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  1. Most banks will offer medical students some sort of travel credit card that includes free travel insurance. The annual dues for these credit cards are usually waived for medical students. For example, Scotiabank offers the Visa Passport Infinite that includes stuff like free travel insurance. This will probably save you more in the long term than purchasing travel insurance for each vacation.
  2. As far as I know, there is no data on each stream. However, I think it is safe to assume that most of the movement is from the English stream. I'm pretty sure there are no rejections unless you say 'shithole countries' in your interview.
  3. @Eudaimonia According to AFMC, 164 spots out of 575 interviews (English + French stream). Every year for the past 3 years, ~90 people have declined their offers, so you're looking at around ~90 person WL movement. However, this does not include people who accepted another offer who were high up on the WL (since they never received an offer), so the WL probably moves around ~100 spots. When you factor in WL movement, you have about a 40% chance of getting accepted. If you are not offered admission right away at Ottawa, you are automatically put on the WL. The WL is ranked based on GPA + interview score.
  4. Heisenberg_

    Problem Solved

  5. I heard that some of the Quebec medical schools are cutting down on # of spots for MD admissions. Is McGill impacted by this?
  6. Heisenberg_

    Cut in Quebec Med School Spots

    Does this impact OOP or just IP?
  7. Heisenberg_

    Ottawa Interview Dates?

    1. Does Ottawa normally reserve the first few dates for the French stream? 2. Does Ottawa normally accommodate interview date changes if the assigned date conflicts with another medical school interview? Last year in their email they said: "changes will only be made in extenuating circumstances". Is another interview considered an 'extenuating circumstance'?
  8. Heisenberg_

    Writing Station

    Does the McGill MMI have a writing station?
  9. BSAP is a much better alternative to traditional affirmative action measures. Affirmative action traditionally RESERVES spots for certain racial groups, which improves the diversity of the medical school class. This is beneficial because the cultural assumptions of students get challenged and cultural competence as a whole is improved. The other benefit is that it allows physician diversity to reflect patient diversity (the rationale being that patient satisfaction is improved when physician ethnicity is the same as the patients). Now, the problem with affirmative action in the traditional sense is that it means certain groups of people are getting admitted to medical school with lower standards. This is a fact. Many argue that certain groups of people are discriminated against so they deserve this lower standard. How can we solve this problem in a fairer (but not perfect way)? BSAP. The numerical calculation of GPA is the same in BSAP. According to the website, the ONLY difference is that the non-academic portion is assessed by black physicians who have a better understanding of what it means to be black then say a white physician. Black students still have to reach the same total file review score; it's just that the subjective component is assessed by someone else who is black. This is a MUCH more fair way to account for the discrimination black individuals face, while still maintaining the rigorous standards of a successful medical school application. BSAP is not perfect. High-income black individuals may benefit from the non-academic assessment. What about low-income white/Asian people? Why don't they receive any special assessment? These are complicated questions that medical school admissions will hopefully one day account for.
  10. Try to identify self-reflect on weaknesses in your application. Most applicants would make excellent doctors so you have to polish any areas that are lacking in your application.
  11. What is going on with this NAQ scoring? This is nuts! Things are so competitive now, and it seems like a dramatic jump this year.
  12. NAQ scoring is BRUTAL this year. What gives?
  13. Heisenberg_

    Ottawa Interview Dates?

    Not sure if they publicly release it on their website prior to decisions, but you could try calling their admissions office.
  14. Does anyone have a rough idea how much references matter for UBC? Is it simply pass or fail, or is it more of a score?
  15. In the US, many schools look unfavorably upon reapplicats or applicants that are re-invited for an interview. Does this hold true for U of T or is it a completely clean slate? I know Ottawa has a rule where an applicant can only interview three times. Are there any similar rules in Ontario? Many applicants grow and mature from their failures, so it seems reasonable to give people another shot!
  16. Interviews: Historically, mac is the first to come out in mid-late Jan. Then it's usually Ottawa in late Jan. Queens and Western seem to come out on the same day ever year in very late Jan/early Feb. U of T comes out in batches so you could hear back from them as early as Jan to as late as early April. Acceptances: Everything comes out on the same day. I think it's May 8th this year. If you're on a WL, then you could hear back anywhere from late May-late August. Happy planning.
  17. Heisenberg_

    Withdrawn Courses

    Hello, I recently withdrew from a course WITHOUT academic penalty. Do I add this to the academic workbook? Thanks!
  18. Heisenberg_

    How to submit CASPER test score?

    Thank you, sir/mam.
  19. Heisenberg_

    How to submit CASPER test score?

    Since the CASPER will not be submitted to McGill by Nov 1st, is it ok if we are not 'ready for review' by November 1st?
  20. Should I be concerned that none of my verifiers have been contacted yet?
  21. Heisenberg_

    Withdrawn Courses

    My concern is that I technically did take the course but withdrew before the deadline. My gut is telling me that I don't need to include it because OMSAS says not to include it. However, some schools, like UBC, wanted us to include WDNs. Does anyone know what McGill's official stance is on withdrawls WITHOUT academic penalty?
  22. Heisenberg_

    MCAT Score Reporting

    You can leave it blank if you choose to do so. Submitting MCAT at McGill is optional.
  23. Did you withdraw with or without academic penalty? If it was a withdrawal without academic penalty, you don't even enter it into OMSAS.
  24. Posting stats for future cycles: Result: Waitlist. Did not end up getting that life-changing phone call from Chantel. wGPA: 3.98 Casper: Felt really good, although we don't get a score so maybe I just passed the Ottawa Casper cutoff. ECs: Diverse. Hit all the Canmeds nicely. Interview: The Panel was challenging. Got off to a rocky start and despite having some solid answers in the middle, I don't think my performance was good enough to recover. Geography: IP (English stream)