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  1. chou

    Uqtr C'est Ici!

    Pas si pire à mon avis.. Car si tu fais un calcul inversé tu trouvera que ta part d'université originait d'environ un 35 (si on prend vaguement 33.5 (entre celle de Laval et de UdeM pour ton total) [78% de 35 + 22% de 27,9 ] =33,5 Donc 35 de Cote R/Laval pour un 4.17 c'est pas mal, donc le 4,3 devrait être un 36.5 = Cela correspond à l'étalon de Laval pour BioMéd. Donc c'est bel et bien considéré comme "BioMéd" peut-importe d'ou il vient ton diplôme.
  2. chou

    Podiatrie Salaire au Québec

    Quelqu'un d'autre pourrais donner son avis s'il vous plaît? Les étudiants en podiatrie peut-être?
  3. chou

    Podiatrie Salaire au Québec

    Pour le côté business @Walcott c'est intéressant, mais je pense que c'est difficile de se faire une idée puisque chaque entreprise diffère de l'autre. Et au niveau des salaires "environ" 100,000$ c'est des chiffres que j'ai vu aussi. Aussi le site que @Raton a mentionné je l'ai déjà vu, mais ça me semble "faible". 1,450 x 52 semaines = 75,000$ . Donc pour 40h/semaines c'est pas loin de 37$/h !?! Assez faible à mon avis. Mais j'aimerai plutôt avoir un chiffre 'consensus' qui vient d'une personne du milieu même ou un étudiant en pédiatrie qui entend les chiffres. Comme pour les pharmaciens qui ont un taux horaire assez fixe. Ou les dentistes qui ont un calcul de parts de ce qu'ils facturent qui est assez connu.
  4. chou

    Podiatrie Salaire au Québec

    Personne ne peut répondre? Personne n'a d'idée?
  5. Bonjour à tous, Je sais très bien que la profession ne se résume pas au salaire , aux conditions etc. Mais j'aimerai avoir de l'information concrète venant de la communauté ou de professionnels. À quoi ressemblent les taux horaires ou modes de rémunération des podiatres nouvellement diplômés qui pratiquent chez quelqu'un (clinique privée)? À quoi cela peut ressembler quand on travail à son propre compte? Merci!
  6. chou


    It "Could" be possible. The opposit would be more logical if you were to explain it. " you took 4 courses then you took 6 to adjust what you missed. But take 6 in advance preparing to take 4 seems weired. Guys, you're asking if it is possible to do 3 years in a row with 4+1, then Yes it is "accepted" as part of "a system requirements" , but remember there are humain beeing behind this, and to those humains it doesn't look as neat as doing 5 regulary (and maybe once you've been forced to take 4+1) You kinda look a lot less honest pathway to the person who's evaluating, it look like someone who's obsessed with gpa and that has been trying to do all kind of things to keep it high!
  7. Anyone got an idea about French Stream??! I heard it was weirdly low (arround 3,65 or 3,7). Am I wrong?
  8. chou

    French Stream

    Yeah heard the same stuff I mean there are a few important questions that need to be solved We know that the cutoff doesn't mean much, the interview plays a big role, but: - Does it affect in a proportion, along with the wGPA or - Once you pass first the cutoff , only the interview couts Another question Yeah cutoffs maybe 3,6 or 3,67 but in the page "accepted/waitlisted/rejected" I havn't seen any post of someone that got in under 3,85, most of the accepted are 3,9 and above. -Can anyone attest that his has been accepted in the French Stream and tell us his real stats (not the usual I heard of...) I mean if every year there is 36 seats for french people, there must be someone that came across the forum! Someone gotta ask the folk's at the admission to know the truth for once!
  9. chou

    French Stream

    Haha So you're not alone! I got one of the weirdest profiles 5 years of college just to be completing one complete degree! and still have to do more undergraduate studies since last 2 years were awful (got into a good program that satisfied me at the time, so did nothing spectacular with my grades) then decided to aim for medicine again, so I have to do the job all over again! I hope they don't mind about that soup i'm about to present to them in a few years!! Feeling like a frog trying to catch stars with my tongue!!! Ps: Nobody found anything about wGPa cutoffs and wGPA of prople that were accepted in the French stream!?!
  10. chou

    French Stream

    I seeeee!! Well that explains everything!! You just don't have this issue at all! Well yeah this's the case in my university, otherwise you would choose 5 Easy easy courses per semester, do it two good years in a row and try yourself at Med school !
  11. chou

    French Stream

    Thanks again ! I do understand perfectly what you said! then the main idea is: all courses do weigh the same in that year's gpa!! The effect that'll have a small tiny course (counting for 1 credit) will contribute in the same proportion as a big huge difficult 4 credit course!!?! That's astonishing! I guess you are aware of "a course's credits" right? Tell me if you don't have any credits attached to courses usually, otherwise you wouldn't seize my interrogation!
  12. chou

    French Stream

    What I mean is that you have in a same semester easy courses usually couting for 1 and hard courses couting for 4 credits. Knowing that you can choose which courses to take, you can choose on purpose 4 or 5 easy courses each semester. When you calculate the wgpa if i'm not wrong it should go like this: Example: _________ Choice 1 __________ Choice 2 cours 1(has 3 crédits): ___3.7 __________ 3.7 x 3 = 11.1 cours 2(has 2 crédits): ___4.0 __________ 4.0 x 2 = 8.0 cours 3(has 1 crédits): ___3.7 __________ 3.7 x 1 = 3.7 cours 4(has 4 crédits): ___3.7 __________ 3.7 x 4 = 14.8 cours 5: _______________3.9 __________ 3.9 x (x) = X cours 6: _______________3.7 __________ 3.7 x (y) = Y cours 7: _______________4.0 __________ 4.0 x (z) = Z cours 8: _______________3.7 __________ 3.7 x (w) = W ________ Avg=(3.7+4.0+3.7+3.7 _______ Avg=11.1+8.0+3.7+14.8 _________+3.9+3.7+4.0+3.7) __________ + X + Y + Z + W _________ /8 = 3.8 __________________ / Total crédits = 3.75 You don't just add up everything and then devide by 8 ! right? When you're calculating that year's wgpa do you consider each course in a proportion according to the credits it has!?
  13. chou

    French Stream

    Thinking about that Osmosis, in a same year, the number of credits attributed to each course in taken in consideration, right!? I mean each grade you get for a course is multiplied by its number of credits or does a 1 credits course contribute to the wPGA the same as a 4 credits course?
  14. Ooh !! I see I see ! Thanks Osmosis!! Well then in that same Ontario-Quebec french stream there seems to be no difference in where you live exactly! I mean living in Ottawa wouldn't change much right, not the way it would affect you if you were applying to the english stream?
  15. Quiiiiiiiick question guys In the French Stream itself, does the province in which you reside affect the admission? Yeah yeah if you're from ottawa it ain't the same as if you come from anywhere else as this would affect the wgpa cutoff. But since the French Stream has its own cutoff, could the province in which you live still affect? Thanks a lot !