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  1. L'année dernière , c'était toute la journée.
  2. I am undecided and hopefully I will be able to decide soon: 1. My work place; Pro: Familiar enough with good computer and high bandwidth. Con: I don't think my supervisor will appreciate my "emotional imbalance". I also don't think my passive-aggressive relationship with my centrifuge will be helpful at all for me. 2. My Home; Pro: Home, what can I say more. Con: I don't believe my cat can withstand my emotional outbust, good or bad, anymore. He is such a dear old pet and I was told by his vet to be kind to his heart. 3. My mom's shop; Pro: the support of yours truly. Con: My neighbour and the public at large will finally have proof that I am cracked for good, regardless of outcome. 4. Musee des beaux arts; Pro: Beautiful surrounding and I haven't been there for some times. If things go well, it will be in the midst of impressive artworks. Con: If things go south, I don't want to be responsible for any valuable objet d'art. Beside, it is too public, just imagine the headline of the wenesday montreal gazette.
  3. I completely agree with you and I am really happy with many people who are sharing their experience. I am sure they are very valuable to everyone in this forum who are looking for perspective. Also, @FlorenceOD, I must admit, at time, the process does get the better of me. Normally, I try to look at it with objective eyes. However, as the day approaches, I found myself looking at the calender quite uncomfortably. However, just like what @RedLily have mentioned, I have learnt alot about myself with this year off. Time, in any case and to a certain extent, does numb the punch of last year's rejection. Another point that you (@FlorenceOD) have raised and I again agree wholeheartedly is the non-existence of eternal happiness, there is a baseline that it must return to. Fortunately, pain seems to follow the same rule. I hope that, faaaaar into the future, I can look back with fond memories to this rather unnerving period. This statement is so wisely said: "Remember to live in the moment...". Such a simple statement should not be a lesson that we must often be reminded of, but it seems to be one that we (or really just me) often seem to forget. And, just like you have said, there are indeed many things that I have done this year that I could not have done otherwise. You sounds just like someone that I would be very happy to know and be friend with and I hope we will be in the near future. This also applied to everyone: one can never have enough friends Regardless of my lofty sentiments and statements above, I rather sure that I will be spamming F5 till kingdom coms on the 20th. Live life as it comes: be damned.
  4. Thank you, everyone! It is gratifying to know that I am not alone in this mad rush. Sometimes, it felt as if my friends have no understanding at all about what I am going through: the emotional investment, years of work...
  5. I am looking for support here: I am going mad with waiting for Jan 19th. Did I miss the memo on how to deal with waiting game? Left to my own devices, I have thought up gizillion of possible ways for how everything can go south. I have driven my best friend and family up the wall, even my cat now hates me. I don't think my boyfriend can withstand me any longer either. How does any of you deal with it? As well, I have some questions for those of you who might know something regarding reapplicant. I was rejected post-interview last year. I have been looking back to my interviews critically and I figured some mistakes might have made me sound like a right idiot. I was wondering whether they would have kept any notes regarding our last performance. Does McGill keep your files from last cycle? As well, I have included a job that I did not include in my last cpvn. Back then, I assumed stupidly that McGill would not be interested in a long term yet menial job. During this cycle, I thought I might as well go all in so I have included it. Do you think McGill will compare this year's cpvn to last year's one. Will they look upon it unfavorably? Thanks
  6. I have recieved a few supplemental applications that I am working on. I wonder whether it is possible if someone would comment on it or is it just too gauche and I am just an elephant here?
  7. No, I don't think they have any asset beside their car. On the other hand, I don't think I need to borrow the entire 250k either. I hope I will need at most 150k from bank. I have saving to fund the rest with propeties from my birth country.
  8. I also have the same question. As a new immigrant, I don't have any equity in Canada. However, I have one sure cosigner. The thing is my cosigner earns around 25K a year. I am worried that this is not enough to get me approve. What do you guys think?
  9. I find that it is so strange. The DO application section is very quite these days. I wonder whether people were scared away by the proposed changes to IMG status. Forgive me, if I might sound rude to other, but if it is due the changes, I find it rather non-sensical. 1. If you are accepted to US med school (MD or DO), chances are you will not come back anyway. Either because the pasture is greener (or the dollar is mightier) down south or it is just hard to get an interview in Canada unless you are in those top US schools. So, regardless, you will still want to concentrate on US. 2. Also, are we really in position to choose if only US DO schools will give us some loves? I meant I find it is rather risky to go international but MD school just to get that IMG status tag. For me, if no Canadian and US MD school will accept me and only DO will, I will happily go there. As a matter fact, one DO school (UNECOM) is really a school I want to get into (someday even about US MD schools). I will have free boarding and rooming with my aunt who is living in Biddeford.
  10. Anyone from Quebec applying to DO schools? Also, anyone with experiences with WES evaluation? I am rather anxious at the moment with my cegep transcripts. I have my cegep send the transcript to WES since 3rd of june and I sent a copy of my DEC four days later. Now, two weeks later, it is still "waiting for required documents". How long is that process usually take? I am terrified that they will take so long that a lot of interview spots will be taken. Any advices are appreciated. Really, applying to DO school is a truly exhausting experience.
  11. To those who need to have their transcript evaluated (especially those with cegep transcript), which evaluator did you use and were you sastified by their services? I am thinking of Josef Silny but heard horror story about them. Was thinking about wes but was told that they gave terrible credit and GPA. So help me please. Thanks, medwannabe
  12. I don't know whether it will a deal breaker or not, as far as I know at the moment, I have no aspiration to be in anything more than IM or Ped or FM. Not sure I want speciallization afterward, if I go into IM. I just could not stomach any surgery specialties or subspecialties.
  13. My stats is GPA: 3.74 with MCAT 32 (PS:11, BS:11, VR:10). My EC is average (or maybe below average in comparision to many in this forum): 2 research experiences (one is an honour research project, no publication) Long term volunteering in community center (5 years) 4 months shadowing and volunteering in my native country with rural doctor. English teacher at a summer camp for one summer. and a couple more that I can't think of right now. After advices from a couple of generous members on this forum, I am planning to apply to a couple of school in US and Canada. Canada MD school: McGill Med school (in province and McGill graduate with Biochemistry degree for all its worth). Rejection post interview. US MD school (I am Canadian with no connection to US): RFU, Wayne, Howard and Meharry (I am asian though), University of Wisconsin, Albert Einstein, Jefferson, George Washington, Georgetown, University of Kentucky, Virgnia, NYMC, NYU (Long shot) and Boston (Long shot). US DO school: MSU, UNECOM (my facourite since it is the closest to my home), WesternCOM, NOVA and TouroCOM-NY (still unsure about it: the building looks like something I have seen in third world country rather NY). If you know any more low to mid tier US medical school (MD or DO, I would appreciate all advices. I don't think I will apply out of North America. Too risky for my liking. Thanks in advance.
  14. To those who have PMed me, thanks. I really appreciate all the advices . medwannabe
  15. Hey guys, I need help with cegep transcript. I don't know how to deal with it. I am thinking of sending it WES for equivalency report. Do you think I should include my cegep in the college and coursework lists when I am filling AACOMAS? Many of my prereq is done during my Cegep years. I would hate to be the first quebecer to ventur outside our "la belle province". Also, I am still looking for help in finding a DO to shadow. Thanks in advance.
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