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  1. I don't think this removes the non-CaRMS pgme/pgme program to program transfer, this just formalizes the option that residents previously had to apply had, to apply for a new residency spot in the second round of CaRMS, which they could have done before.
  2. I'm a resident helping with my schools CaRMS interviews by helping run the tours/presentation/lunch that we do before and after the actual interviews. We usually do a tour of all the clinical areas and have a powerpoint with some basic information about the program/city etc. but is there any specific questions or information you would like to see when going to these things? I know everyone is super stressed and kind of goes in one ear and out the other. I have absolutely no contribution to actual selection by the way! Mine is a peds program but they can be general as it might help others. Thanks!
  3. bearded frog

    Residency in Pediatrics

    Check out the carms statistics. It's generally competitive, ie 0.75 spots per first choice applicant in 2017, and 0.85 in 2018. Application strategy will be the same as any other specialty, electives, interest, research, etc.
  4. bearded frog

    Can I hug an actor?

    Then it looks very forced and that you're trying to ham it up for the invigilator.
  5. bearded frog

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    I did it as an R1, and would highly recommend this, especially if you were in a non-general specialty as you're just going to get less good at everything else as time goes on.
  6. bearded frog

    Unhappy in medicine?

    To be fair I felt this way about all of medicine except the specialty I ended up in. I'm thankful that I love it, because when someone asks what my second choice is "not medicine" would be right up there. Sit down with a mentor and tell them what you're feeling. What excites you? There is such a wide world of medicine that's more than surgery or primary care, there's pathology, forensics, public health, health policy, etc. There are doctors who work on cruise ships, there are some that work only a few months a year, flying into remote communities as locums for a week or two at a time. There is clinical and translational research. You really can make medicine work for you, but it's 100% ok to say that it's not for you and to do something else.
  7. bearded frog

    MCCQE 1 Study Tips

    I found "Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam" to be pretty good, and more relevant/specific than Toronto Notes.
  8. bearded frog

    CASPer done...thoughts?

    Commenting on multiple perspectives is important, but coming from someone who marks casper, you get just as good as score as going ahead and talking about all the viewpoints as you would by starting with this sentence. Doesn't hurt though!
  9. bearded frog

    Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?

    I agree with much of what you wrote, my perspectives below:
  10. Why don't you just post here or in the premed forum, your situation might not be unique and feedback could help others.
  11. They don't say, and even don't tell the markers.
  12. bearded frog

    Jot notes down during CASPER?

    You're welcome to jot down whatever you like but you won't have a ton of time so see how well you can do with minimal jotting.
  13. bearded frog

    Do people lie on CASPer?

    As someone who marks casper, It doesn't matter if you lie. The point of the personal experience questions is more to get your thought process and decision making as opposed to what the actual experience was. We have no way of verifying if your experience is true or not, so we do not evaluate it. For instance if the question was "describe a time you had a conflict in a group setting and how you resolved it", I am only looking at what you consider a conflict, considering that conflict scenario, then judging how you described you solved it. I don't care if you actually did this or if you're making up an imaginary scenario on how you WOULD solve it, either way answers the question. You get the same grade for how you resolved the conflict on who does what in your chem 101 lab report as you do for for the conflict with your board of directors as ceo of a non-profit literally curing cancer, is what I'm trying to say. Literally everyone starts of these answers with "As a [prestigious position] at [prestigious hospital/company/university] I..." and you'd get the same score starting with "As a barista at starbucks..." The other parts of your application usually have to come with references or verifyers, but the point of the casper doesn't need them.
  14. bearded frog

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    Well they generally will see infinitely more than a peds rheum ha
  15. It's actually relatively common for a general pediatrician to help cover a peds emerg as they cost less than an actual peds emerg doc and can help support them with most cases. We don't get msk/trauma teaching in gen peds so the fellowship-trained doc should see those. Usually that means that the fellow doc can focus on that stuff and it works out. It also happens with fam med docs working in rural emerg/urgent care. If there is issues that there is stuff that gets delayed then its for sure a problem and then they should really have mulitple fellowship trained docs +/- the gen peds helper.