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  1. J'ai besoin de pratiquer mon anglais pour l'Université McGill
  2. Can someone tell me when invites are going out. You can respond in english or french.
  3. Contact programs you are interested in about number of applicants versus the number of spots, entering GPA average etc. There is a big disparity between programs. You'd be surprised about how competitive some grad programs actually are. Some programs I know have over 150 applicants for like 20 spots, where if you have an average under 85%... you are treading water and shouldn't bet on receiving an acceptance. (and I am not even referring to UofT) Other programs will bribe and stalk you to take the acceptance
  4. I think if you log into MINERVA it should tell you if you have been refused.
  5. This is also what I would do. I just never understood why they wouldn't just raise the overall score to 31 etc to trim people instead of this haphazard moving around of individual section cutoffs. Is there something taboo about raising the overall score beyond 30???
  6. Well I hope you were all geniuses and submitted yesterday
  7. http://www.mcgill.ca/medicine/admissions/applying/deadlines/ Bottom of the page in the last bullet. So how smart am I then for finding it on the webpage without having to phone...
  8. There is nothing mysterious about it... It has been in the news and it came up on this board when discussing McGill getting rid of the MCAT. http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34075&page=3
  9. Nope, I am talking about the Satellite Campus that will be starting up in Gatineau. I am assuming it won't start until Sept. 2011 since that would coincide with McGill getting rid of the MCAT for in province applicants.
  10. If Queens can find 760 people to interview with R's, then it won't surprise me if McMaster could have more than enough candidates to choose from with just 11 in VR. It's only one section, so I suspect the VR scores will be higher than other MCAT schools.
  11. Does anyone have any recent news about the Gatineau Class? Will it begin in Sept. 2010 or 2011?
  12. Fitting every thing in a COHERENT manner is the biggest challenge. It took me a couple drafts.
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