  ACCEPTED VFMP (1st choice) !!  
    Early or Regular Deadline:  Regular Deadline
    GPA or AGPA (if applicable):  ~84%
    MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB):  514 – (130 / 125 / 130 / 129)
    Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD):  BSc in 2014
    Geography (IP/OOP):  IP
    Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.):
    I had written this description already in a separate post I made, but will be copying it here as well:  Founded and lead a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for variety of causes via annual musical concerts, with the last 2 events focused on contributing to schizophrenia (5 years and counting); founded and led another charity aiding developing nations via Save the Children fund (6 years); extensive leadership and volunteering with UBC Department of Physics and Astronomy (8.5 years and counting); long-term ER volunteer and volunteer trainer and program coordinator (8.5 years and counting); long-term St. John Ambulance volunteer and Divisional Administration Officer (2000+ hours over 5 years, and counting); independently provide guidance and support to immigrants and families as they adjust to life in Vancouver/Canada (9+ years and counting); lots and lots of capacity to work with others including skin cancer research/holding workshops for high school students across Metro Vancouver, volunteering with med students and residents via UBC Department of Emergency Medicine, working closely with refugees and youth with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, and more (combined 3300+ hours); and lots and lots of diversity including clinical research as a volunteer, shadowing pediatric surgeons, toxicology research as a volunteer, epigenomics research at Michael Smith Labs, loads of piano and competitions, oil painting, and more.  I also work 3 jobs right now, 1 full-time and 2 part-time jobs; full-time is being a research assistant at UBCH working on a project focused on treatment-refractory schizophrenia (over 2 years); part-time jobs include tutoring students in grade 4-12 in math and academic reading with a company, and also tutoring for the MCAT with a company.  1 Publication (1st author) on the application (had a poster publication/presentation on June 7th which couldn't be included unfortunately, and a few are expected to come soon).  Lots of awards (mainly from high school) and one high performance activity for winning multiple awards with St. John Ambulance.  The intention of this post is to try and help people down the line, so that's why I'm including lots of details.
    I finished my interview initially feeling good about my answers.  I had a terrific interview experience!  I felt each interviewer was well engaged in my responses and discussions; they all smiled and nodded as I was answering questions and follow-ups.  But then the 3-month period started and man oh man oh man was I second-guessing myself... I kept doubting my answers and my confidence started to drop a little bit each week that had passed.  I knew at minimum I did 5/10 stations that I would categorize as "good" and at absolute most 8/10 stations.  But overall, especially leading to D-Day, I was completely unsure how I did, but I don't know if I was being too self-critical or not.  At the end of the day, I still overthought everything haha.  Turned out to be okay I guess!
    I would like to sincerely congratulate everyone who received an offer this year and sincerely congratulate in advance those who will be receiving offers from the waitlist!  It's an overwhelmingly amazing feeling that I get a chance to be in class with you folks – I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you as we finally set to make our dreams become a reality .
    For those who didn't receive the news they were hoping for, I can definitely understand how you feel, believe me... Disappointing news can be demoralizing, but let me tell you that you were selected to interview for a reason; you all have incredible potential so please keep your chin held up high and do not allow, even for a single moment, a decision to define who you are.  As my case can further add to the supporting evidence, persistence is absolutely key.
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    medafter30 reacted to Health_in_Perspective90 in M.D., C.M. Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted - Fall 2019 Admission   
    TIME STAMP: 8:30PM EST (I believe it has been there since this morning)
    Result: Accepted 
    pre-reqGPA: 4.0
    MCAT: Submitted 
    MMI: Felt great! 
    Year: BSc - 2014 and MSc - 2016. Researcher since 2017. 
    IP/OOP/International: OOP
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    medafter30 reacted to Health_in_Perspective90 in Deleted   
    Hi Economisto,
    In case you haven't found your answer:
    I received acceptance earlier last week into the MD/PhD program at UBC (what was termed 'early acceptance').
