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  1. Pretty sure thats a rare question. They obviously know most if not all applicants will have a polished, memorized answer to that question so it might seem like it is a low-yield question in terms of what it reveals about an interviewee.
  2. A few of the people in the 2019 class interviewed for ~25 minutes last year, while other people (myself included) interviewed for like 50 minutes. Im sure if you were to get all the durations there would be some kind of normal-ish distribution of times. In other words the length is, and rightly should be, totally irrelevant to how well or how poorly you do.
  3. Good luck to interviewees this weekend, and remember to wear a completely purple tracksuit and show off any Western tattoos you may have!
  4. For me I was doing 12 hours/week of work and 20 hours/month of volunteering. As everyone has already said, if you add things one at a time you will do fine.
  5. I've had students in the past with email signatures that say "BSc candidate". While writing "MD Candidate" is marginally less embarrassing, I think it is still kind of ridiculous. If you really are emailing about something formal, you should include your current credentials e.g. BSc, and maybe some contact info as well. Otherwise you probably would be stating in the body of the email who you are, wouldn't you?
  6. I'm also moving to London, but am totally not considering residence. Thing is that even if you move into a crap place you can move elsewhere later. If you are stuck finding a res place then try looking at a normal apartment. I have moved a couple times since undergrad and it turns out to be not all that bad. A 1 bedroom place will keep your GF relaxed (hopefully) and also give you a place of privacy/solitude which seems like a really good idea when it comes to being a med student. If I could give more specific advice I would, but as it is I recommend expanding your search and looking off campus.
  7. Not that I'm being helpful, but I'd like to add that this is V f***ed up. If a person has a treatable, and treated, illness, it seems criminal to me to do anything at all about it. I really hope your university sees some sense in the very near future.
  8. Khan Academy has a lot of material on the new mcat. I'm not sure, but apparently they collaborated in developing the test. https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/mcat
  9. That is pretty exceptional in my experience. I recently published a paper, but that was after collecting data in 2013, and then going back and forth with the journal for 12 months! The key clearly is to choose your research carefully. If you only have a summer, probably it is not smart to do a molecular biology project where you are constantly running gels and crossing your fingers. Projects that are more of the information/analysis type, like research about medical education, seem like they would allow you to work really hard on them and finish timely. @AMICHEL As far as finding research to do, there are some reasons no one answers your emails. After doing a PhD in physiology for the last 4 years, I got to know a bunch of faculty members. When a prospective student emails them with the classic "is there room in your lab?", they are not excited by that and usually just delete the email and move on to the 100 other things they have to do that day. Here is how to email a prof and at least get a reply. 1. Briefly introduce yourself and say what you are i.e. a med student. Include a CV. 2. Mention something really cool (does not need to actually be cool) that the prof has published (flattery goes a surprisingly long way) 3. Explain how interested you are in trying to do a project that you think would be a good fit in their lab. Actually propose a project in as detailed a way as possible, and say how cool it would be - they are likely to agree. To do this, you need to use google scholar or whatever, and read the prof's latest papers. Then just make up a study that could be done based on those papers. In the end, it will probably be already done, or impossible, or whatever, but the point is to show the potential prof that you are creative/interested in their work. With that, there are generally 3 possible responses you will get. 1) they will ask to talk to you in person, 2) they will say that project is dumb but they have this other one and you could work on that, 3) they will say how awesome that would've been but they don't have enough money to do anything right now.
  10. Here's a potentially lame, but fun, thing to do: When you found out you got into med school, what song exemplifies how you felt at that moment? To break the ice I will say mine is this: And obviously there are cliche songs (feel free to disagree): 1. The fray - how to save a life 2. Coldplay - fix you 3. Massive attack - teardrop When you think back to that day what do you think?
  11. I only got one copy, and probably will end up spending an extra $25 in the future when I need another one. Oh no.
  12. If you have written your thesis at this point, I don't see why you can't get finished. I'm defending my PhD at like the VERY end of July, and will just barely make it in time. The main obstacles are finishing your thesis, and making sure you can get your committee together for a defence. Even if you have sort of only partly written your thesis, it is possible to bang out something passable reasonably quickly. Remember (and maybe remind your committee) the objective is not to have a good thesis, it is to have a finished one. Scheduling a defence is pretty reasonable these days because you can always Skype in unavailable committee members. My advice is to write a thesis (unless you already have) and give it to your supervisor. Sometimes people don't know what they want until you show it to them, so it could change your supervisor's (and thus committee's) mind. The worst that can happen is that they say no, and you are back to where you are right now. Good luck dude, I feel the frustration. Hopefully it works out.
  13. I'm kind of in the same boat, but might be able to finish exactly a day before Aug1. You should just call or email them. The emails they send out seem pretty strict, but I do not see how they can care about when you defend.
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