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    ShadowStar got a reaction from thehead321 in 95Th Percentile Verbal   
    Ah I see. Yeah, I guess it's better just to aim higher since there's no information on that available yet. I do know (from the AAMC site), that since scores are centered around 125 for each section, it would be in your favour to try to get at the very least that much in each section, but I would aim for 127s as my personal minimums if I were writing it. Basically I would look at UofT's minimums and aim 1 or 2 points higher Sorry I couldn't give more insight.
    This is complete speculation, but with the addition of the new section, one section (either CARS or Bio) will go down a bit but not by more than 2 points I believe. I'm not sure what the minimum for that section would be - but if I was going to say something on the scale from 1-15, it would be a 9 (so perhaps a 126?). Once again, I would aim for 127 or higher in all my sections though. If you find that you're particularly strong in one section, focus on grasping the material in the other sections but review the strong ones as well. CARS is something that you should practice everyday.
    I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but if you're done with the PS and BS sections, I would say (aside from time set for review of those sections and for practice tests), you should be okay to spend 2/3 of your time on the Psych/Soc sections and 1/3 on CARS (or half-half - it really depends on how many hours you have each day). I think I used to do practice passages for VR but when I was reviewing my answers, I would go through the explanations for every question (even the ones I got correct). Since CARS is a bit longer now, that could take you 2-3 hours to do each day. If anything, try to study everything in the Psych/Soc section this week, so that you can do solid review / practice for the next two weeks.
    Don't worry about cutoffs right now though since no school has released any information about them (beyond minimums). Just try to do the best you can and remain calm. I know people who have written the MCAT and in their practice always were 1 point or 2 points below their desired score in a section but managed to get it on the test.
    Hope that helped a bit. Good luck
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    ShadowStar got a reaction from CharmingHedgehog in Supplies And Textbooks When Starting In September   
    Awesome! Thanks for the helpful advice. Congrats on matching by the way!
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    ShadowStar reacted to CharmingHedgehog in Supplies And Textbooks When Starting In September   
    According to our anatomy prof, Moores is probably the best anatomy book for life.
    I honestly didn't use any text books aside from the anatomy atlas (I got the cadaveric atlas, Greys, and Netters flash cards... Which were 90% overkill) for the first two years. All the other stuff will be offered to you to buy after school starts =]
    During clerkship etc, I recommend the library!
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    ShadowStar reacted to RichardHammond in Next Steps After Omsas Processing?   
    I got an extra copy. It's $5 for an extra copy, not the full price for another one so I thought why not.
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    ShadowStar reacted to ellorie in Supplies And Textbooks When Starting In September   
    Don't buy anything yet  Wait until you start having classes and get a chance to see what your learning style in medical school is going to be like.
    Most people end up buying an anatomy atlas and Dubin's EKG.  I personally didn't use my atlas.
    I really recommend Moore's clinically oriented anatomy for MSK in 2nd year.  That was the only other textbook I used heavily.
    I also bought Cecil and Nelson and potentially a couple others but I never used them.
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    ShadowStar got a reaction from RedBird in Supplies And Textbooks When Starting In September   
    Hey everyone,
    I noticed we haven't received any indication of supplies (dissection kits, stethoscopes, lab coats) that we need to buy prior to arriving in August. Will we get a list of these that we need to buy before/during August, or are we supposed to figure it out on our own?
    Also, what textbooks would you recommend that we get for our first two years at Western?
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    ShadowStar reacted to shikimate in Supplies And Textbooks When Starting In September   
    Looking back other than maybe an anatomy atlas you don't really need any other physical books for 1st and 2nd year. YouTube have way more useful resources in my opinion, unless you prefer reading books.
    Textbooks in histology, pharmacology, biochemistry and genetics are an overkill, IMHO
    If you have an interest in a specific specialty then you can go to the LHSC library to read up on that specialty.
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    ShadowStar reacted to ralk in Pre-Med Volunteer Opportunity In London   
    For both, the rule of thumb is loose-fitting clothing. For men, shorts and T-shirt are probably the simplest way to go. For women, comfortable bottoms with a T-shirt and sports bra generally work well. None of these are set-in-stone recommendations, just clothing that seems to have worked well in my experience.
    In terms of what needs to be accessible, the abdomen is exposed for most scans. For both men and women, the shirt can simply be lifted up. Often men simply find it more comfortable to take off the shirt, which is why they're often seen without one. The chest is only scanned in the Cardiac and Respiratory sessions and for that it's usually preferable for men to be shirtless or wearing a hospital gown. I actually like the gown - it covers you up pretty well while still letting the scan go ahead. I try to have enough men to do these sessions, since some women are understandably uncomfortable having their chests scanned. That said, we have definitely had women be patient models for both the Cardiac and Respiratory sessions (especially the Respiratory session). Both can be done around a sports bra, albeit with an extra challenge for those scanning.
    Ultimately, for both men and women, it's all up to an individual's comfort level. Anyone who signs up to volunteer is certainly not obligated to participate as a patient model in any session they would be uncomfortable with. We expect and plan for this.
    I want to reiterate that we try to keep patient models as comfortable as possible, the same as we would with a real patient. We have gowns, blankets, and washcloths specifically to keep everyone happy and feeling comfortable as a model. That's part of the education for those attending the Symposium! 
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    ShadowStar reacted to cindylouwho in Supplies And Textbooks When Starting In September   
    Hey there,
    Don't worry about getting any clinical tools right now. You will be able to order stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, ophthalmoscopes etc. from Schulich's preferred supplier at student rates at a lunch event where you can see the equipment and ask questions. I believe this occurred sometime at the end of September.
