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  1. Opiedog

    I love NOSM !

    You may call it cynical, I call it having been there. We were often told of how we would have tech support whenever needed, but the schools system often broke down, and tech wasn't available. Many of us had computers that didn't work, and getting a replacement took eons. They had only a few for loaners, and if they were signed out, well, you didn't get one and your computer was still offline. We had to pay an extra 850.00 for handhelds, and most didn't work for the purpose intended (logging patient encounters). If your computer or other equipment becomes lost or broken (develops a crack in the screen, cracked outer case, plug-ins break) you have to replace it, or pay for the full repairs. I realize that things may have improved somewhat since those start up days, but from the numbers of emails I still get warning of planned downtime, there still is a ways to go. "There is no free lunch" were words expressed by the Assoc. Dean at the time.
  2. Opiedog

    NOSM- what are my chances?

    If you apply with a declaration of being French and are interviewed, be prepared to take a French language test (oral and written).
  3. Opiedog

    I love NOSM !

    Always remember....there is no free lunch. Meaning, nothing is for free.
  4. I grew up in S Ont outside of Hamilton in a town that had a population of about 14,000. I spent a good deal of time on my application and had it reviewed by other people who know me well in order to check for errors and omissions. It was almost funny the things that they suggested I include, as I thought those things weren't all that important. I interviewed, got in, and graduated:) It's all possible, you just have to go ahead and give it a try. As someone who reviewed applications as a med student, the strongest advice I can offer (no matter where you live, within in the province or out!) is to have a few people look over your application. The numbers of spelling and grammatical errors that we see is atrocious!! Sometimes you can really tell from the way applications are filled out if people are serious about their intent, or whether their application is just a last minute decision to go to med school. The application might just be one of the most important "essays" of your life, give it serious thought and don't rush filling it out, no matter what school you are applying to.
  5. Its true, BigM. You are allowed 10,000 for a car that is deemed necessary. That can because you live in an area where there is no bus services, taxi costs would be inappropriate, etc. I had to fight to get that paper, even though I live 15 km rurally and there is no city buses in the area. It can be done, just have your info handy for your financial aide officer at the school to use, as they have to supply the form.
  6. I don't think any school is completely outspoken on their admission criteria, at least it doesn't seem to be available publicly. If we knew everything, every applicant would have the game played down to a very tight playing field.
  7. They will only know if you tell them. No one see's your rank order list or what programs you applied to but you and the matching computer.
  8. Opiedog

    Match Day

    You can go online to the Carms site (http://www.carms.ca), and review the match statistics for each school. The NOSM graduating class matched to many specialties, as well as a fair number to family medicine who made that their first choice.
  9. Opiedog

    LMCC Exam

    Anyway to find out each schools statistics of LMCC success rates for those who are applying to schools? I've been asked this, but can't find it anywhere.
  10. Opiedog

    Med 3 and 4 stipend

    NOSM students received a third year stipend because of the requirement to be aware for 8 months, and no other coverage for living allowances offered.
  11. Opiedog

    Medical/Dental Coverage

    You can also opt out of the Lakehead coverage if you have coverage through another plan (i.e. parents, spouse, own employment). You do have to remember to go in an sign the forms to opt out within a certain time period though at the student services office in the tunnel. They will bill you for it, and then send reimbursement to you.
  12. Opiedog


    I've preloaded my airmiles mastercard for the past four years to pay my Lakehead tuition via credit card. Lakehead is one of the few universities that does this, Laurentian doesn't. Its been a great way to rack up airmiles, I've generated about 7 free family flights paying for tuition this way. You can pay in installments too, although you will have to pay late fees if you don't get the money in to them on time. Some people are content to do that, feeling that possibly the interest they pay on taking the money out of their line of credit is more than what the late fees are.
  13. Sometimes it seems to get past people, but just to make sure you know, you actually don't purchase the laptop, you LEASE it, and there is no option out of it. What they have been doing so far is taking back the laptop at the end of the second year, and providing you with a new one. This year, they handed out tablets to the 3rd years, but I have no idea what the plans are for the first years. You might try connecting with the IT people (call the NOSM admin number, ask for I.T.), they might be able to tell you specifics. Quite a few of us have iphones and love them as well as other phones. Third year also brings the purchase of a required handheld (we had iPAQ's) that has specific school programs on it to log your clinical encounters, so don't go too crazy purchasing equipment just yet. You won't need a cell for a while, and you won't need to purchase expensive programs. You'll have access through your NOSM computer to more subscribed websites through the library than you'll ever even have a chance to look at, and can access those sites wherever you have internet access. You will have wireless access in all your classrooms and lecture halls, to be able to access any web info that you want. Best to wait until you are through orientation before spending anything. There are a few core texts that you will need, but they will send that info out as well. You also might want to try to connect with some of the students further along to see if they are willing to sell off any texts. Other than pharmacology, I don't recall any texts being so edition-specific that you would miss an answer on a test.
  14. World-weary??? Maybe more like world-wise!
  15. I agree with NorthernDoc...a good quality stethoscope, and go for the online texts as much as possible. There are tons available through our e-library resource. There are some key texts you will want to have on hand, but wait till school starts to sort that out. Check on the school message boards to see if anyone is selling off their old texts (I will be!).