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  1. what did your email say? i dont know if ive been good or bad waitlisted (i think bad tho?) and im going to call and i can let you know what they say
  2. pros: - already familiar with question styles and format - taking it same day as USask test-takers, meaning questions will be fair - can apply what you learned from your mistakes to new test - doesn't put you at any disadvantage for Mac and UofO's application process - Altus is taking full accountability of the situation and is being understanding cons: - website may crash again for USask test-takers - having to re-take the test and make new arrangements around date - potentially have to re-pay fees (not confirmed) what are others? has anyone made a decision yet?
  3. i think this is the moment when students actually have collective power to voice their concerns since we are usually sheeps when it comes to the med school application process
  4. for me it says that 2 documents were received from my university under transcript request. wondering if anyone else has that or has any idea why
  5. that actually happens? like doctors purposely will add in services that weren't necessary or didn't happen? don't doctors keep notes of their patients and what they did? wouldnt it be in the best interest of a doctor to treat a patient with minimal procedures/intervention?
  6. working link: http://www.lfpress.com/2015/08/28/what-patients-need-to-know-about-clawback
  7. http://www.lfpress.com/2015/08/28/what-patients-need-to-know-about-clawback
  8. http://www.lfpress.com/2015/08/28/what-patients-need-to-know-about-clawback this is already in light of residency cuts being made for 2016, with another 25 residency cuts in 2017
  9. is the 3.6 min GPA requirement to be eligible to apply after weighting or before?
  10. GPA 3.45 (huge upward trend, not that they take that into consideration ) VR 130 can't say how I will do on Casper are all 3 worth the same when determining whether you will be invited for an interview?
  11. the whole reason people tend to go abroad is because they can afford the costs and its less competitive to get in (because $$$) than in ontario. why cant they (in Ontario) cut IMG acceptance more, increase tuition prices or whatever, and accept a slightly larger pool of students (again, not every student wants to be a practicing physician) or open another school. it seems like such an inefficient process and quite outdated
  12. i think that instead of GPA and grades, it would be better if the student's rank amongst their program was considered since that would take the program difficulty and your ability to succeed in it (in the context of the circumstances) much better. i dont know if i agree with med school admissions being cut in Ontario, there's already such small classrooms and not every student with an MD wants to be a practicing doctor
  13. http://www.omsa.ca/news/2015/7/29/omsa-and-cfms-joint-message-reduction-of-cmg-pgy-1-positions-in-ontario any clue whether this is going to affect admission processes for medical schools in ontario now?......
  14. I haven't applied to Ottawa, looking to do so for the next application cycle. From reading the threads it seems like a 3.90+ GPA is the "mark" for having your GPA be "high" enough. Those who had over a 3.90+ GPA, did the school tell you that you weren't invited for an interview because of your ECs? or are ECs and GPA weighted where if your ECs are great but GPA isn't in the late 3.90s then your GPA is to "blame" because of the weighting?
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