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  1. MathToMed mentioned this upthread, but the difference is not significant. If you run a z-test (at the 95% confidence level), you would find this for yourself. The number of female matriculants is not significantly different from the number of male matriculants (and, it would follow, the number of female applicants who did not matriculate (926) is not significantly different from the number of male applicants who did not matriculate (910)). The acceptance rates are very different in for BC applicants specifically (24.5% for females vs. 18.2% for males), but the overall acceptance rate is not that different (14.8% for females vs. 12.2% for males). We don't have a breakdown of the genders of the acceptees who then declined the offer, so how are we to know that the 27 individuals who declined aren't mostly male? As someone suggested earlier, also, the female applicants could be becoming more and more competitive... Who knows? Without more information, speculation is just speculation, and feeling disadvantaged when the difference isn't actually significant doesn't seem to make much sense... :\ ETA: Just to mention this before someone else does, statistical analyses on these stats probably isn't even that useful because the sampling isn't random at all.
  2. I'm not that surprised. Conciseness is an asset. If you can say what you need to in fewer words, and avoid beating around the bush, that's for the better! (But I still lol'ed at the typing with two fingers...)
  3. The discrepancy's been there since the early 2000's. Why should it be troubling? There shouldn't be discrimination based on sex... At least I would hope not...
  4. Thank you, rmorelan, thsc, and MathToMed! I just wasn't sure what humhum was specifically referring to - it sounded like, in general, Ontario-based universities had a higher standard of education than schools in the western provinces...
  5. I hope the increasing number of BComs and BBAs isn't an increasing trend, or it will make me a less unique applicant this year. D: When were the interim statistics for the 2018 class released last year? I am curious about the 2019 interim stats now... Can you expand a little more? I'm quite interested to hear about the differences... The only province in Canada I have lived in is BC so the opinions I hear are always enormously biased. How come Ontarians have a higher calibre of education than British Columbians? Better programs?
  6. ^ That's a good plan! It will prepare you for the MCAT, which is there to judge your preparedness for medical school, too. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think it's important to take something you really enjoy. If you are interested in what you study, you will probably do well. Of course I could be wrong - I am biased because of my own experience; I studied business and resented almost all of my business courses, all of which I typically achieved lower grades in than my science courses (excepting one commerce course and one science course).
  7. I actually really like this kind of "testing schedule", also. One of my classes has 6 tests throughout the term (1 every two weeks), and one is dropped. It definitely encourages regular study habits, and causes you to continually evaluate your weaknesses and whatnot.
  8. Two of mine have been contacted! Both by e-mail. They provided them with some sorts of verification forms to fill out online. (And yep, I'm also not an early applicant.)
  9. If you look at the AAMC's page on scoring, it looks like a competitive score may be around 510ish...? (Yep... guessing.) I TAKE THAT BACK. From one of the AAMC guides: ETA: More from their guide. It looks like there is a new focus on using percentiles rather than scores. So you could score 500 overall but not actually be in the 50th percentile but the 40th.
  10. I think a lot of people are having that issue. If the letters still show up as not having been received yet by the middle or end of next week, you might want to give them a call. (Or you could wait until Oct. 15th, which is when they will be all caught up and whatnot.)
  11. Isn't the OMSAS TRF only for transcripts from universities in Ontario? I'm in BC so I had to order my own transcripts to be sent. (Is that what you meant by foreign universities, MathToMed? I guess because I live in Canada, I don't consider myself foreign. Even though, in some of the Ontario-based med schools' eyes, OOP = foreign...)
  12. Same. I just didn't choose the signature option (for a reason mentioned above) but they all arrived and are listed as "received" on the OMSAS.
  13. Yeah, I paid by credit card, too. Because I submitted on the due date, though, mine came through later (I'm assuming!). There's a good chance they won't update your reference letter statuses until they have organised most of everyone else's university transcripts! From what I heard, those are the priority, followed by reference letters. All my references sent their letters last week, so it must be due to sheer luck that mine all appear as having been received (and all of them were sent confirmatory e-mails).
  14. MathToMed, you're so right. They are so nice! I gave them a call, and from what I was told they process all university transcripts and reference letters first (for everyone). IB transcripts get processed last or nearly last. (I wouldn't have had to send it if I didn't receive pre-req credits for my diploma, of course!) Best of luck to everyone that the postal system is kind to all of us!
  15. Has anyone else had to send IB transcripts and had difficulty with them being delivered to the OMSAS? I sent mine in exactly a month ago, and while my university transcript is now showing as received, my IB transcript appears to not have arrived. I will call them, but curious about others' experiences (if they had to send IB transcripts)...
  16. mala, yeah online transfers take longer to process than credit card payments (according to one of the FAQs on the OUAC website)!
  17. ^ What rachel_RN said! Not all options are available immediately after you submit. They should be made available to you today, though, I'd imagine! It took about 20 hours for it to appear to me.
  18. Thank you for that advice! I sent my transcript three weeks ago and it isn't showing up as received. Thankfully all of my reference letters have arrived...
  19. I feel similarly. Maybe because it's our first time, and we haven't felt the sting of rejection (by med schools) yet, we are a bit more optimistic? I just submitted my OMSAS application this morning... Not too happy about the waiting and thumb-twiddling for the next few months.
  20. http://www.ouac.on.ca/faq/academic-record-withdrawn-course/ If you withdrew without penalty, don't put anything.
  21. Good to know. One of my references (for other schools) told me that UBC checks out applicants of interest, but she said it was just a hunch and not something she knew for certain.
  22. Do you live in Alberta? If not, you have to rule out U of C and U of A, also.
  23. I wrote the MCAT on Aug. 21st, and the scores came out today. I released to UBC immediately, and they appeared in the OAS about three hours later. I think you should be fine!
  24. Okay. Yes, I verified this at one of their information sessions last week from an adcom member. Was the condescension really necessary to ask that?
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