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  1. You should probably contact your advisor with RBC directly with questions like this
  2. Its not bad, but not very helpful... why isn't your supervisor writing it? If you work in a lab or are a graduate student you basically need a letter from your supervisor/PI, some schools specifically state so.
  3. Maybe doesn't record for the practice? Might have to contact casper directly.
  4. You don't need doing right, but medical ethics does help. I scored casper in the past and there were specific medical scenarios... if you discussed specific aspects such as benificance, justice and non-maleficence,e tc you definitely got higher scores than talking generally.
  5. Lots of input... seniors as part of interviews and all the residents were invited to comment positively or negatively on anyone after the socials and tours etc. Program directors had final say, of course.
  6. uh "studying" for casper should only take a weekend or so. Its the same prep as for an MMI interview. Review the tenants of medical ethics, lots of people read Doing Right which basically covers it (try getting it from the school or local library) otherwise just have a good knowledge of the Canadian health care system and current issues. Beyond that its just practicing how to interpret a prompt in the context of ethics and being able to quickly understand and state the issues and defend an opinion on the outcome.
  7. I would include an away letter for that specific program. If you did an elective at school X and apply there for residency but didn't have a letter from there they might wonder why.
  8. Its the same structure, but the questions might be a little different. More medicine specific scenarios vs generic ones if I recall.
  9. It isn't common, but it happens. It used to happen more, but unfortunately, both peds and IM are getting quite competitive. Having electives in both won't hurt beyond limiting your elective opportunities vs dedicating all to one or the other. If you're obviously split down the middle based on your application you might have to have a convincing argument on why you would be good in peds for some programs, as they would want to know you're in it for the pediatric patients, as opposed to just loving nephrology so much that you could be either adult or peds nephro...
  10. Gonna need to see some sort of data or evidence to support this. Just under half of IMG applicants from Australia match every year, which seems low if everyone likes it so much and doesn't want to come back.
  11. The master's degree will only be worth the publications and posters you get out of it, the letters after your name won't do much for you.
  12. I'm skeptical that med school electives will have much bearing on your +1 EM application in 3 years. I'll stand corrected if someone with experience disagrees, but you should be focusing entirely on matching family medicine in places you want to work. You will have opportunities in residency for electives and working towards that +1, and residency electives are quite different from medical school, and recommendations will hold a lot more weight.
  13. Anecdotally I've heard that people say that some programs only interviewed people from their own school that did home program electives. Take that with a grain of salt.
  14. PAs/NPs are a good way to help fill in the gaping holes in the system, primarily in northern and rural communities, and the "busy work" of medicine that MDs would prefer not to do, like well-baby and well-woman check ups.
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