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  1. OOP schools, like Dalhousie and Calgary, evaluate grad school grades. Mental health is important, brotha. Get the support you need, and the rest will fall into place.
  2. It's always only taken a few days (max) for me, but never a week. The nature of my questions were quick to address though.
  3. If you're a graduate applicant, seems like they need to meet MCAT threshold, but GPA cut-offs are lower? Graduate applicants that have met the MCAT requirements but not the undergraduate GPA, will be reviewed separately, by a subcommittee of the Admissions Committee, from the general pool of applicants (https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students)
  4. Non, au contraire, it is good advice. If OP is looking to commit to new ECs, the question should be framed instead as "What interests me, and what causes do I care about?" Start there as a launching point.
  5. I've interviewed with a lower score for the old MCAT, though to schools that played to my strengths. We'll see how this cycle goes with the new MCAT.
  6. Sounds like you both should be fine then. Good luck! OOP Canadian too, but I had released my scores back in Sept ish.
  7. Don't remember, but I don't think it was immediately. Have you tried contact the office to inquire?
  8. My Minerva shows the dates received for each section of the MCAT
  9. First time applicant here too. Looks you're good to go - no final red shiny button.
  10. Thanks. Just found this on the website: "All coursework completed as part of a thesis-based graduate program to which a grade and course weighting was assigned will be included in the calculation of cGPA"
  11. Couldn't find where they said anything about graduate GPA. Any extra points given to candidates with research-based Master's?
  12. Hey, fourth time applying here, it's definitely been a journey to apply. It's helped me to remember that I am applying every year with another year of life experience, and new level of perspectives and maturity. So really, you can only go up from here . It has been a privilege to be able to continue applying. It been humbling to sit back, and think about all the continued unconditional support, despite multiple post-interview rejections over the years. This thought alone has made the process infinitely easier.
  13. Thanks! Understand the adcom must be working as hard as they can to get the info out, as they do every year. In that respect, we applicants have arguablythe easier task of biding time til decisions come out ..
  14. Last year, invites were sent around the 18th? Years past it was the 26th
  15. Just do you man, don't listen to the rumours. Doing a MSc or MPH is a big time and financial investment, don't pursue it if you're not truly interested. People have different reasons for pursuing medicine, at any stage of their career, whether before or after doing a Master's/PhD etc.
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