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  1. Your first step it to talk to your PGME office. You can transfer within your school or to a different school. Generally its easier to transfer within your school as you could approach the PDs directly, your current PD could approach them, etc. Bigger programs will have more opportunities for residents leaving, mat leave, etc.
  2. bearded frog

    casper date

    You write one casper and send it to all the schools. Who uses it changes every year so I cannot comment on that.
  3. I think they can see it but they don't consider it so don't worry about it.
  4. Had some classmates that did and I can try and help answer some Qs but none that I know of on here.
  5. bearded frog

    What are MMI-style residency interviews like?

    I mean... its really similar to a med school MMI, the difference is just the kinds of questions you get asked, the format is the same.
  6. bearded frog

    What do people wear for class?

    for lectures it was anything from sandals/sweatpants/hoodie on up, but for anything clinical it was business casual
  7. bearded frog

    Climate in Plastic Surgery

    It's the same issue as with dentistry, if the patient is paying out of pocket, you have to be good at the business part. Are you a salesperson? Do you understand marketing? If you are good at the business part you can be very successful, but you have to work at it.
  8. Ottawa has preference for Ottawa-area students, McMaster has in-province preference, Western has Western-area preference, the rest you will be on even footing with someone from Toronto...
  9. bearded frog

    Only write CARS?

    It won't have an effect on Canadian schools but will torpedo your chances for US if you ever want to go that route, as most schools use an averaging formula for all MCATs taken.
  10. Extremely yes. Now the question is should someone do this, and it depends. I can imagine scenarios where it would definitely be the right thing to do and ones where not so much.
  11. You'd have to rely on buses a lot or be a really good biker. Some times your rotations are at Juravinski on the mountain and you'd have to be dedicated to bike that every day.
  12. bearded frog

    Chances of US MD acceptance?

    try studentdoctor for american questions
  13. bearded frog

    Living in hamilton?

    Lots of my classmates lived in Toronto before coming to Hamilton, and it's different, but not necessarily different bad. Your living situation is up to you, just like Toronto there are nicer and less nicer areas of Hamilton, if you want to live in a swanky condo you can or if you want to rent a house with a yard that might actually be in your price range unlike Toronto. You will need to drive, at least sometimes. There's lots of interesting things to do, nice restaurants, etc. Hamilton is gentrifying, for better or for worse. It might not have the concerts/plays/sports teams that Toronto does, but Toronto is only a 60 minute bus ride away!
  14. bearded frog

    Vacation week before LMCC2?

    As long as you start reviewing in the evenings a couple of weeks before hand and do some practice sessions in the week or two before you don't need to take time off for the LMCC 2. Nobody in my program did and we all passed no problem.
  15. bearded frog

    Need advice - failed MCCQE1 by 1 point

    Your residency doesn't care other than you pass at some point. What point that is you'd have to ask them. When to retake is up to you but I would take sooner rather than later as even if your residency is a general one like family, your med school knowledge will fade as you focus on residency knowledge so might as well do it while its still semi fresh. You'd have to take the part 2 at the end of 2019 at the latest so if you wait you might get a little burnt out from preparing for these things.