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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from psk.taengoo in Interview Invite Thread   
    9:33 AM (CST)
    AGPA: 4.21
    MCAT: 516
    Super happy/relieved! It's been a few years since I applied, let alone interviewed. 
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from JohnGrisham in Where To Rent On Campus?   
    FWIW, the commute from Kits is 10-15 minutes if you live close to MacDonald, or shorter if you live near Alma. The buses are usually not too busy before 8 (but are packed 8:30-11).
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to Fleming in Post-Interview Thoughts   
    The interview itself was trickier than I expected but I have to say, I was incredibly impressed by the facilities (such as the anatomy lab with all the organs around the room) and the people. It was a good weekend!
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from moneyking in Kinda Screwed Up, What Should I Do?   
    Who cares?! Learn something! If finances are an issue, of course some instruments will be out... But seriously, if there was ever anything that you wanted to learn, do it! You don't have to volunteer at a hospital to have good ECs, but yes you should have some volunteering commitment dedicated to serving your community in some way. You can volunteer at a nonprofit of some sort, or a community health centre, or for an organisation that helps kids or certain populations... Anything. It's never too late to start (and then stick with something)!
    And yeah, definitely don't worry about your GPA. You're doing great (GPA-wise)! Don't let what you see on these forums make you think that you're not.
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to rmorelan in Things People Said To Me Around This Time Last Year   
    well that is motivational
    Of course if I listened to anyone telling me what I should do I wouldn't have done anything interesting in my life.
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from makingfetchhappen in What's On Your Mind?   
    Nothing wrong with venting, but you may want to avoid posting multiple times! (Just edit if you need to fix a typo!)
    One of the forum rules:
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to JohnGrisham in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    Interview! I am in disbelief!! Good things do happen!

    Will fill out my stuff later.

    AGPA: 80.5%

    Good luck to everyone else!


    TIME STAMP: 10:30 AM
    Interview Date: Undecided
    Result: Invite
    GPA: ~80-81%
    MCAT: 30 (In retrospect, I should have studied for it more than 3 weeks, but I was content with getting a 30 as "good enough" for my other options. But I did not have the luxury of dropping everything else to spend more than that on dedicated studying.)

    -Long term and varied employment history, consistently worked since high school.
    -A few long term volunteer roles at university(3-4 years each) and in the community, numerous shorter term volunteer/paid roles of 1-2 years.
    -Only included 1 high school volunteer role, that lasted 5 years and continued into university.
    -I don't have any hospital volunteering, but I do have 2 medically related volunteer roles.
    -I did not include any of my hobbies, intramural sports, wasn't sure if it was appropriate.
    -No major awards, aside from 3 small university entrance awards and 2 university level leadership awards.
    -No biomedical research
    Early/Regular Deadline: Regular
    Year: Bsc, 1 co-op term(left due not wanting to pay 700$+ , when I could find my own jobs).
    Geography: IP

    I think the combination of my long term work history and dedication to my leadership roles is what helped me, but who knows what they are looking for to be honest. My only advice is to just enjoy life and do things that you enjoy and look forward to doing. Even in my work life, I find and make time to continue as many of my volunteer roles as possible - simply because they are fun. I know  some people get obsessed with thinking about it from an hours perspective, and its easy to think of it that way, but realize that life is too short to just be doing something for the sake of an app. When you're busy and juggling a schedule, just rationalize if what you're doing with your limited time in a day is meaningful to you. Either in the present or in the future (i.e. Although I dreaded orgo 2, I knew that it was necessary to move onto something that I do want to do).

