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  1. As a current Dal student, I would have to respectfully disagree. While Dal may be less internationally known than UofT or McGill, I'd argue that reputation means next to nothing for Canadian med schools outside of "impressing" your family and friends. Dal has a very comparable match rate to the rest of the schools in the country, and consistently matches to competitive specialties across the country. I'd also argue that we likely have more opportunities than bigger schools. Although Dal may not have as many super specialized physicians, they have residency spots in almost every discipline. We start half day/week electives (that we can choose ourselves) in first semester of first year to help us explore different specialties. With a smaller class size, you also don't need to worry about fighting as much over limited learning opportunities. Although you may not have the opportunity to network with as many physicians, you're able to build stronger relationships with the ones you do work with since you'll be spending more time with them. OP, I think really it comes down to length of program vs support system and which you value more. I'm sure you'll fair well at either school! Although not an OOP, the ones in my class and the one below me speak very highly of their choice to come to Dal.
  2. MUN just pulled their clerks but Dal's are still in. Any other schools left with clerks still in hospital?
  3. I'm pretty sure they round up GPA to the closest 1 decimal point (3.67 should round up to 3.7 which would make you eligible). I would definitely check with admissions though
  4. Just a heads up. For everyone who gets interview invites, the photo you send in is the photo they'll use for your student id if you're accepted, so make sure it's a good one! Good luck!
  5. Unfortunately, my advisor told me that she would be unable to give the deal to any other clients. If you're still trying to negotiate for it, pm me and I'll let you know what I did
  6. Yes, in my agreement, it specifically says that the prime - 0.25 will stay the same during repayment
  7. Your email will be setup as yournetid@dal.ca, and it is very easy to change to whatever you want it to be. Also, once you make the change with the Registrar, it should update the whole system so your new married name will be consistent across the system. Also, congrats on getting in!
  8. I'm pretty sure you will need to show the Registrar's office a piece of government id with your new last name on it in order to have it changed, so I wouldn't worry about it for now.
  9. What year was it signed?: 2017 Bank Name: Scotia Interest Rate: Prime - 0.25 (will stay the same during repayment) Grace Period after Graduation from Residency: 12 months after residency/fellowship Credit Card: Amex Gold/Momentum Infinite Visa (had to negotiate for the momentum) Additional Perks: Whole $275k upfront, overdraft protection
  10. You should be fine because of the rounding. I would probably email admissions just to be sure though.
  11. Had my meeting with Scotia today. They said the prime - .25 would continue on into repayment and it wouldn't need to be converted into a term loan (they said this was a recent policy change). They also offered me $200k during med school + $75k for residency vs. the $275k for med school from TD. Strangely, I would also be dealing with 2 advisors at Scotia (1 for the LOC, 1 for the bank account/cc's). Is there even any advantage to that?
  12. Meeting with Scotia next week, but if this is the case, I'm really starting to lean towards TD. Does anyone know what the best TD credit card is? From what I've been offered, the Aeroplan Platinum Visa is better, but Aeroplan will be useless pretty soon
  13. I was waitlisted last year and unfortunately, they won't release any wait list information no matter how much you ask. Also, last year they sent out the "no more wait list movement" email around August 20th, so they really leave you hanging until the last minute which really sucks. Hopefully you guys will receive good news soon!
  14. You shouldn't have trouble getting an interview since you more than likely meet the IP cutoffs for GPA/MCAT (although the cutoffs aren't published anywhere, as an NB applicant with a similar GPA and much lower MCAT, I didn't have trouble getting an interview for the three years I applied there). As for admission, its hard to say since each rater weights each section of the application differently. From the phone calls I've had with the admissions office, it seems like they generally weight GPA/MCAT, community involvement, and the interview the most. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  15. IP (NB) Applicant After three years of applying, I finally have an acceptance! After last year's low wait list score definitely surprised to receive this. GPA: 3.6 MCAT: 504 Interview: Felt like this was by far the best interview I had ever done. Was extremely pleased walking out of there. Think I actually preferred interviewing in Saint John rather than Halifax. Hopefully this post can show that a strong interview can make up for a low GPA and MCAT! Have also interviewed at MUN but am currently leaning towards Dal even if I do get in there.
  16. Although not explicitly stated anywhere, it seems that Dal's main criteria for OOP interview invites is the 250 word maritime connection essay. If you can effectively show them why you'd like to practice medicine in the maritimes after graduation (as well as meet the academic requirements), you should have a good shot at getting an interview.
  17. https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions.html Looks like Dal has changed their requirements for next cycle. Minium IP MCAT score bumped up to 503; OOP at 506 CASPer is also being introduced for interview decisions and won't be factored into the final application score. How's everyone feeling about this?
  18. I wouldn't worry about it. They've just recently updated the dalonline website so that's probably why we can no longer see it.
  19. Looks like they're slowing coming out. Just got mine as well
  20. Basically all the info we know about interviews is in here http://www.med.mun.ca/getattachment/8b87d399-699b-4631-9261-f7953e2f953d/October-Administrative-Procedures-Admissions.pdf.aspx
  21. I've actually interviewed at both locations and have to say that there honestly isn't much difference. Both are done in clinics in the hospital so the environment is almost exactly the same, both groups of medical students were equally friendly, and interview day was structured the same (except we didn't get the video before the MMI when I did it in NB). What I noticed was better about NB was that the prompts in the room were in much better locations. In Halifax, I'd say at least half the prompts were behind me in the interview room so they were difficult to refer back to when I was answering the question.
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