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  1. totally they will! just ask - my advisor is working on changing it for me and crediting me the interest.
  2. All the banks are offering subprime now - CIBC is only giving me $220K because of the fact that it's mcgill and tuition is cheap. Scotia is $200 and you can get them up to 275 if you ask - scotia def has the best credit cards in the game. Thinking about switching if CIBC can't offer me a better CC. Also i'm 27 and starting med school - the only thing i'm worried about is when i might have babies..but then realized i probably need to find a partner to have the babies with first LOL. so in any case, don't worry about the age stuff! Just make sure your partner is sUPER supportive cuz getting through med school will be tough.
  3. Someone got an interview this year with a 3.84 its in one of the threads. I'd say 3.8+ is worth a shot.
  4. Pretty sure they don't so that we're not competitive amongst each other in class.
  5. definitely - and work on prepping for the interview from early on if you can!
  6. Oh and edit* I'm not sure if the bachelors in PT actually qualifies you to work but I'm assuming it's similar to Med P in that you follow the same professional undergraduate trajectory. If I'm wrong lemme know!
  7. I would personally do PT - a few reasons: 1. You'll be qualified as a professional and could work after finishing the degree if you're not successful in medicine! This is big! The bachelor in physiology will definitely not open as many doors that way (I have a masters in science and job hunting was super hard); 2. The practical experience - if medicine is your goal being in a profession where you can actually work with patients will help solidify your career goals and also expose you to all HCPs so you can see if medicine is something you truly want - having clinical experience will set you apart and also give you more context about everyone's roles and how HCPs collaborate; 3. When talking about grades I mean physiology is arguably one of the hardest undergrads, so if you're going to be doing either degree and working your ass off to maintain grades, I think it would be better to do one that at least a gives you a pretty decent paying job once you're done!
  8. Awesome. They also emailed me back and said that course I posted is fine too. For anyone who wants to take it!
  9. Yes I emailed - if anyone has recommendations for ones they took in Montreal in English it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. https://impactsante.ca/programme/niveau-c/ Is this one ok?
  11. Oh wow I had no idea. Most schools across Canada do not care, and pre requisites have slowly been fading away as requirements too (studies have shown no correlation between degree of study and success in medical school). Didn't know that the french schools were invested in this good to know!
  12. Do something you enjoy and can do well in. No med school actually cares what you pursue!
  13. this is really good to hear! stethoscope you can get from Littman - though they are known to be expensive i think - but told my parents its the only gift i wanted haha.
  14. Always ask - you lose nothing by asking for the exemptions. The worst they say is no. But email admissions directly!
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