    If I come up with anything else that is useful to share, I will. For the now 18 people who have messaged me, I wish you all good luck and send you good vibes in your journeys. As much as I want to help all of you individually, I just don't have the time right now. In a few weeks when my schedule settles down, I will get to it.
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from desperate_premed in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    If anything I think this thread has shown me that you can really never know what the adcom is looking for! You never know - you might be getting an invite in two hours or so!
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to Falling in What's On Your Mind?   
    If I do not get into medical school, maybe I will pursue a PhD in Genetics, get some funding and build a real life Jurassic Park.
    Free entry to all premed101 members (except the Dermatologists. They can afford entry).
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from Falling in What's On Your Mind?   
    I was really young when I saw it, so I'm pretty sure I didn't notice. I had really bad taste in movies until I was around 18 (I couldn't really tell what was bad, although I could tell what was excellent or spectacularly bad (e.g., Gigli)).
    And the "T. rex was a scavenger theory" - that came up in my course, but apparently no one takes it seriously. There seems to only be one proponent of the theory, or some small number like that! What scientists think a tyrannosaur's brain must have looked like is similar to an alligator's, so they think it must've had somewhat similar feeding behaviours (same for allosaurs) but been active like an ostrich (i.e., didn't sit around all day waiting for food, like alligators did).
    It's super interesting to learn about them, but I have to keep reminding myself that a lot of stuff that's said about dinosaur interactions and whatnot is speculation!
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from Sepehr in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    Is 30+ considered high? I could share mine and how I wrote about them with you in a PM, if you'd like. Aside from hospital volunteering, the rest of my activities were pretty unusual compared to most traditional applicants'.
    Also, I have absolutely no research experience.
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from yugerry in Mega Mmi Group Is Back , (First 100 People To Reply To This Post Get In)   
    Me too! I don't know what sort of luck I'll have with my other applications but I'm up for practising anyway.
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to JohnGrisham in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    So close, best of luck for next year!  The TFR was 52.65. That is mind blowing how close you are, that in itself is an amazing feat, so keep your chin up and you'll get an interview next year!
    Seriously, to all of you out there receiving news, do NOT let one school's application process or what people post on forums negatively formulate thoughts into your head about your worth and value. Ya'll are all accomplished individuals in your own rights  
    @skepticalstudent goes to show that don't take Pm101 too serious, your NAQ score shows you have excellent ECs and personal involvements. 
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to Caleb Dusdal in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    Thanks to everyone who has posted their results so far.
    Based on what is being posted I am absolutely flattered to even be in the company of this group this application cycle.
    All the best.
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to JohnGrisham in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    Lets be nice please, no need for that. While it is definitely frustrating, we can all agree with that, it is what it is. 
    When you have so many more qualified applicants than seats, it leads to different methods of limiting the applicant pool.
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from Harvey Specter in Suicide Of A Resident In Montreal   
    Can you clarify? The other way around would be "was her mental illness caused by her suicide?", which wouldn't really be possible, right?
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to Fleming in 2014-2015 Application Cycle Interm Report   
    Yikes! That's a lot of applicants and a pretty big bump in interview cutoff. Give it a couple years and the requirements will be a perfect GPA and a nobel prize.
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from Falling in What's On Your Mind?   
    Oooh excellent! I can watch it then... Most of my exams will be over by then.
    Since there's some talk of dinosaurs, and I'm studying for a course that covers dinosaurs (a little bit), can I just say how ridiculous some of the predators look?

