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  1. bearded frog

    LMCC Part II studying resources

    Yeah its a new format for the exam this month.
  2. bearded frog

    Pediatrics - How to be competitive???

    Don't worry about the oncology part right now. Any research is better than no research, first author papers are better than 8th author on a poster, pediatric research might help but a lot of people decide on pedatrics late so not as important, quality of research helps, etc. Many people match peds with minimal research, its not a historically research focused residency, but some schools care more than others and things are getting more competitive so it probably helps to have something. Do electives in pediatrics. What in pediatrics specifically is less important, but I would try and get a little variety in both geography and subspecialty. Doing an elective at a school helps with that program but you can match to programs without doing electives there. You want electives were you can get good letters. Don't discount electives at your home school, the home school letter is important. ECs are less important than other stuff, really only looking for well rounded. Any service/volunteering is good but not super valuable. Being the chair of the pediatrics interest group, etc, gives you something to talk about at interviews but not all that helpful on paper. Having experience with children is probably good You are not too late, unless you're at Mac or Calgary and even then its doable but more difficult.
  3. bearded frog

    med vs dent salary

    Note that in Canada you generally pay out of pocket for dentistry unless you have insurance so there is an element of sales/advertising that makes success as a dentist more variable.
  4. bearded frog

    Consultation Fee as a GP

    You would probably still bill A005 as I think A025 is reserved for dermatologists. The fee is essentially the same though.
  5. Canadian schools don't care if you're a re-applicant but American schools do, hence reddit saying its a bad idea.
  6. You can have as many notes as you want but really you donn't have time to review them during the test.
  7. bearded frog

    IMG advice

    You want to drop out of your current medical school and start over in Canada? You can do that, but it might make more sense to just finish and apply as an IMG?
  8. bearded frog

    Non-academic reference? pls help im PANICKING

    If your research was not part of a university course or for a graduate degree its non-academic.
  9. Say that you were dealing with an illness when commenting about your transcript. Do not say that you think you have an anxiety disorder, especially if self diagnosed. If you struggle with anxiety, you should deal with that first before going to medical school. If its bad enough that it affects your grades you're going to struggle even more if you don't address your own mental health first.
  10. bearded frog

    Organizations for Service Trips

    Consider doing something in Canada/US to help vulnerable populations. Would be a much better experience and possibly something unique to talk about, and also get an idea of the issues facing the populations you will eventually be serving.
  11. Your first step it to talk to your PGME office. You can transfer within your school or to a different school. Generally its easier to transfer within your school as you could approach the PDs directly, your current PD could approach them, etc. Bigger programs will have more opportunities for residents leaving, mat leave, etc.
  12. bearded frog

    casper date

    You write one casper and send it to all the schools. Who uses it changes every year so I cannot comment on that.
  13. I think they can see it but they don't consider it so don't worry about it.
  14. Had some classmates that did and I can try and help answer some Qs but none that I know of on here.
  15. bearded frog

    What are MMI-style residency interviews like?

    I mean... its really similar to a med school MMI, the difference is just the kinds of questions you get asked, the format is the same.