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  1. Invite 9:33 AM (CST) IP AGPA: 4.21 MCAT: 516 Super happy/relieved! It's been a few years since I applied, let alone interviewed.
  2. The MCAT cutoff last year for the new MCAT was 512 but the lowest MCAT score for OOP interview invitees was 522. I likely wouldn't apply with a 510, although definitely double check what your GPA and AGPA are on their 4.5 scale, as recommended above.
  3. Just to ensure that if you are applying as an in-province student that you actually are in-province. OOP applicants have higher requirements for applying and all that, right? If you've graduated from a high school in Manitoba though you don't have to provide proof. It's only if you moved to Manitoba after high school. On an old document checklist it says they might require a copy of your Manitoba Health Registration Card, but they will contact you if they need it.
  4. Acceptable biochemistry courses for UBC Med Doesn't look like it's acceptable. When in doubt, just e-mail them (UBC Med, or even the biochemistry dept.). They're the only ones who'd know without a doubt!
  5. FWIW, the commute from Kits is 10-15 minutes if you live close to MacDonald, or shorter if you live near Alma. The buses are usually not too busy before 8 (but are packed 8:30-11).
  6. Since you asked for input into pros/cons... Really though, go to Mayo if you can! Serious props to you for getting in there. If I were accepted there with a full scholarship I would probably go in a heartbeat. Even if you want to do your residency in Canada, the prestige of the school and program should help you landing one of the limited spots available to Canadian students studying abroad. If you wanted to stay in the US, then Mayo is second or third to Johns Hopkins in terms of obtaining H1B visas for its students.
  7. I know next to nothing about the Caribbean school route, aside from the fact that Canadians who take that route face pretty significant obstacles returning to Canada for residency (something like 5% of Caribbean med school grads are matched for residency in Canada?). Do students who graduate from Caribbean med schools manage to find residencies elsewhere (i.e., countries outside of North America)? I don't really care to stay in Canada, but had previously ruled out Caribbean schools because 1) the cost, eek, and 2) the concerns over finding a place to do residency.
  8. Who cares?! Learn something! If finances are an issue, of course some instruments will be out... But seriously, if there was ever anything that you wanted to learn, do it! You don't have to volunteer at a hospital to have good ECs, but yes you should have some volunteering commitment dedicated to serving your community in some way. You can volunteer at a nonprofit of some sort, or a community health centre, or for an organisation that helps kids or certain populations... Anything. It's never too late to start (and then stick with something)! And yeah, definitely don't worry about your GPA. You're doing great (GPA-wise)! Don't let what you see on these forums make you think that you're not.
  9. Honestly I'd just e-mail Admissions. They are the only ones who can give you an answer that you know is correct. (Even then, they can't really advise you as to the impact that your reference choice will have on your application. We'd be even less capable of doing so!) IIRC, UBC has stressed in the past that the prestige of your references doesn't matter beyond them generally meeting the guidelines (which are definitely just that - a guide - and not a list of requirements). They do say that your academic advisor can be a course instructor (non-PhD). Coldpizzahotsriracha is right - go with whoever knows you best!
  10. There are MMI practice sessions being held up at UBC, and they've been going on for a little over two weeks I think. I'll PM you.
  11. Is the reason financial in nature? (In that case I have heard that at least some medical schools will do all they can to ensure you can start your program in the year you were accepted.) < Considering that 'acceptance' means they want you, I would expect them to be supportive...
  12. If you go over the outline for the old physics and physical chem and new physics and physical chem sections, you'll find that the content is pretty much the same... They say that the new section places more emphasis on the application of the principles to living systems or the human body, but both the old and new have Newtonian physics, stuff on gas phases, fluids, sound, light, electrostatics, nuclear decay, etc. etc. 75% of stuff tested on the new MCAT will be related to content from the old MCAT, apparently! As Jason88 says, though, because there are new sections the physics and chemistry will be de-emphasised on the new MCAT. (Can be good or bad, depending on if you're particularly adept at physics or not!) If you have a solid basis in the physical chem, bio, and biochem aspects, though, then it sounds like your second option might work out okay! As with any advice on here though... None of us can tell you what is the 'right' choice! With your background knowledge, I imagine you won't have a hard time with the material in sociology and psychology.
  13. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice... Steve Jobs said something like that. (Not at all saying that he's perfect or anything, just a nice quote I like to keep in mind when others throw similar remarks my way.)
  14. Nothing wrong with venting, but you may want to avoid posting multiple times! (Just edit if you need to fix a typo!) One of the forum rules:
  15. Football as in American football? Go watch! It's gotta be better than watching a marathon of The Hobbit. (I found the movies so disappointing. If it were between watching a football game and a LOTR marathon, though, I'd totally do the latter.) And what's on my mind: I hate being sick. I have (really bad) food poisoning and my doctor wrote me a note to seek academic concession for my exams but I will seriously be damned if I can't recover in time to write them. No exam deferrals for me.
  16. I wasn't sure if I was seeing things or going crazy. It seems like a very big change! I didn't apply there because I'm missing one semester of physics... I wonder if this will have a very large impact on the size of the applicant pool?
  17. Can anyone else confirm what I'm seeing about the U of A prereqs for the next application cycle? The website says: So from the application cycle after this and onward, the only requirements will be related to GPA, MCAT scores, personal activities, and reference letters?
  18. Supposedly around 25% of the questions on the new MCAT's Chemical and Physical Concepts of Biological Systems section are introductory physics. I'm not sure how big of an increase that is from the previous MCAT, but 25% of 59 questions in that section would be about 15 questions. (It definitely felt like a lot more than that on the old MCAT...) ETA: Apparently about 50% of the current Physical Sciences section is physics!
  19. If you guys ever have trouble booking rooms or want really nice rooms, PM me and I'd be happy to book any of you rooms in Sauder to use (although I only get one 2-hour booking per day). I'd be happy to help some people practise, too. (I didn't get an invite so I wouldn't practise myself haha.)
  20. If anything I think this thread has shown me that you can really never know what the adcom is looking for! You never know - you might be getting an invite in two hours or so!
  21. Me too! I don't know what sort of luck I'll have with my other applications but I'm up for practising anyway.
  22. I was really young when I saw it, so I'm pretty sure I didn't notice. I had really bad taste in movies until I was around 18 (I couldn't really tell what was bad, although I could tell what was excellent or spectacularly bad (e.g., Gigli)). And the "T. rex was a scavenger theory" - that came up in my course, but apparently no one takes it seriously. There seems to only be one proponent of the theory, or some small number like that! What scientists think a tyrannosaur's brain must have looked like is similar to an alligator's, so they think it must've had somewhat similar feeding behaviours (same for allosaurs) but been active like an ostrich (i.e., didn't sit around all day waiting for food, like alligators did). It's super interesting to learn about them, but I have to keep reminding myself that a lot of stuff that's said about dinosaur interactions and whatnot is speculation!
  23. Same for me, for the most part. I've only seen one of them. (There were flying racing things. I remember that and Jar Jar Binks.)
  24. Is 30+ considered high? I could share mine and how I wrote about them with you in a PM, if you'd like. Aside from hospital volunteering, the rest of my activities were pretty unusual compared to most traditional applicants'. Also, I have absolutely no research experience.
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