    In terms of textbooks, I remember getting a list of recommended texts from Schulich UME in an email. However, you will likely be able to find many of these texts online and I think the choice of getting a hard copy depends more on your learning style. I think most people do end up getting an anatomy atlas or two (I have Netter's for illustrations and Rohen's for prosections), as well as Bates. 
    Hope that helps!
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    ShadowStar reacted to ralk in Pre-Med Volunteer Opportunity In London   
    Hi everyone! We had a fantastic response - thank you to all those who have been kind enough to sign-up and to post their support!
    We are still looking for a few more volunteers to fill out the numbers a bit. I know a lot of people reading this forum are soon-to-be-Schulich students, and I highly encourage anyone about to enter their 1st year to consider volunteering for the Symposium. The POCUS club is one of the more active clubs on campus, especially since last year's graduating class provided the school with it's own portable ultrasound machine. We'd love the chance to give you a look at the club on the weekend before your O-Week!
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    ShadowStar reacted to TCP in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to say that if you don't get in this year, don't lose hope when it comes to applying to meds. This year I got in after my 3rd time being wait-listed. I have endured the stress you are feeling right now 3 times and during that time I wrote the MCAT twice, spent four years grinding in a research lab, and did more and more and more and more volunteering to make my application as strong as possible. There is no doubt I will be a better doctor for it too.
    If you never give up and keep working hard, it will come eventually.
    Best wishes,
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    ShadowStar reacted to ecobeco in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    Got an offer for the London campus today. Someone above me on wait list must've just dropped their offer completely. So at least one spot has opened up at Windsor campus.
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    ShadowStar reacted to Recoil in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    Nah, but what else is a neurotic normal waitlister to do?
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    ShadowStar reacted to rmorelan in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    yeah as much as everyone hear is on edge it is a much more sedate process on the other side. FB admins could just be away for a bit for instance (it is our summer time).
    I know everyone is super focused on any data they can get but I wouldn't read too much into any particular days events. We are, as per past years and thus as expected, through the high wait list and now will creep a bit through the normal. Not surprisingly the remaining offers will almost certain be for the Windsor campus. Hang in there - I don't think we aren't done just yet.
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    ShadowStar reacted to slumdogMD in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Accepted off the wait list!!!!!!
    June 2 11:43AM
    Wgpa 3.91666
    ECS - Diverse experiences, tons of volunteering, most importantly, I worded them cleverly using keywords and CANmeds
    Interview - Walked out thinking I killed it! Thought I performed my very best that day. I guess I could have done better to have gotten in on May 12 but its ok LOL
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    ShadowStar reacted to slumdogMD in Waitlisters Unite   
    Just got prank called by my friend calling me from his Uottawa Lab phone number, it showed up as the University number....
    He's my enemy now :mad:
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    ShadowStar got a reaction from Kanadee in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    I'm sure they will Kanadee. Plus I'm certain several people on normal waitlist will have themselves removed for other schools Rooting for you (and me )!
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    ShadowStar got a reaction from Kanadee in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    Figured someone would make this (or would want this made), so decided to take the initiative since we waitlisters have some more waiting to do and I figured we could use all the encouragement possible!
    This can be a thread where people talk about their worries, plans for the upcoming cycle, and perhaps if people are giving up their acceptance / waitlist spots (so other waitlisters can continue feeling hopeful)!
    Congrats to everyone who has been offered admission, and hopefully many of us on the waitlist can get those acceptance emails soon!
    EDIT: By the way, yons36 made a pretty handy survey since we're probably obsessing over stats to figure out if we have a good chance to get off the waitlist. http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/84534-acceptedwaitlisted-survey/
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    ShadowStar got a reaction from AndyS68888 in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    It was London campus so hopefully there are about 40 or more spots left still
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    ShadowStar reacted to Kanadee in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    Thanks Shadowstar! That's great to hear!
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    ShadowStar reacted to AndyS68888 in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    By the way shadowstar, do you know what campus was your friend offered to? It would give us an idea of how many spots remain, since the windsor campus has ~38 spots and is usually pretty vacant until it gets filled in by waitlisters.
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    ShadowStar reacted to sleeping_sickness in How Is The Medical School Learning Environment Compared To Undergrad / Grad School?   
    The pre-clinic years were super chill. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Since it was pass/fail I really felt like a lot of people were far less concerned with actual grades - this led to a lot of bonding between classmates. We worked hard and we played hard. 
    Clerkship is another story. People's true colours really out. People who you really like in the classroom occasionally turn into competitive monsters who will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. There are very few of these people in a class but one working experience is enough to really turn you off certain people. 
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    ShadowStar reacted to commanderadama in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    I removed myself from the normal waitlist on Friday, another spot for one of you deserving individuals! Don't give up hope I also know there's some people still in the Schulich 2019 group who are going to attend other schools but just haven't left yet. I don't think the admins have a list of who was accepted but I'm not sure. 
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    ShadowStar got a reaction from doctor111 in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    I don't know many details since I'm a waitlister too, but I'm pretty sure everyone who joined must be those who were accepted (or are upper years)
    As for leaving, I think it could be the following reasons (among others):
    Joined with multiple acceptances. Declined Western but only got around to leaving now. Joined after being pulled off waitlist, got off waitlist at another school which was their preferred school Accepted at Western while waiting for an OOP school (so will leave if that's their preferred site) Anyway, there must be around 40 spots (or a little more) still left based on the amount of people who've joined. (171 total spots, 140 in the group with ~10-15 upper years). Plus the school starts movement way later than others so you shouldn't give up hope just yet, but I'd say remain cautiously optimistic.
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    ShadowStar reacted to TCP in 2015 Waitlist Support   
    Yeah I meant the Monday/Friday part. Thanks! Between the filling FB group and the fact I hadn't gotten a call on Friday I was beginning to get worried but this is a little bit reassuring. GL
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