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  1. Assuming things haven't changed, this shouldn't be a problem. My letters (personal and graduate supervisor) from my supervisor were identical and it didn't cause any issues. IIRC, the graduate package is reviewed separately from the rest of the application so they won't even know it is the same letter twice.
  2. I like Complete Anatomy by 3D4Medical. A little on the pricey side, costing about $70. Also important to be aware that there is a mobile version (i.e. iPad) and a version for your laptop, and they are purchased separately. Make sure you purchase the right one (the one you are more likely to use). To buy both of them together I think it is something like ~$90. Might be worth it to buy both. There is a free version if you want to see what it has to offer before purchasing. Good luck and congrats on your acceptance!
  3. I walk 25 minutes to MSB and it's not too bad! Even in the winter. Subway is about the same so if it is really cold I ride TTC. I decided it was worth it for me because I could save ~$500/month compared to places 10 minutes closer.
  4. Yes that's right. You don't need to have the degree (I.e. "convocation") until the end of November of your first year. But just to clarify what they mean by "meeting degree requirements" if you're doing a thesis-based grad program: they want you to have your thesis accepted and revisions submitted and accepted before June 30th. Like final thesis uploaded into your school's thesis database and title of your thesis appearing on your transcript before June 30th. I didn't understand that last year and it caused quite a bit of anxiety for me. All the best!
  5. UofT has a new curriculum this year. There are mandatory classes/CBL/small group sessions on 4/5 days per week. So you can definitely get away with 4 days a week, but 3 would be tough. All lectures are posted online though, for review afterwards.
  6. If your work was a part of a conference and you published the work, then you can and should include it as research. These are research experiences. If the conference was something that was required for credit in the course, this might be a grey area; if you're lacking in research experiences it's still a good idea to include it though imo. The same goes for a thesis that has been "published" in your university's thesis/dissertations database; it's a grey area, but still counts as research if you have nothing else and it's probably better than not having any research experiences to include. With that being said, if you happen to have no research at all its not the end of the world either, I know a handful of people that have gotten into Ontario med without any research. I think, really, what they are trying to avoid by including this statement is having everyone list all of their courses that include the word "research" on their ABS. Courses are listed on your transcript and, for many students, research methods courses are required in order to get your degree. So if these courses are included in your ABS as well, and especially in the top three for Ottawa, then it doesn't really add anything to the application and doesn't express anything about you as an individual. It's a nice way for OMSAS to let you know that if you include research courses in your ABS, you're probably not helping your application. But anything you can argue is not coursework or goes above and beyond coursework can be included at your discretion and will probably help you at least a little bit. That's my take on it. Hope it helps. It seems that others around the forum have been confused by this statement for years, and there is no black&white answer. The short answer is always to do what's best for your application. They certainly won't toss your application because you've included course work and called it research, but it will put you at a slight disadvantage compared to those who have publications, conferences, presentations, etc.
  7. If it helps your application it would be fine to separate them! Then you can describe them separately, each with their very own character limit. It really is extremely important to take time and take care when you're describing your ABS items, as I'm sure you've seen recommended here by others. But if you're running out of space for entries, combining your related publications would be a good way to free up some space. Whatever works best for your particular application!
  8. Might be helpful to look at UofTs website and do some exploring before answering the questions. See what's new at UofT and if you like/would fit with their chosen direction.
  9. Would it still be cheaper when you factor in parking? From what I've seen, parking can be pretty ridiculous near DT.
  10. Thanks Sunny and PhD2MD! Spoke to a rep at my bank and she agreed that an invoice of tuition and copy of offer letter could suffice for now as confirmation of enrolment and activation of LOC I think it helped to be able to say that this was sufficient for other students to activate their LOCs. So thanks a lot for your replies! Much appreciated.
  11. I have a question for anyone currently dealing with Scotia and their SPSP. I am working with a branch outside of Toronto (attending UofT), but from what I've read on this thread they are offering the same package offered by Scotia elsewhere and seem to know what they're doing. But I am having trouble getting access to credit before the start of the school year. I am trying to rent a place and get established in Toronto, but can't get a confirmation of enrolment letter. The registrar at UofT has said they can provide confirmation that I have accepted my offer, but can't provide confirmation of enrolment until classes begin. I'm sure other people have run into this issue? Is it possible to get access to credit without a confirmation of enrolment form? If so, how did you do it? I'm worried it may just be because I am dealing with a branch that doesn't deal with this often. Or perhaps this is normal and I just have to suck it up until classes begin? Thanks in advance for your help! Edit: Found it, sort of. http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/78088-loc-proof-of-enrollment/?hl=%2Bconfirmation+%2Benrolment Thanks anyway!
  12. Where would you enjoy yourself more? If you're having fun where you are, stay there. If you'd have more fun in MRI or whatever go there. Volunteering at a hospital is in no way a requirement for entry into MD, so do what you enjoy.
  13. Pretty sure this has been asked several times in the forum. AFAIK they are evaluated by separate file reviewers. Best of luck!
  14. I think that writing about the four clusters from UofT is a great way for your referees to frame their letters! One of my referees was a research lead at one of the Ontario medical schools (not UofT), and he was apparently very familiar with the application processes at most, if not all, Ontario med schools. He had written/read many LORs in the past. I sat down and spoke with him before he wrote a letter for me, and he indicated that he would elaborate on my suitability for medicine in terms of the CanMEDS roles in the letter, and that he even tended to break the letters down with headings of the CanMEDs roles. I don't know exactly how he did it, it was probably slightly more subtle than that, but I think that CanMEDS is your best guide for most things on your application, in general. So if you familiarize your referees with the attributes listed in CanMEDS, and they can agree that you possess those qualities, then they should have a good starting point for writing an excellent letter regardless of which schools you submit to. The four clusters from UofT are taken from CanMEDS anyway. So if they write about you and relate your competencies/attitudes to the four clusters, without explicitly stating "I am writing about the four clusters for UofT", then you should have a solid letter written on your behalf. IMO all Ontario schools are looking for CanMEDS, UofT is just the only one that makes it super obvious.
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