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  1. If you have room in 'Awards', put it there. If you have five other awards already and nothing in 'High Performance', my personal opinion would be to put it into 'High Performance' (maybe get an extra point) The help guide says you aren't penalized for putting things in the wrong sections. I also had a national level scholarship which I included in the 'High Performance' Section because I had nothing else to put there :-) At the end of the day, go with your gut instinct
  2. I'd also be wiling to find a couple room mates and looking for a short term rental together! SMPer here
  3. I'm also rooting for you three! Don't lose hope, you are so, so close. Best of luck next year my PM101 friends. If there is ever any way I can help, let me know
  4. My guess is that they haven't been sent yet as UBC did not update their blog. My guess is tomorrow. Good luck everyone!
  5. Hi acrowston, I didn't disclose that I had a disability per se, but under the "High Performance in Human Endeavour" I included a national scholarship I won that was awarded to students living with Crohn's Disease (CD) or Ulcerative Colitis (UC)... thus 'disclosing'.. kind of lol... I also always make sure to contact disability services whenever I am attending University.. It's good to have someone in your corner should you ever need it. I've been in remission for a couple of years now and my daily life is not impacted by my CD in any way, however, if it were to flare, it's much faster to get the help you need if you already have your safety net lined up. If you think that having your birth defect has impacted you in such a way that it has changed your life/taught you some valuable lesson/made you a stronger, better, more empathetic person then I say go ahead and disclose it. I have no idea how the admissions committee looks at such things..... but in my personal opinion, we need our medical doctors to more accurately reflect the population that we are serving.. and there is no better way to meet that need than through real life experience.. which it seems like you have plenty of I know a girl in UBC midwifery with ankylosing spondylitis, a girl in UBC med with CD, and another girl in UBC med with Addison's Disease... Having to overcome barriers makes you a stronger person and can make you a better physician... granted that it doesn't effect your fitness to practice Hope that helps and good luck!
  6. Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm thinking of all of you and really hope you get good news in the next couple of weeks !!
  7. Hi futureMD9, I only had a 25 MCAT and received an acceptance into SMP. I did fill out the RSS section but there was no mention of being accepted into one of the rural SMP seats in the acceptance email they sent me :-S. I am a non-trad though and feel like some of my other experiences stood out... You can also feel free to PM me and I will offer support or assist in anyway I can. Keep your head up and keep trying!
  8. Result: Accepted!!!! I look forward to meeting all of my peers soon! oGPA: ~88% MCAT: 7/10/8 = 25 As hard as it is to share this, I think it's important for anyone out there with a low MCAT to know that there is more to what UBC looks for than just numbers ECs: This section was really personal and really true to who I am. I spoke not only to my volunteer and research experiences, but also about my background as a former foster child, as a young mother, and as someone who has cared for my siblings throughout their addiction struggles. I stayed honest about what was important to me and about the journey that has gotten me to where I am today. Interview: I felt like I bombed one station, did ok on another, blew 5 of them out of the water and average at the rest?? So who knows lol. I did practice a lot before hand but on the day of I just had normal conversations with my assessors. Year: Completed a BScN in 2015 and currently working as an addictions nurse Geography: IP. What an emotional day, I'm still in shock and am prone to bursting into tears. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me from this site, I promise to pay it forward 10x over. I'll post more about my journey in The Non-Trad forum when I get over the shock and come back down to Earth
  9. I also wish everyone good luck! I've been pretty level headed so far but as we get to the final stretch it's definitely getting harder
  10. SMP, especially since the rural spots opened up. Mostly for the same reasons as Lifeisawesome stated. Laid back lifestyle, smaller class sizes, I've lived in the interior for the past few years, BEAUTIFUL weather, wine tours, skiing.
  11. Lol same here nick... it probably pops into my mind once a week or so but at least life's distractions are keeping it at bay :-/
  12. Were you Feb 14th afternoon by any chance? Definitely had an interviewer who was super stone-faced.. totally threw me off on that station
  13. hehe... this made me giggle... not at your ill fortune but at your wording I'm sure she understood that you were nervous Good luck Thermophilus!
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