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  1. For the record, and anyone who wants to know in future years. From the horse's mouth. " For your information. A common question that I am being asked is: Do I need to have my Master's/Ph.D. Degree completed by August 19? Our primary concern is that you have obtained your Bachelor's degree by August 19. Having your Master's completed by that date is not a requirement, but it is a bit of an expectation that all of your work for the graduate degree would be completed by then. By now (or very soon) you should have submitted your life, uh, I mean thesis to those who will be scrutinizing it with scalpel and microscope (my bad humour, sorry) such that all you will have left if the defense of your thesis. This is okay if your defense will come after August 19; just as long as your work is done. Once the defense is done and the degree is conferred, simply let us know such that we can update your student record. Thanks. Michel Dansereau "
  2. Does anyone know if there is a strict deadline enforced for finishing your master's by a certain date at McGill? I know people in the past who have defended the week before starting and PhD's who defended after starting, but I was curious if there was any specific regulation. I should be submitting in the next week or two (no defense required for me at McGill, but I'll still need to get back the comments for final revisions), the website seems quite ambiguous, saying only that Grad students are fine "upon the successful completion by the time of registration of studies currently in progress" Does this mean final revisions? defense? initial submission? There is no outstanding requirement listed on my minerva regarding this either. I feel like this is one of those don't ask, don't tell things, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it anonymously, in case someone else had an explicit answer.
  3. So 152 interviews for 76 spots. Of those how many will get in? Here's my rationale: ~25 ppl who performed horribly in interviews and wont get further consideration, assume at least this many aren't even waitlisted ~15 ppl who get in might prefer to go elsewhere (prefer a french school or raised outside of Quebec and prefer to stay where they are) ~1-2 spots from Medp's who flunk out ~1-2 deferrals (assuming the number of spots posted doesn't include last year's deferrals) ~1-2 International spots not filled (many of the successful ones would are applying all over the place) ~5 people who get in elsewhere while waitlisted and give up waiting for McGill ~0 new spots opened up by the provincial government at the last minute, which happened several years back This logic, which I'm sure will be debated, would leave ~25-28 names left on the waitlist who don't get in. Anybody else horribly preoccupied thinking about the results post interview to the point of extreme lack of productivity?
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