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  1. tbh both school's are great - can't go wrong with Atlantic Canada! Choose what's best for you - visit both cities if you can. Regardless we'll all meet up in St. John's next year for the MUN-Dal 2017 Conference
  2. Sorry I should mention that we do have one component of the program that is very rural focused - our community placements. You're assigned a placement in NL or you're home province (if it's NB or PEI). They are awesome - you get a lot of exposure to things you wouldn't see in urban areas because in rural med, you're often with one of a few docs in the area.
  3. Hey guys! I just wanted to clarify that MUN definitely has programs and talks outside of the general curriculum focussed on rural med. However, there is definitely no pressure to go into rural. There are many students in Med1 right now who do not want to do rural and the school has no problem with this. MUN just offers a lot of talks and lunches to try and entice you to rural, because let's face it, that's where docs are needed these days! So all in all, MUN's rural focus is a bonus (whether you're into rural or not) - lots of nice talks with food and they fund an awesome golf tournament for us at the beginning of the year to show you what central health is all about. Feel free to message me with any more questions about mun
  4. I would not use contractions - you're right it isn't very professional.
  5. Oops sorry, yes!! I can't see anything through those flower things??
  6. Guys..... has anyone seen the latest post to facebook by MD Financial?! What does this mean..... https://www.facebook.com/MDFinancialManagement
  7. Hello! I applied as an NB applicant. You do not need to submit anything! I believe they contact the appropriate people in NB themselves. I think they only ask for documentation if your situation is unique or special. But I was never asked for anything!
  8. This is to let everyone know on the NB waitlist that I will be declining my offer from Dalhousie! I am so incredibly happy I get to make someone's day enjoy the feeling and celebrate hard (with lots of wine)!
  9. Accepted off the waitlist at 12:30pm! NB applicant 2nd time applicant MCAT: 28 GPA: 3.87 I have always had my heart set on MUN and I'm so happy I get to be a part of the Class of 2019!! We are gonna have a time! I was also accepted to Dalhousie and I will be declining that offer tomorrow.
  10. anyone else hear anything yet from NB?
  11. Yeah they are, just got mine. Waitlisted.
  12. They actually went out last year on March 28th (Friday)! You're right, they do like fridays.
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