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  1. I would still go to US dental school. For me, it was really nice to be able to go to US school. I thought that my education was worth the money. There are many opportunities to work as a dentist in the US. Yes, finance is a big factor. When I was going to school the Canadian dollar was 1:1 so it was really worth it. But now with the currency as it is, it is a completely different situation. I'm not sure if I will re-do it if the currency was what it is now.
  2. 1. I had 3.6 American cGPA. As for my American DAT from what I remember, I had 23 Math, 21 Chem, 21 Bio, 18 PAT, 19 Reading. 2. The course load does not matter in the US!
  3. Hello! I did not do a residency. I wanted to work right away. I would have to say paying the loans had a big part in my decision. I wanted a job that had another dentist who could mentor me. Surprisingly, there are a lot of jobs offering to give mentorship. I would have to say that since I did all the American board exams, it would be worthwhile to stay in the US .
  4. Good question! I got accepted to Case Western, Indiana, Midwestern (Illinois). I did not attend interview for Detroit Mercy and West Virginia (got these invites in January so it was after I accepted my offer to Case Western). I did not apply to Midwestern AZ I would buy ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools. http://www.adea.org/officialguide/ I would read this because it tells you all the school's admissions stats (GPA, DAT) I would also go to this website https://forums.studentdoctor.net/forums/pre-dental.17/ and read all the appropriate threads. When it gets closer to the application cycle, people help each other out with applications. You can also read past threads on what to write for the essays, how to fill out the activities, etc.
  5. I applied to Case Western, Harvard, Columbia, UPenn, Indiana, Detroit Mercy, Midwestern, West Virginia, Boston, NYU, UCSF, Buffalo, I got interview invites from Case Western, Indiana, Midwestern, Detroit Mercy, West Virginia
  6. I did have Canadian classmates who went back. Since income is a very sensitive topic, I never asked them. I feel okay sharing my information, but I just find it hard to ask my friends how much they produce/collect. I can't own a practice or hire people with TN. TN is a temporary work for me to work as an employee. I would have to say that if someone had a green card, then they can own a practice. TN is a single intent visa (must go back to Canada afterwards) H1B is a dual intent visa (one can apply for green card while on H1B). I think Cleveland Ohio is very different. I'm not sure how to explain it. lol. The relationship between the faculty and the students is very good. There are only 75 people in class, so you get to know the professors very well 1) I do think that spending 400K for dental school is too much, unless your family is very wealthy. I did not know how hard it is to pay back debt. For instance, if someone made $100,000, then about 35% goes to taxes. Your after-tax income is $65,000. After living cost and all that, you are left with much less to pay back your debt. 2) Last year I earned about $130,000 US while working 32 hours/week (I chose to work this much) 3) I think it is really tough to pay 400K debt. For instance, if you were an employee, you have to earn around $615,000 to have an after-tax income of 400K. That is a lot of money. I don't have kids so I'm not sure, but I would have to say it would make things more challenging 4) I would have to say it depends on the couple I don't regret one bit going to US dental school, but I don't think I would have to courage to go to American dental school with the current exchange rate
  7. For sure. Obviously, dental schools cost a lot of money. When I was in school (2012-2016) the currency was very good (1 to 1). But now it is much different. I got $250,000 from Scotia bank, around $35,000 from OSAP, and help from family. I lived very modestly ($350 rent per month ), and tried to reduce my living cost as much as possible. However, now with the currency, the cost would be a lot more.
  8. I can only work as an associate with the TN visa. So the TN visa is the NAFTA visa. This is a "temporary" work permit because the concept of TN visa is to have the intention of coming back to Canada, which I definitely am going to do. TN is generally for 3 years. I know that in order to buy a practice, you want the H1B (which enables you to apply for the green card). I actually worked in Dallas, Texas for 4 months right after graduating in 2016. It was nice but I got homesick because I was so far away, so I came back to Ohio.
  9. 1) I would have to say the quality of education varies greatly from school to school. However, I am very happy with the education I received from Case Western. The minimum requirement when I was in clinic was at least 8 arches of removables, 4 endos, 40 direct restorations, 6 units of crowns, 40 extractions. Most people do a lot more than the requirements. I know someone who did at least 12 arches of removables, 4 endos, 300 direct restorations, 12 units of crowns, 50 extractions. 2) We have 24 hours access to the sim lab. Our card allows us to access the sim lab any time we want. 3) They are very helpful. My class at Case Western consisted of 75 people. I would have to say that pre-clinic, there was roughly 1 instructor for 7-8 students. In clinic, it is 1 instructor for 12-13 students. Case Western was really cool because in 3 and 4th year, you get assigned to 2 doctors. One doctor comes in Monday, Wednesday and the other doctor comes in Tuesday and Thursday (alternating Fridays). You get to treatment plan with each doctor and do treatment. It is so nice to be paired up this way because you get consistency. Also, you understand how different doctors treatment plan differently.
  10. 1) I'm working in Akron, Ohio (where Lebron James is from. I live 2 minutes away from Lebron so it is really cool) 2) I'm currently an associate in a group practice. My office website is (http://www.akronfamilydental.com/). I do like it here in America, I'm currently on a TN visa (good for another 2 years). So I will have to see and evaluate. 3) I think the good thing about my office is that we get 90% state-funded insurance (Medicaid) patients. Even though the fees for individual procedure may be low, Medicaid is really good about paying. I haven't had much problem with the insurances.
  11. Hello everyone, I graduated from Western in 2012 and went onto Case Western (Cleveland, Ohio) in the US for dental school. I graduated in 2016 and have been working in Ohio as a dentist. I know that this forum has been really helpful to me, so I really wanted to give back. Please let me know if any of you has questions about US dental schools. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.
  12. Im going to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio!
  13. Hi everyone I'm graduating from an American dental school in 2016. I wanted to ask if anyone has any information about working for the first nations for short term. I think I heard from somebody one time that we can work anywhere from 4-6 weeks serving the first nations. Thank you for your help!
  14. Could anyone with the knowledge with UWO please help me? I might do a special year. When I looked at the Athabasca Course codes, even the introductory bio courses start as 200 level courses. Does anyone know whether this would be classified as 200 level courses for Western? thank you!
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