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  1. They gave it to me on the spot at the police information check center in Edmonton.
  2. Hey everyone, for those of you accepted and who have already submitted the police check, photo, and deposit, did you recieve an email for final acceptance? Not sure if I should be expecting one or not.
  3. Depends on your ECs but I would say definitely write it.
  4. Does anyone know if they were out of 17 last year too?
  5. I wish there was some way they could at least let us know how we did on interviews (score as compared to the average). This waiting is torture.
  6. Regarding the activities score, isn't it essentially the same as last year? If last year it was 9/30 = 30% and this year it's 6/17 = 35%, just a 5% general increase. Not sure why they just changed the numbers/scale. I'm curious as to what the averages for the 2/3 year applicant pool is like as last year it was ridiculously high.
  7. Hi everyone, I'd like to start a practise group of 4-6 people for MMI practise, just for people with previous interview experience. Please PM me or post here if you'd be interested! This would on the UofA campus and we'd start sometime after October. Cheers!
  8. Or instead of MMI they just put a hat on your head that reads your thoughts and decides if you get in or not.
  9. But where's the fun in that? IMO, they should just list all the names on a webpage and then have like 20 names (the rejected) disappear every few hours. They can make it so people can bet on which names will stay and which won't... raise money for a good cause. (kidding! This is stressful enough haha right now).
  10. I heard about that email being sent. Was there any particular reason given? I think this is the first year where they've sent an email like this...
  11. Did they let him know that his file got closed? Or does blank status kind of mean that...
  12. Q: "So why medicine?" A: "Well you see....when I was first born and laid eyes on the doctor that delivered me... I knew this is what I wanted to do" If you make a joke, be super certain that it's appropriate and that it'll get a positive response otherwise it could be risky.
  13. It's funny to see you guys excited about your cGPAs being up when mines been up since mid September
  14. You know, humans like to do this thing we call "joking". Feel free to look into it I think it's pretty clear to everyone that it is statistically impossible for pure looks to be a factor in a higher percentage of women being accepted to schools across Canada (it's not possible for every admissions ccommittee to be biased in this way with so many applicants). If you read the entire thread, you will actually find a lot of us praising women for tending to be more caring, mature, and confident, and the fact that they dominate the top of the GPA curve in undergraduate. But you ignore all of that and focus on one comment about how BC girls look good and magically connect that to a patriarchal society. Don't take this in a bad way but I think you're a perfect example of an individual using confirmation bias. You completely ignore the evidence (ie. comments praising women) that don't match your world view of patriarchy and decide to focus on a single comment that was said in passing and in humor but that sort of supports how you see the world. Either way, even if you're completely right and everyone here is a women hating demon, it doesn't change anything because there is still a significant advantage in being a women and being admitted. So any discrimination here (assuming it exists) is imaginary whereas in the real world, there is a real gender discrepancy and males are on the disadvantaged end - whatever the reason or combination of reasons actually is. Please be rational
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