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  1. Thanks for your reply. I understand. Good luck to you as well
  2. Thanks for you reply. Yes, I am aware that am too late. I already submitted my application last night and surprisingly it got processed today and sent to the schools. At least I got the expereince of applying and if not, will re apply next cycle...btw what do you think of my stats for next cycle, if I apply as early as possible? Only 2 schools because I am late and already applied to Canadian Schools (was not planning on applying to the US.
  3. I am finishing my AMCAS application (submitting today). My letters and transcripts are already received. Good ECs, GPA 3.97 on OMSAS scale (so prob higher on AMCAS), MCAT ( 506-127, 125, 127, 127). I am applying to Central Michigan University and Taulene. Is it worth it? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks... I am OOP , can I still get feedback?
  5. I heard that a speed above 70 wpm is good enough. I am averaging 75-80 words and hoping to improve more in 2 days lol
  6. I read some where that for OOP, they only invite those who made the cutt-offs for that years and wont interview any OOP who did not make the cut off for GPA and mcat
  7. So since they do not consider exceptions for OOP, I should assume that no more OOP invites are going to be sent, right?
  8. I think from what they have on the website, rejections are sent later in november/december
  9. No I did not. I am an OOP(ontario). I ended up calling them and they said they are not done yet. Fingers crossed
  10. Anyone got an invite today? Any updates or is it over?
  11. I called today and they said they will be sending out interview invites for approximately another 4-5 days. I hope that there is still hope lol
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