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  1. bearded frog

    Yale Med vs UofT Med

    What medical school you attended is a lot less important the farther you get out of residency. I would say your residency/fellowship institutions are much more important than your medical school in terms of career. Say you went to U of T/Yale and then came back to U of T and did a 5 year general surgery residency. At the end of that 5 years, employers and whoever else are not going to care about where you did your medical school, it will be all about residency performance, with the exception if you did some unique stuff during medical school. So if Yale meant that you did some impactful research during medical school or gave you a unique resume building opportunity I think that would be the only long term advantage.
  2. bearded frog

    Medicine in Ireland advice needed

    It's not too uncommon for people to go to Ireland for medical school. Some def match back in competitive programs. Emphasis on "some". The only data is that 1/5 IMG carms applicants match to Canada, but that doesn't account for where they went to school, or if they also applied to the US. In the last three years Carms has a significant increase in unmatched canadian applicants... and ontario has been opening up alternate spots to address these issues. I don't know how this will affect IMGs but I don't think the prospects for IMGs matching to canada will IMPROVE in five years...
  3. It's possible but it depends on a lot of factors outside your control. Generally you go through your PGME office, and it's dependant on the place you want to go having a spot/funding available for you since funding does not cross provincial boundaries. If its a less competitive specialty with spots open for carms round 2 usually that greatly increases your chances. If your spouse is a resident as well they should approach their PD/the PD of your desired program to try and make a case for you, which will help.
  4. bearded frog

    LMCC 2 Failure and Provisional Licensing

    I'm assuming you're family med (Unless you really delayed your exam) so the answer is.... maybe. https://www.cpsbc.ca/files/pdf/REG-Full-Prov-GP.pdf You can get a provisional licence if you have a supervisor/sponsor.
  5. bearded frog

    Commuting vs living near campus?

    Holy fuck do not commute 2.5 hours a day. That's literally 5 months of commuting over your 4 years of medical school. Your amount of debt will not be that high at all, especially as you will be paying about 1/4 the overall tuition vs elsewhere in the country. Get a line of credit, get an apartment as close to campus/hospitals as possible, use that extra 2.5 hours a day to either study and do better in medical school or relax and not hate medical school. Also it is super dangerous to drive more than an hour post-call with little sleep...
  6. Well if you're a rheumatologist or immunologist then sure memorize then, otherwise I'd say do what everyone does now, and just look it up when needed.
  7. I agree, don't teach the JVP. I'm not sure what your argument is here... we don't have a standardized test on how to deliver babies or set bones, as it may not be relevant for everyone. And I'm arguing that we should keep it that way!
  8. What we do now... and learn medicine (all parts from basic sciences, physiology, anatomy, pathology) in a manner which sets us up for success in practice, and not do get 100% on a standardized test. I'm a resident. Guess how many pathology slides I have interpreted and will be expected to interpret prior to finishing.
  9. I didn't say that we shouldn't learn relevant biochemistry, physiology, biology, physics whatever.... just maybe we don't have to memorize all the interleukins or devote as much time to interpreting pathology slides?
  10. I just don't think that optimizing a curriculum around studying for exams is the best way to learn medicine. I mean, we studied for MCCQEI and MCCQEII and those were just a chore that I had to get through to keep on learning on the job of actually being a doctor and didn't really help me learn medicine.
  11. Not having a giant standardized test is one of the things that makes medical school in Canada better than the US. Here, for the most part, they actually teach clinical medicine and relevant topics, as opposed to the US pre-clerkship which teaches how to do good on the USMLE, who cares if some of the USMLE content isn't actually helpful or relevant for a doctor. If they introduced a standardized measure, regardless of what it is, the schools would all change their curriculum to teach and optimize whatever measure that is, and as long as that measure isn't "be the best doctor you can be" then that hurts students.
  12. bearded frog

    crying during interview?

    Depends entirely on the context, if the question was "describe a hardship in your life and how you overcame it" and you had a meaningful, heavy, answer, it would be entirely appropriate to show some emotion, within reason. If they ask you about your hobbies and you start tearing up when describing your stuffed animal collection that might go over less well...
  13. You're welcome to apply, but they will just take your money. The upward trend will mean that you might come out ahead of someone else who just averaged your average of 3.75 or whatever each year. It doesn't mean that you're going get in instead of the person who averaged 3.8 each year, or the 4.0s across the board who get into harvard, unless you have an amazing one in a thousand EC history.
  14. bearded frog

    A Crazy CARS idea

    Do NOT do this if you will apply to the US. Yes there are “holistic” schools but with thousands of applications almost all of them will have a numerical hard cut off. Like application requirements that mean that your application will never be seen by human eyes. I would not rely on the hope that some schools will take the time to actually look to see that you did cars specifically then take that into account.
  15. bearded frog

    List of Canadian-friendly USMD Schools

    They must have been dual citizens or went to Baylor (AMCAS) or DO school at UNT because the rest require US citizenship/PR: https://www.tmdsas.com/medical/residency.html