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  1. W0lfgang

    Moonlighting during fellowship?

    I'm setting up my home station this week to start doing some teleradiology. My fellowship program is cool with it as long as it doesn't interfere with my duties as a fellow. PM me for details.
  2. If you can endure 1 or even 2 years up there, and your stats would be competitive as an IP in those provinces, I'd say do it. Do what it takes.
  3. Show up, be interested, be polite, be affable, don't be annoying (ie too keen). When they talk about you pre interview, you want the conversation to go like this: Program director: Okay next is medcan15. Anyone remember this guy? *silence* Attending1: Nope. Attending2 : Ya I think he spent an afternoon with me. No red flags. Program director: Okay well he did an elective with us so he must be interested in us. Let's give him an interview. Know your imaging anatomy. Things I've gotten pimped on as a med student: carpal bones, borders of the mediastinum, chambers of the heart at the top slice of an abdo CT, the pineal gland, the 4th ventricle. You get the idea.
  4. W0lfgang

    Dating Profiles

    If the issue is that women are pressured to work less, I don't think it's appropriate to argue that female physicians "make less." Saying "women make less" implies that they make less per hour or per patient, which is not true in our business. Do you have stats showing women make less per hour of work? I don't agree with using maternity leave as an argument for inequality. It's human physiology. Ain't no other practical way to have babies. It's almost like like you want women to be paid more than men to compensate for maternity leave. Women take longer to get ready in the morning and have to buy feminine hygiene products. Do you want to throw those factors into the mix? How is it a bad thing to work less and spend time with the family anyway? I don't feel sorry for these women. If my wife wants me to stay home more while she works more, I'd do it no problem.
  5. W0lfgang

    Female advice needed, thank you

  6. That's insane volume. Are you talking just Fridays?
  7. W0lfgang

    Female advice needed, thank you

    OP, give us an update.
  8. W0lfgang


    Consider neurology. You might have to do the odd LP or stroke call, but could be minimized depending on where you practice or your subspecialty.
  9. That's correct. I do mean rank only one specialty. That's the definition of not backing up That's insane!!!!!
  10. W0lfgang


    If you're putting your plan to action with the help of this forum, then keep up the good work yourself! It's Ian Wong who created this forum and continues to pay for it out of his own pocket. He deserves all the credit!
  11. W0lfgang

    Dating Profiles

    My buddy did a fair bit of online dating. He proudly exhibits his MD status in his profile. Says he hasn't come across any gold diggers that he could tell. Most were just impressed that he had a career.
  12. Do we know how many CMG residency spots go unfilled each year in total?
  13. It sounds counterintuitive, but not backing can improve your chances.
  14. It's not random who goes unmatched. If we look into the unmatched applications in retrospect, I bet we'd find some serious strategic errors in most of them. I have heard of some really stupid things like backing up plastics with derm, the suicide match, being a douche, etc. Do you have the wherewithall and social awareness to avoid these mistakes? If so, you'll do fine in the match.
  15. W0lfgang

    Canadian Hospitals

    I heard the current rent is too high (for such a crappy building?).