    Yes, its mouth is terrifying, but its arms make me chuckle. It almost looks like it may as well not have any... Velociraptors look much more frightening (IMO!).
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from Maverick in Summer Ochem (Already Done Taking It But I Have A Question)   
    Sorry I sounded a bit snippy. I'm working on a 30-page philosophy of science paper (ELECTRONS ARE REAL. The end.) and it's making me grumpy (and now I'm procrastinating, whoo).
    CHEM 203 is Orgo I for chem majors (and then they take CHEM 213 as Orgo II). UBC Med considers CHEM 233/235/205 "two semesters of organic chemistry" (for non-chemistry majors), even though CHEM 205 didn't seem remotely "organic" to me (aside from the spectroscopy parts). 
    Oh and yeah bolded: CHEM 233 is DEFINITELY "overhyped" as being this super challenging course. I think if students approach it as a memorisation-heavy course, they will find it very challenging. However, those who take a problem-solving, learn-the-basics-and-tools, etc. sort of approach they will find it manageable and perhaps very enjoyable. In high school I really struggled with chemistry (it was taught in a very disjointed way), but in university I - like you - excelled because there seems to be much more emphasis on understanding (though that is NOT to say that no memorisation is involved at all) and application.
    Anyway yeah, I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. I guess none of us can ever say for sure anything about adcoms and their perspectives - we are all just here speculating - but if you poke around the forums you will probably find people saying that adcoms don't usually look too much at your courses and sometimes may just look at your OGPA or AGPA and leave it at that.
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    SkepticalStudent got a reaction from Falling in What's On Your Mind?   
    And they're not even all from the Jurassic period. It should be Mesozoic Park/World or something...
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to lokiki in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    Oh my god. Yes. I remember those.
    Best of luck to everyone. If you want it bad enough, you will get it. Sometimes not the first or even the third time. In our class of 288 or however many there is me (7x), there's at least one 6x, and at least 2 5x applicants. Rejections hurt but they are not personal (I know it can be hard to not take it personally).
    Best of luck to everyone. I cannot offer MMI prep to anyone (med students are disallowed from doing so) but I can answer general questions. Be yourself, be humble but enthusiastic.
    A great speaker spoke to our class just today. There was something he said to us: You belong here. Know that. Be prepared, and you will do well. You belong here.
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to sgh87 in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    A reminder to everyone: be proud of how far you've come so far. It takes a lot of hard work to get to even this position. If this is really your dream, sometimes there are cruel ups and downs that come with it . But if the worst case scenario does present itself, don't take it personally, or think that you're not good enough. Work hard and come back stronger next year.
    Good luck everyone.
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to monty in Interview Invite & Regrets Thread 2014-2015   
    It doesn't really get better after you get your invite haha.  You feel AWESOME for a few days then you start your prep and sweat out the next 3 months getting more nervous until decisions.  UBC likes Hunger Games survival style decisions and that does not help.  For me anyways!  Good luck guys! 
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to youngdad in Vancouver Islanders Who Have Interviews   
    Once the interview invites are out I would be happy to consult with folks from Vancouver Island.  No charge.
    I'm a second year UBC family practice resident.  MMI was a strength of my application from my estimation.  Avg grades, avg EC's, felt great through almost the whole interview.  Accepted in province (UBC) and one out of province (Dal) for the two MMI's I did.  
    I've got plenty of experience doing interview prep for applicants pro bono.
    I promised myself that if I got into medical school I would help others striving to get in.  This is one way I do it and I enjoy it.  
    PM me if you get an interview and we can figure something out.  
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    SkepticalStudent reacted to km2kenne in Mmo Mmi Prep   
    Hey Guys,
    So I don't know if the current system of setting up online practice for MMIs is working for everyone, but I thought this might be a convenient way to organize it for people who want to practice, and not worry about sticking to a strict schedule. Also I think getting feedback from a larger variety of people won't hurt! 
    Here's what I'm thinking. 
    Every couple of weeks, I'll post a two week block of possible practice session dates and times on a Doodle poll. 
    Anyone who wants to participate fills out the poll using their premed101 username.
    Select any times you would be available/want to do a practice session. 
    Times with at least three people go ahead as a practice session, anything with fewer people does not. 
    If you are the third person to choose that date and time, message the other two on premed101 and let them know.
    Meet at the scheduled time and practice. I think Google Hangouts is better for multi-person chats than Skype, but obviously use whatever you prefer.
    If you add yourself to a time that already has three or more people, message the third person to have joined that time and ask them to add you to the group convo on premed101. 
    The details will of course be up to the particular groups, but I'm thinking that a few good rules would be: (tl:dr be considerate)
    Groups are finalized 24 hours before the given practice session. Obviously sometimes things will come up, but just try to be considerate. 
    Only book in for session you actually plan on going to. 
    Groups decide beforehand how they want to structure their practice session. 
    Two types of sessions I think are really good are:
    1) Round-robin prompt practice. Each participant prepares a MMI-style promp (and additional prompts to go along with it, like they have in the MMI). One person gives the first prompt to one other person, who has 2 minutes to read it (copy-paste into chat box).and 8 minutes to answer. Then everyone discusses the prompt and that person's answer and offers constructive criticism. Then the person who answered prompts the next person, and so on. 
    2) Open discussion important topics. The group decides on a topic beforehand and everyone is responsible for researching it. At the practice session each person "presents" what they learned and the group discusses. 
    I've put times in in two hour blocks, to limit the size of the doodle (it's still huge), but depending on how many people join a time the length might vary. I'll alter future doodles to reflect what times seem to be popular if these times don't work perfectly. 
    What do people think of this? I'm not sure if anyone will be interested, but this setup occurred to me and I thought it would be worth a try! 
    SIDENOTE: All times are listed in Eastern Time. If you're in a different time zone, make sure you answer the doodle with that in mind! 
    Anyways, here's the link to the doodle: http://doodle.com/ruat9xb8udbinkyv
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