    According to the email this was both an acceptance to the PhD and MD (i.e., both committees confirmed an acceptance after reviewing my file). 
    For further information: We were informed acceptances were to be delivered between February and April. 
    I would imagine this means that there will be no need to send an additional letter in May. 
    Hope this helps!
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    medafter30 got a reaction from Joeybbq in Success Stories- Non Trad Style!   
    I do!! Mine is not as aspiring as every non-trad here.
    I moved to Canada when I was 17 and had a tough time adjusting to the new country and culture in the first few years. I finished my BSc in Biochemistry then did not know what to do except knowing that I enjoy research work. So I finished my MSc and then moved on to complete my PhD in biophysics.
    While advancing my knowledge in science, I have also undergone an evolution in self-identity, where I understand more about myself and what I want to do in this new place I now call home. While enjoying the science part, I understand that I need more than that. I miss the personal interaction that a research career in the lab has not been able to give me. Two summers ago, i started visiting my partner's mom at her nursing home. She suffers from dementia so it was very emotional for me to see. I wanted to do something small to make a change in her life. I sang, I made jokes to make her laugh. To me, her laughter and happiness are invaluable. Those moments with her in the nursing home were the moments I knew I wanted to become a medical doctor, where I can put my passion for science and human interaction.
    I started volunteering at the nursing home, pediatric units in the hospital and such... I love my volunteer work. I started taking the MCAT.. It was not easy for me as VR was my weak part. I redid the MCAT while finishing my PhD and applying to medical schools at the same time. I got so much support from my supervisors and labmates that juggling between many tasks seem a bit easier at time.
    I got 3 interviews at UBC, Ottawa, and McGill. I suddenly realized that my goal of attending medical school became much closer. So I started practicing with friends that I made on this pre-med forum. We were all strangers, gathering every weekend to practice and help each other with interview skills. We have all become such close friends and I was so thankful that I made so many new and incredible friends from this forum that share the same dream and passion.
    Two days ago, I was notified that I got off the waitlist at McGill and I could not be happier to reach a step closer to my dream!!  Finishing my PhD, getting into medical schools and getting published at the same year seem like such a success for me. But the most valuable thing that I got out of this experience is the tremendous support from everyone for me. I want to thank my family, my friends, my professors and everyone on here who have helped me at one point or another. And I hope to carry this tradition of the forum to help other people achieve their medical dreams as well!!
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    medafter30 reacted to rmorelan in Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?   
    hey couple of points !
    first off any money you leave in your corporation is equally going to be taxed when you take it out. It is exactly the same. If the RRSP is pointless then so is every major tool the doctors have for saving for retirement. I would have to disagree with that if for no other reason than it is depressing to think that way ha.
    second they actually won't lose 24K in income under that model. Just framing some of the numbers you present - they would earn 235K, put 24K into the RRSP, have 211K left which is then taxed. The resultant tax would be then depend a bit on the province but would be around 79K leaving about 131K to spend. The 24K would then grow in the RRSP tax free for say decades when you are starting out - say 30 years, during which on average based on historical norms it would be worth say 8 times that or now 192K again give or take. The fact that it grows in a tax free environment is huge - I would argue that as well as the relative tax immune corporation structure is exactly the point of why these are so powerful as it avoid drag on the compound interest. Now during retirement you take that money out but you are in a lower tax bracket because you aren't a full time doctor ultimately paying less tax (potentially - in any case it won't be higher as you are already at the highest tax bracket). 
    Some of these will always, always boil down to political leanings and approach in our progressive taxation system - the more you make the more your pay and not in a linear fashion. That being said the idea that you can get to that level of income on your own is also simply wrong - I don't like paying 53% tax on my last dollar of income, but I am sure glad that the government paid the roughly 1.0-1.5 million dollars in total education cost to create me and that is beyond what I paid and I refuse to pretend that such subsidization did not take place, and that system is not all connected. In the end the government in Canada is also the source of all my income as a doctor and they want some return on their investment as well. There are many places where this model varies - the US where the cost of education is through the roof and many doctors actually make less suffering under high loan rates to boot, or say Europe where costs are even lower to students but doctor income is also lower (although they have full benefits, pension and so on in many cases). You could argue we are not that bad off at all here. 
