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  1. Canadian schools won't care, but if you ever think you might apply to the US, some american schools take all MCATs into account and average them, etc.
  2. Who knows how many people will actually be interviewing based on it, some may have been accepted elsewhere, others may not want to apply next year for other reasons.
  3. YMMV depending on specialty/program. I love residency and have lots of free time, which will change this year with studying though. My neurosurgeon colleagues who work 6 days a week and don't take post call days on the other hand, may have a different perspective.
  4. The caveat to this is that unlike candian schools, re applicants are looked at differently at american schools, many limit the number of times you can apply, you have to write statements on why you were not successful in previous years and whats different this year, etc. So deciding to skip a late application would be very reasonable.
  5. Derm is extremely competitive even with a full 4 years of research/electives. But what really makes or breaks an application is networking. In small fields like that with one or two spots per program "fit" is going to be the most important selection heuristic so they will choose someone that is a known factor, either from their home program or someone who has done an elective there and knows that will do well in the program/with the other staff/residents. That being said, it's not impossible to do in 6m but you're at a huge disadvantage. Unless you already have connections, you'd pretty much have to dedicate all your time between now and carms, reaching out to staff at your program, hopefully working on some research, hopefully finding mentors, etc. If you really love it you could consider doing a 1 year masters in it and delaying carms if that's an option at your school.
  6. family and ER are lots of decision making rules and guideline checkboxes
  7. Yeah they're obviously going to do a credit check which will show the other LOC and raise all the red flags.
  8. Yeah this isn't true at all, the requirements are significantly easier. I think DO has the advantage of having the exact same chances of coming back to Canada (both are IMG for CaRMS) but DO will let you apply as an AMG for US residencies which is a huge advantage vs Ireland who applies to the US as an IMG as well.
  9. Typically you would only get credit for transferable rotations, so say you did an IM rotation in first year psych and the FM program also had an IM rotation you could get credit for that but if the FM program only had one block of psych then you would only get one block of credit for all the psych rotations you did in first year.
  10. For your home program and places you're doing electives you can meet with your program director, but you probably won't get very far cold calling other programs without a specific reason for transferring there (ie. you need to tx to that specific program to be closer to your SO/sick relatives, etc), but even then they are more sympathetic to just location changes and not specialty changes. Otherwise talk to your PGME office who will reach out to programs across the country if that's what you want them to do. All that being said, the process won't start until January at the earliest, and realistically not until after carms match so that programs know what their availability is, so in the meantime you need to be doing all these things I mentioned before. A word of advice, if you come in to your FM program obviously not interested in FM and gunning IM, you're not going to get as much support as if you really push yourself to do the FM thing. If you meet with your PD in December and go, "you know I've been doing really well in outpatient and other aspects of family medicine, and being in this program has been a great experience, but I find that the hospitalist aspect is much more fulfilling, and I think I'd be happier doing IM long term", it's going to look better if you come out of the gate obviously gunning for IM, your FM outpatient evals saying that you did the bare minimum, as an IMG its going to be obvious you matched to a back up and don't really want to be there, nobody is going to go to bat for you. All that being said, without knowing where you are about to start your residency I'd say your odds are less than 50%. Transfers are uncommon (but not rare). You always have the option to re-apply to CaRMS in the second round next year. IM usually has some openings, this year there were 9 spots after first round, (6 available to IMGs but I don't know how you would be classified as a re-applicant). Note that even if you go this route, you will still need a strong letter from your current PD, saying that he's a great resident but their heart is in IM and based on their performance would make a great IM resident.
  11. Your best chance by far will be at your own school's IM program. If you happen to be in a province in multiple schools you could explore them too, much harder across provinces. Bust your ass on your FM rotation, get high praise, make your PD love you. See if you can do an IM elective early and rock it, see if you can network with the IM staff so they like you. Meet with the IM program director. If you do all these things there is a chance that, if there is an opening, they might accept a transfer. But also funding is an issue since you're only funded for 2 years.
  12. Also need to know what province you're in, where you are in your residency, are you in good standing in your program?
  13. ...maybe the dude/dudette is already done residency and wants to moonlight in the states? Anyways literally the first result on google is the right one and it says you need all the USMLE exams but you might be good with only the 2 year residency? https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/MD_Licensing_Guide_654158_7.pdf
  14. You're not going to be successful with a 3.22 but you can still get in if you upgrade that GPA.
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