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  1. I just finished my 2nd UG, and I’m about to start a course-based master’s in the fall. But after flipflopping a bit, I’m starting to seriously consider medicine again. Realistically, I’d only have shots for Queen’s, or McGill if I redid some prereqs. Queen’s (2 year GPA): 3.87, IP McGill (2nd degree GPA): 3.93, OOP Currently studying for MCAT, but aiming for 510+ I’m a bit concerned for my EC’s; I know that Queen’s focuses on this, and I’m worried that I’m lacking, especially in the typical “mentor/tutor/advocacy” activities. · (570 hours) UX researcher/product design lead on innovation projects at an education technology incubator · (130 hours) Medical illustrator for web apps for school’s courses · (170 hours) Medical animator · (220 hours) Hospital volunteer · (40 hours) Student newspaper illustrator · (100 hours) Student event photographer · (50 hours) Concussion education & baseline testing · Illustration blog for 4 years · Founded a health tech conference at school · Pretty much been running everyday for the past 10 years · Couple of awards for art, half-marathon running, typical grade-based/Dean’s list · No pubs yet, but hopefully one soon from my thesis course I have the option to potentially TA at some point, but I'd ideally want something a bit more unique to my skills/interests that helps me stand out.
  2. In my experience 1) and 2) are comparable, in which there's a specific research question your project is trying to address. 3) can be similar to 1) and 2), but isn't necessarily the same; you aren't usually working on a directed project that that you have a level of ownership over, and can be functioning in more of a lab assistant role/pair of hands.
  3. Ah, wasn't aware of this. Would it still be relevant if I'm an OOP Canadian?
  4. Just wondering, do Option 1 science prereqs need to be fully completed before the Option 2 courses can be considered? Or would I be able to choose either option? I'm only missing physics, but most of my other sciences are expiring and need to be redone anyway, so I was hoping for the latter.
  5. Has anyone had any experience with KINE 4453 (Vascular Function in Health and Disease) with Haas or KINE 4500 (Neural Control of Movement) with Sergio? Trying to find another upper year KINE science elective for first sem.
  6. Has anyone had any experience with CHEM 113 – General Chemistry I at Queen's? I haven't been able to find much information on it anywhere.
  7. Thanks a lot! That was very helpful.
  8. I'm thinking of taking physiology online, either from Guelph (BIOM 2000), or Waterloo (BIOL 273). Could anyone offer any insight on these?
  9. I thought the IP Francophone cutoff was 3.6... unless this recently changed?
  10. Does anyone have any experience with KINE 4060 (Independent Study)? I'm curious about the workload/time commitment, and if it was mostly going through literature or conducting actual research.
  11. Could anyone offer any insight on how KINE 3020 is evaluated, i.e. should I focus on readings, course kit or lectures?
  12. Hey, would anyone know how important CHEM 1001 tutorials are, besides for the quizzes? I have a half hour overlap between KINE 4340 ending at 1 PM and a CHEM 1001 tutorial starting at 12:30 PM this summer.
  13. (Wasn't sure where else to post this, so I suppose this is the most appropriate thread.) I was wondering if anyone's had any experience as a certified prosthesist, especially through George Brown's post-grad program? I'm considering it as a backup, and was wondering what the work was like, as well as how the complementary Msc. in Rehabilitation Science through Mcmaster works out? Also curious about how preparation for the entrance exam is done, as the content listed on the site seems a bit vague, and there don't seem to be any prep guides out there.
  14. Nope, otherwise at least 75% of applicants would be in trouble for hospital volunteering Just avoid copying word for word whenever possible for the description.
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