    Not to say things couldn't be improved of course with respect to government fiscal policy!  I have to say reading their budgets each here is a bit of chore but you can see where most of where things are going.
    I will add that overall with proper planning and a good sense of the models out there, any doctor can end of quite well of even with the restrictions. Ha, I want to help people get into medical school, and also help them survive the experience, and have full knowledge of the opportunities once they are done - including the financial ones. It isn't a doom and gloom situation
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    medafter30 reacted to rmorelan in The Royal College Exam Journey - a pictorial essay   
    and when you find out you passed! and never have to go through another hellish year like that again (words cannot describe...)

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    medafter30 reacted to HoopDreams in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist Thread   
    TIME STAMP: 9:00AM Result: Admitted with Condition (MDCM) cGPA: 3.80, pre-reqGPA: 3.4 MCAT: Not submitted ECs: Lots. Year: B.Sc. + B. Sc.  + M. Sc.  Interview preparation : Did 0 preparation. Not a single book. Nothing.  Post-interview feeling right after : I had no regrets and I was proud. That was enough for me. Post-interview feeling weeks after : You start to question everything. That's normal. Let it go. Attempt : Fourth attempt IP/OOP/International: IP I never thought I would ever post on here.
    I was already enrolled for next semester to re-take my pre-requesites and I had paid the tuition for it.
    I had accepted that I would be refused.
    It is very hard to summarize a 10 years long journey in a few sentences.
    I could write a book about my journey, my feelings and my doubts.
    If I had to give advice to a future applicant, here is what I would say :
    Before getting accepted, try to accept the idea that it might never happen. Define yourself beyond your medical path. Don't do things because they would look good on a C.V. Live your life. Take every extra year as an opportunity to grow your life. Don't see it as an extra year of suffering and waiting.  When you get accepted, everything makes sense. Every doubt you had suddenly turns into sparks of hope. It is very hard to describe. After you get accepted, life feels lighter but you realize that it's another journey that starts. I wish I could explain myself but I had the worst odds against me and I made it. Not because I am unique. Because I was lucky. I truly believe I am. Therefore, if it is your dream, follow your heart and never give up. Never give up. Never ever give up.
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    medafter30 reacted to HoopDreams in [deleted]   
    I feel like a lot of the notions you are discussing have a legitimate basis if you only look at selected articles recently published in the media.
    The decision is yours but it should be taken with the right information interpreted in the right context.
    Let me try to address some of the issues.
    1 - Doctors in Quebec are asking for lower pay.
    Specialists have been given a raise recently. In fact, it's not totally a raise. They were simply given a deal to be paid for having accepted lower salaries in the previous years. That deal was already done a few years ago. All the government did was respect the deal. But in the media, that was like a lottery ticket to write articles with scandalous titles. In response to that media crisis, some organizations that are not representing the majority of the physicians, have asked for a lower salary because they believe that the money could be invested elsewhere. That was an unusual move, not because they were doctors. Just because no professional group asks for a lower raise while inflation is occurring. And the media picked it up. Bottom line : There is media bashing about doctors. Some groups have expressed themselves for a raise, others against it. Healthy democracy. 2 - Residents at McGill are on strike.
