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  1. W0lfgang

    Income and Lifestyle

    OP, would you pick family if you had to do carms again?
  2. W0lfgang

    Income and Lifestyle

    OP, have you thought of hiring a billing agent to look over your numbers? I bet he/she can find some leaks. It's their full time job, after all. You may be surprised. I have heard of horror stories of docs learning of their billing mistakes only after years or even DECADES of practice. They didn't know what they didn't know! I wouldn't trust that your partners know more than you do either. You have to be as much of an expert in billing as you are with medicine imo. Consider taking on a niche, like lumps and bumps. If this works the same as in Alberta, referrals from your partners will get you a consult plus the procedure. What about doing hospitalist medicine, OB, or surgical assist? Are any of them lucrative? Is 25% overhead not a bit high? Aren't there practice with 20%? How much do you pay your admin? Do you have an EMR system or are you paper based? There are patient-scheduling and dictation software to save you from having to pay for an extra receptionist or transcriptionist for a fraction of the cost. Push hard for money saving measures in your practice. Also don't live in a million dollar home in Toronto haha easier said than done I know.
  3. Considering how much money we stand to make once we're through to the other side, how much we get paid as residents is irrelevant. We also have the option of going into more debt if your salary isn't enough for your lifestyle. Everything we do up until we make consultant money serves to get us there and if it takes a lot without pay, so be it. It's all more than worth it once you're there. As long as you have the means to support yourself (ie LOCs) up until you make real money, you should be happy. You could argue that you don't want to have to dip into your LOCs. I would argue that having that pressure to live with a smaller income isn't necessarily a bad thing, because most spend what they make, if not more. There's such a thing as 'living like a resident' when consultants talk about strategies to save. Also, say we do get a significant raise. That won't come without consequences. There's one big pot that we all draw from. That raise will catch up to all of us sooner or later. I say look at the big picture and consider what you'd be making 10 to 20 years down the line. Be happy that you're in a position that tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people would kill to be in, which is getting harder and harder to attain by the year.
  4. Ask if your bank would match this. My guy at Scotia is working on it. They can go up to at $300,000 max but probably not much beyond it as of now. Here's the email from RBC: Has the recent decision by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) to sell MD Financial Management made you think of your financial options? If so, we wanted to share these special offers from RBC®: • Save the monthly fee on RBC VIP Banking® account while you're a student or a resident and also receive a $120 annual fee rebate if you are approved for the RBC Visa® Platinum Avion credit card1. Simply sign up by February 28, 2019 and save up to $4801 per year! • Get up to $325,0002 at 0.25% below Prime3,4 to support you through your training with a $275,000 Student Royal Credit Line® for medical school and an additional $50,000 unsecured Royal Credit Line® for residency. • Transfer in costs up to $5,0005covered when you switch your investment assets to RBC. Benefit from potentially lower fee rates with the RBC Investment Advantage Account.
  5. you can find a bunch of posts on the broad topic of how to be more competitive. Perhaps its time to make a sticky on it. In terms of extracurriculars, i really didn't give a damn about what kind of volunteering or committees candidates had. The attendings in our carms committee didn't bring up much of that stuff either. Had no bearing on whether we thought they'd be a good fit. Came down to whether we liked them or didn't.
  6. can just request to be added directly.
  7. Did not read the above discussion, but to answer the question in the title, when I tell you to go home, you best gtfo.
  8. W0lfgang

    Moonlighting during fellowship?

    I'm setting up my home station this week to start doing some teleradiology. My fellowship program is cool with it as long as it doesn't interfere with my duties as a fellow. PM me for details.
  9. If you can endure 1 or even 2 years up there, and your stats would be competitive as an IP in those provinces, I'd say do it. Do what it takes.
  10. Show up, be interested, be polite, be affable, don't be annoying (ie too keen). When they talk about you pre interview, you want the conversation to go like this: Program director: Okay next is medcan15. Anyone remember this guy? *silence* Attending1: Nope. Attending2 : Ya I think he spent an afternoon with me. No red flags. Program director: Okay well he did an elective with us so he must be interested in us. Let's give him an interview. Know your imaging anatomy. Things I've gotten pimped on as a med student: carpal bones, borders of the mediastinum, chambers of the heart at the top slice of an abdo CT, the pineal gland, the 4th ventricle. You get the idea.
  11. W0lfgang

    Dating Profiles

    If the issue is that women are pressured to work less, I don't think it's appropriate to argue that female physicians "make less." Saying "women make less" implies that they make less per hour or per patient, which is not true in our business. Do you have stats showing women make less per hour of work? I don't agree with using maternity leave as an argument for inequality. It's human physiology. Ain't no other practical way to have babies. It's almost like like you want women to be paid more than men to compensate for maternity leave. Women take longer to get ready in the morning and have to buy feminine hygiene products. Do you want to throw those factors into the mix? How is it a bad thing to work less and spend time with the family anyway? I don't feel sorry for these women. If my wife wants me to stay home more while she works more, I'd do it no problem.
  12. W0lfgang

    Female advice needed, thank you

  13. That's insane volume. Are you talking just Fridays?
  14. W0lfgang

    Female advice needed, thank you

    OP, give us an update.
  15. W0lfgang


    Consider neurology. You might have to do the odd LP or stroke call, but could be minimized depending on where you practice or your subspecialty.