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  1. check it out. i know there are previous postings about this. Word had it that it wouldn't be open until 2010. The website says 36 students will be in Mississauga during the fall. Attending lectures and having the ability to ask questions after class always seemed essential to me. Well, not that I ask questions on a daily basis but knowing that I can makes a difference. http://www.facmed.utoronto.ca/programs/md/vicedean/expansion/studentinfo.htm
  2. yeah... maybe they sent me the acceptance letter by mistake. I'll check up on that:p . McGill's decision was mailed way earlier and the deposit is refundable. Even if it is not, how do you think waitlist movements move until school starts? ...with that said, it's still better to decide sooner, I know. More mind-settling for everyone
  3. Hey all, Does anyone know more details about the Mississauga academy expansion? I have heard that the academy assignments are random but apparently the assignment process for this one is under review. When do we know our assignments anyway?
  4. Hey! In the end, I got into both, actually. It's great and I am really lucky to have a choice between these two schools. To be honest, I am still trying to decide. None of this hesitation is based entirely on ranking or reputation or curriculum alone. More of a combination of personal issues. Guess learning French isn't such a bad idea. After all, we will have to serve the francophone population. I know many of them personally who will prefer to have his/her doctor talk to them in their mother tongue. Guess it's a problem for us anglophones but good physicians learn to accomodate their patients. (More easily said than done, I know...) Does anyone knows about the clerkship years at U of T, could you let me know? How much hand-on experience do you end up getting? Hope everyone has a great summer! congrats to everyone who are attending and good luck to everyone who will~!
  5. Hey thanks for all the replies... Sure we have our preferences in terms of the city. But I definitely agree that they are both great schools! Thanks for all the help fellows! I didn't really see this thread as a competition between two school thing. I actually found it quite helpful. There are a lot of mentioned factors that I never really considered-OSAP, Simulation Centre, French, (or be it better looking girls/guys)... It's worth considering. It's true- in the end it still depends on our motivation to succeed. And congrats for everyone who's been accepted or who are attending to both schools.-amazing education for both. As for myself, I really like the city of Montreal. It's some distance from home (Toronto) so I get a nice balance of having my own space and somewhere for vocation. Also McGill is just an amazing school. Of course, with Toronto as home, I also know U of T is legendary. However, the French aspect of Montreal is worrisome. I have some basal level of French. And it's not the first time that I heard not speaking French could be a problem. I worked in several hospitals and, in my opinion, not speaking French does mean missing out on communication with patients. Yet again, I have learned quite a bit of conversational French in this environment. So it was worth it in the end. (it very well may be a different story when I have to learn from medical cases). I will take your advice to see U of T as much as possible to get a better feel about the school. Thanks for all the postings! Good luck! Summer is coming!
  6. Thanks Alpine and MD1400 for your advice. I guess it really depends on which city one prefers. They are both great schools. (Congrats to MD1400 for McGill) My heart turns to McGill more because I know the faculty much better. But I think the ultimate thing is to see U of T on the tour. (and who knows, I may not even get in!) Makes life easier, but the ego...geez. Thanks a lot, it is good to be reminded of the simulation centres. Exciting!
  7. Hey Alpine, my interview is this weekend. I was considering not going up until recently.-just to explain this 'torn' thing a bit. They are both great schools and I don't presume anything about getting accepted at U of T.
  8. I know U of T decisions are not out yet. But I have already been accepted at McGill. I did my undergraduate here and I am really tempted to stay here for medicine. However, Toronto is where my parents live now and I am very torn between the two if it turns out that I have two choices. I understand that they are both great schools and offer excellent education and U of T is more research-oriented with intentions to turn their students into research-scientists. I have done a lot of research and I haven't not set my mind to pursue further yet. I also heard that U of T is great for kids who have strong network of support and ability to prioritize and figure our their own preferences, does this mean a less personal education? McGill is great because I know my ways around the department but U of T is tempting because it's in the city where I would like to end up in if I choose to stay in Canada. I am looking for suggestions. If you are at either McGill or U of T or know a lot about the school. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!
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