    Just like any professional group, residents negotiate with their employers regarding their salaries, benefits, etc. Because they were not satisfied with the conditions and negotiations, they have voted for a strike. This happens every day in the corporate world. A strike does not mean that you are at home. Some measures include refusing the accomplish certain non-critials acts (eg. teaching). Bottom line : Employees that were trying to improve their working conditions voted a strike.  3- McGill CaRMS match rate is pretty low
    That only demonstrates that McGill students tend to apply to very competitive residencies that lead them to a higher non-match rate. The rate is nothing if you can't take it into the context. Let's say I open University ABC and I recruit candidates that are strongly interested by family medicine. When CaRMS day comes, they will tend to apply to family medicine and that specialty is known to have a higher acceptance rate. Now my friend decides to open University XYZ and he only focuses on candidates that have a surgical interest. Also, his students don't apply to any 'back-up' specialty. When CaRMS comes, his students will have a lower match rate. Bottom line : CaRMS match rates are only an indicator of the competitiveness of the programs the students have applied to. 4 - I have to learn French by third year to do well in clerkship
    French is a political and sensitive issue in Québec. Montréal is a bilingual city so it would be a lie to say that a minimal French won't help you out. I see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge. You won't be asked to read out Sartre or Camus here. Be functional. And by living in Montréal during two full years, meeting new people, participating in activities, you will learn it without even realizing. Don't forget that it is true for almost any Montréaler. So your colleagues, the patients and the staff will also be somewhat bilingual and they will adapt to you. Bottom line : You have the opportunity to learn functional French. 5 - I have to get reference letters to match to CaRMS?
    McGill did not create CaRMS. I am not sure about what particular aspect you are discussing but the admission criteria for specialties are made by the program. As a note, I only know of a few programs (4) in Canada that don't require reference letters for CaRMS.  Bottom line : The majority of post-medical programs require reference letters, no matter where you go.  
    Again, my goal is not to make McGill look better.
    But I believe you should take your decision based on the right information.
    Good luck !
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    medafter30 reacted to ralk in FM - Care of the Elderly   
    I'm not too knowledgeable about the career path myself, but a few years back, our student journal published an interview with a Geriatrician who touches on the distinction - take a look here. From what I hear the job market is still excellent for both the 2+1 COE and Geriatric paths and look likely to stay that way for some time. I believe COE graduates can still do hospital-based geriatric work, but I'm uncertain as to how much opportunity there is for that now, or in the near future, or whether those opportunities change based on location.
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    medafter30 reacted to MedOncologista in 2017 Carms Applicants   
    Agreed, not every student admitted to medical school necessarily deserves a residency spot, hence why I specified that I'm referring to those who successfully complete medical school. That being said, there shouldn't be such a thing as students who "squeak by in medical school under the radar"- such students should be offered remediation, or unfortunately not be able to complete the programs. I don't think passing them through medical school, allowing them to accrue further debt, and leaving them to falter in the CARMs process is the answer- hence why I think the onus should really be on medical schools to appropriately deal with students not meeting curriculum requirements, but also to ensure that those who are successful can access residency spots. 
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    medafter30 reacted to rural_roots in 2017 Waitlist Support Thread   
    I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for you all.  Many of you have reached out to me over the past application cycle but over the past week in particular.
    I have been trying to steer away from premed101 the past few days as I try and get my head right.  I will be completely honest with you: although I try and post positive things for all of our benefit, I am still a human being and have had some pretty rock bottom moments over the past few days.  
    Your kind messages of support really do help.  Thank you for continually motivating me to try my very hardest to remain hopeful and positive. It would be an honour to attend NOSM alongside you.
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    medafter30 reacted to Goku in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    AGPA: 90.61
    MCAT: 511
    AQ: 32
    NAQ: 40.31
    TFR: 72.31
    Interview: Below Average
    This rejection would have devastated me had it not been for Calgary's offer a few days ago wishing all of you the best of luck! It's been an honor, UBC!
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    medafter30 reacted to bornandraised in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Time Stamp: 7:42am
    Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted!!!

