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  1. I’m renting a room out in my house starting May 1st. My current housemate is moving out then. The house is fully updated. Lots of parking. Backyard with BBQ. Wifi etc. I can furnish the bedroom if you need me to. I am moving to BC for Rural Pre-Med program in September so the longest I can rent the room for is 4 months. My house is quiet and I’m a great person to live with. I’ve been a paramedic for 11 years, I don’t have parties, drink, or do drugs. I am fairly clean, I dislike clutter but can survive the occasional dust bunny. I don’t do much outside of work, study for MCAT, gym and yoga. So if you’re looking for a great spot to call home for a few months while your in residency or school or clinical my place will be ideal for you. $700 all inclusive. 289-921-6667
  2. Research each and every medical school in Canada. They are all different in the evaluation. I would also spend the money for a premed advisor. That really helps. Non-trad/Mature applicants have a tough time. U of Calgary eliminates any school that is 10 years old. So that helps, but you need a minimum of 2 years full time, graduate school will count as one year full time so you may only need to complete one more year full time. I to am a mature applicant with a very non-traditional pathway and have struggled. I am headed back to school in September to take Rural Pre-Med full time to boost my GPA and meet the requirements I need to get into med. I have been chasing this dream for years. The best advice I have found is not on forums but with actual paid premed advisors. Changed my entire trajectory.
  3. Reject. GPA 3.73 VR 11 Casper: prepped lots. guess I’ll be writing the MCAT again
  4. I am selling my self paced Kaplan course. https://www.kaptest.com/mcat/courses/mcat-prep-self-paced it is the self paced plus course with 3 hours of tutoring. I have all the books and materials that go along with it. I never initiated the course so it is on hold, they won’t refund me the money but I can set it up for someone else. I paid $2500 plus tax..... $1000 OBO and you don’t have to pay me until the course is up and running for you as some people who were interested we were about making sure the course would work for them online. Send me a PM. Thanks, Brock
  5. I’ve decided to no longer pursue medical school. I have a Kaplan self paced plus course I bought and is on hold until August. It’s $2500 plus tax, I’ll take 50% of the cost without tax. I’ll make sure you have access to everything the course offers online before accepting payment, at which point I would then give you the books (I can’t give you everything before payment, that would be silly). Two of the books have been used by me when I was still convinced medical school was what I wanted but the rest are in perfect condition.
  6. Right? but in reality I have always given discounts to fellow medical professionals. It was more of a light hearted joke!
  7. Hello all, I have a very clean, quiet, maintained and updated student house available. I have one room available starting May 1st, and one starting September 1st. I am willing to take short term lease for the May start for the summer. Here is a link to my kijiji add, there are pictures and videos. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-room-rental-roommate/hamilton/beautifully-maintained-and-updated-mohawk-student-house/1145116400 Brock, 289-921-6667 PS: If it helps I am an awesome landlord, I work full time as a paramedic and actively applying to medical school so if you move in and help me get in I'm open to passing along some nice discounts
  8. 289-921-6667 b.browett@hotmail.com
  9. I have two rooms available starting May 1st in this stunningly renovated student house. Rent includes all the utilities and luxuries. There are two options are a lease. May 1st Until August 31st 2014. Or May 1st 2014 until April 30th 2015 (1 year). If you are looking even for just a couple months in the summer that is fine as well! This is perfect for Medical Students who have their placement in Hamilton. If you need furniture I can provide this at a minimal monthly cost depending on what you need. Included utilities and luxuries: - heat - hydro - water - internet - cable - laundry (not coin operated) - BBQ (you supply propane) - parking available in drive way (not guaranteed if there are more than two persons with cars, but currently I have no tenants with cars so you should not have any issues, there is side street parking available as well) - Flat screen plasma tv in living room - dishwasher - fully updated through out - rooms with closets If you are looking for somewhere for just the summer this is the perfect place for you! Come September 1st there will be a rent increase to note. The large room is $450 a month and the small room is $425 a month for the summer of 2014!
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