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  1. Rejection Time Stamp: 9:56AM EST cGPA: 3.64 VR: 11 Casper: I thought I did fine, but have serious doubts IP Second undergrad, BScN I had low expectations, but after receiving an interview two years ago, getting rejected last year, working super hard to get a 3.99 last year to bump my GPA and still getting rejected, it stings. A lot.
  2. They upload the letter as a pdf instead of mailing it.
  3. Don't forget journalism! Health and science correspondents that actually understand research and have a scientific background are very important for good reporting. Check out James Hamblin at The Atlantic as an example.
  4. I'm doing nursing as a second degree, and it doesn't seem like it's that hard to get a good GPA. The only concern I would have is about fulfilling the prereq and weighting requirements for some med schools, but it would depend on which school you do nursing at and how many pass/fail classes you have each year. I know that at Mac it's not an issue in first year, anyway! Feel free to pm if you have any specific questions!
  5. I think they previously had an essay or questionnaire portion of the application, so I can understand why they'd switch to CASPer instead. I find it interesting since I'm at Mac for nursing but not the main campus, and we were admitted solely based on grades!
  6. Yeah... I thought I did alright and look where I am now . I hope I get an interview again partially just so I can test my hypothesis about what I did wrong. (And also so I can actually get accepted this time!). With rising MCAT scores and GPAs I feel like it's even less likely this year though.
  7. Well, I only took a two minute break and was wondering if I should have taken the whole time because I was definitely feeling a bit sluggish by the last one. I even left a few spelling errors, which I usually try not to do. So it probably wouldn't have made a difference. I feel like I wrote more than last year, but anything that is slightly different from last year makes me nervous that I won't get an interview again.
  8. Last year I got an interview and had one question I just didn't even answer. And the second box I barely answered. It was a much harder question than any this year!
  9. OneNote. It's a bit buggy but it does the trick. Though if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be happy to hear them!
  10. I've only had problems with the fan/programs freezing when I use OneNote heavily. I like to make huge concept maps, and my i5 4GB SP3 can't handle it that well. So I've started making slightly smaller concept maps, and had fewer issues. It's my only computer, and I love flipping it back and forth in class to either type or write notes. I use it to play Minecraft but that's it for gaming. I also find the battery doesn't last as long as I'd like, but I do prefer a bright screen. It definitely lasts for a full day at school, but that's because it's off for a few hours here and there (clinical or labs).
  11. I can't see an eBook version anywhere. There is Doing Right: Practicing Ethical Principles as an eBook, but that is absolutely not the same book. I think if I get an interview this year I'll buy it, but that's pretty unlikely so I'm just gonna go with my gut for CASPer again! And I've never touched a copy of it so I have no idea what the differences between the version might be. Often the publisher will list that information somewhere online.
  12. We don't have to go through the trouble of inputting the details, just the basic information.
  13. Exchange grades are not used in your GPA. You still have to input the school and send the transcript though.
  14. OMSAS: "You will need to provide more specific details for the Employment, Volunteer Activities, Extracurricular Activities, Awards and Accomplishments, and Research categories. These details are not required for McMaster or Western." The ABS isn't considered as part of their selection criteria, so I would just go by the book.
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