    GPA: 3.81
    ECs: Currently working as a research assistant, previously worked at a local non-profit working with marginalized populations (drug using population, homeless, Indigenous, people at risk of HIV/HCV) developing and implementing an overdose prevention program, two years volunteering as an outreach worker (harm reduction/needle exchange), standardized patient at NOSM, 2.5 years as a Toastmaster (with leadership and communication achievements, and involvement with the executive committee), board member with Elizabeth Fry, ~10 years doing receptionist work at local walk-in clinic, two summers working at Science North, several research projects throughout undergrad and graduate degree (first author on two papers), multiple conference presentations, volunteer medical work in Africa, and physician shadowing throughout Northern Ontario.

    Decision (will you accept your offer)? YES

    Campus: East
    Fourth times a charm... I am slightly in shock and absolutely over the moon. I can empathize with those of you who did not receive offers; there were many times when I wasn't sure if this day would come. Keep trying and keep improving yourself. It WILL pay off one day 
    I will keep my fingers crossed for those of you on the waitlist (especially you, rural_roots). 
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    medafter30 reacted to Melly731 in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Time Stamp: 8:03 AM
    Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted!
    GPA: 3.56 (H.BSc. Biomed) + 0.2 MSc.
    ECs: Premed Club president for several years, Big brothers and Sisters, hospital, cancer center, on the managing team of non-profit in Toronto, tutoring, science talks to the public, lifeguarding, 3 publications
    Decision (will you accept your offer)? Yes
    Campus: Sudbury
    Attempt #5- Persistence is key
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    medafter30 reacted to MDwannabe02 in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Time Stamp: 8:38 am EDT
    Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted
    GPA: 3.79 + MSc(PT) = 3.99
    ECs: Grew up in ++rural and remote NWO community. New grad PT in neuro rehab; Campus EMS (4 years); coached hockey, soccer, and baseball for kids in my home community; substitute teacher and EA (in super rural NWO you don't have to be a teacher to get part-time substitute work); volunteered in local private physio clinic (1 year); undergrad research project (nothing published or particularly rigorous) and physio school research project (qualitative research - again nothing substantial or published); first aid instructor in my home community in NWO; and NWO placement and academic unit through NOSM while in physio school. Perhaps more, but those are the main ones I remember without referring to my application.
    Decision (will you accept your offer)? Already got on SAM on the OMSAS site and hit "firm accept"
    Campus: West
    Fifth application over a six year period since 2012. I won't go on about how happy I am to get in because I've been rejected post-interview 4 times, and I know how it stings to read those. Was #26 on the 2013 wait-list (when they still ranked us) and got flat out post-interview rejected every other year until now. If you really want to go to NOSM, do what you need to do to make it happen. For me, it was starting another health care career and finding a passion for rehabilitation and how medicine can help. If you want this to happen, find a way to make it so. Easier said than done, I know. But you can do it if you really want it!
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    medafter30 got a reaction from Arztin in Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors   
    1. I think this really depends on years to years applicants, "don't worry too much about the waitlist movement for now" would be my suggestion  
    2. I personally think it is not expected for you to have a strong understanding of current Canadian healthcare issues, but I think it is always good to be aware of certain ethical issues around you and have your own opinion about them. Your knowledge of the Canadian healthcare issues might be indirectly useful for you to know what your ethical stands are and become more aware of who you are. I hope that helps! 
    Good luck!! 
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    medafter30 reacted to pouchofdouglas in Anxiety And Depression   
    Hi all,
    I know this an old post but it's been viewed quite a few times. I ended up taking a year off and it was the best decision of my life. I got my mental and physical health back on track and am now back to full time studies in medicine and thriving. 
    During my year off, I developed a lot of wellness strategies that I worked on turning into habits (exercise, sleep, diet and meditation being the cardinal ones). Most important of all, I learned to take care of myself before I tried to take care and please others. 
    Going through medical school is an ultra-marathon. I suffered severe depression but was able to get out of it by working hard, finding the right medication, and surrounding myself with a support system of friends, family and healthcare professionals. I see in my colleagues and friends that a lot of them are currently going through the same thing or have gone through in the past but refuse help because of the stigma. 
    I think it's extremely important to know that you're not alone. I felt so alone in my darkest days. I'm writing this message to let you know that you can reach out to me at any time if you're struggling with anything. I reached out to someone on premed 101 during my depression and it helped me immensely. 
    Thanks guys!
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    medafter30 got a reaction from Al22 in Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors   
    If you think of McGill post-MMI format, your interview has 80% of the total score and GPA for science is only 20%. I think if you do fine in the interview, you should be fine! At the same time, you cannot change your science GPA, so my advice is not to worry about it anyway and enjoy and blow your interview away...  
    Good luck! 
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    medafter30 got a reaction from Vicodin in Post Mmi Discussion   
    I enjoyed all the acting stations and loved McGill environment and students!! They did a good job convincing me why they are one of the best schools in Canada!! There were 1-2 stations I did not feel so great, but the rest was good!
    I really hope to have a chance to be a part of McGill Med!
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    medafter30 reacted to Bambi in Strengthening French Skills   
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    medafter30 reacted to MedMama in Success Stories- Non Trad Style!   
    I love reading all about these inspiring stories! I will add a short version of my story here. I started thinking about pursuing medicine in 2005 after graduating from my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at McGill. Due to various factors (including waiting to get permanent status in Canada, pursuing my career and having kids), I did not apply until 2012. I did the MCAT 3 times and applied twice (I was waitlisted twice post-interview). This year I got off the waiting list and I am thrilled to have been accepted to medical school (at the age of 35 with two young kids). All this to encourage you that there's always hope. Keep trying and shooting for your dreams. Persistence does reap its rewards in the long run. All the best to you!
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    medafter30 reacted to MedMama in Mcgill Non-Traditional Interview Invites/regrets 2016   
    Accepted off the waiting list in the NTP category!! Just checked Minerva and couldn't believe my eyes! The waitlist is moving! Don't give up hope
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    medafter30 reacted to criselda in +1 In Anesthesiology - Any Input?   
    At our hospital here in BC (urban/suburban, large community hospital) - hospitalists cover the vast majority of medical adult inpatients as many specialties act as consultants and do not admit. It is shift work, they come in at 7 am, round on around 12-15 patients and do 1-2 admits (there is some type of quota they fulfill), and most go home by 2 or 3 pm but must be available by phone until 5 pm. There are evening and overnight call shifts where one or two physicians cover the whole hospital for all sorts of things from Maalox to tanking patients. I was really blown away by what volume and acuity they are managing in our hospital...
    I think there is flexibility as to how many shifts they work per week/month. Some do just hospitalist, some also have their own GP practice, others do walk in clinics on the side.
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    medafter30 got a reaction from criselda in +1 In Anesthesiology - Any Input?   
    Was wondering if you guys have an idea about hospitalist (FM + 1 hospital medicine) with regards to job and lifestyle? 
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    medafter30 reacted to Hopefullll in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted!!!! I look forward to meeting all of my peers soon!
    oGPA: ~88%
    MCAT: 7/10/8 = 25
    As hard as it is to share this, I think it's important for anyone out there with a low MCAT to know that there is more to what UBC looks for than just numbers
    ECs: This section was really personal and really true to who I am. I spoke not only to my volunteer and research experiences, but also about my background as a former foster child, as a young mother, and as someone who has cared for my siblings throughout their addiction struggles. I stayed honest about what was important to me and about the journey that has gotten me to where I am today.
    Interview: I felt like I bombed one station, did ok on another, blew 5 of them out of the water and average at the rest?? So who knows lol. I did practice a lot before hand but on the day of I just had normal conversations with my assessors.
    Year: Completed a BScN in 2015 and currently working as an addictions nurse
    Geography: IP.
    What an emotional day, I'm still in shock and am prone to bursting into tears. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me from this site, I promise to pay it forward 10x over. I'll post more about my journey in The Non-Trad forum when I get over the shock and come back down to Earth
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