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  1. Thank you so much for your response frenchpress. My journey through a non-trad pathway has been full of difficult decisions, so I cannot express how much I appreciate the time you and others take into answering our questions.
  2. I'm trying to decide between 2 schools for a MSc thesis based program. One is larger, in a much more scenic location, more institutional funding, and has a better global reputation. The other is much smaller. I am doing my masters because I enjoy the topic I'm studying, hoping a masters will help with my application and at the same time, give me training needed to prepare for an alternative career. Everyone is telling me to go to the one with a better reputation because they think better reputation = better faculty = more diverse class = better educational training = better job prospects in case med doesn't work out and the location will make my experience more pleasant. Even I agree with these points. Despite everything though, I am STILL leaning towards the smaller school because I think it'll mean a more close-knit and supportive community. More faculty attention means possibly more support to publish (isn't research productivity the main benefits of a masters?), and securing stronger reference letters in the end. If my end goal is medicine, what ultimately matters when choosing a grad program? How likely you will publish, and the fit (regardless of reputation)?
  3. How do you know there'll be another wave today? Did you get an email?
  4. If there was a wave yesterday, assuming we won't hear anything the rest of the week
  5. I called last week and they said they couldn't tell me when it was going out
  6. Would love to chat with someone as well about my ABS (no ads please).
  7. Guessing that next wave will come in mid February based on last year's timing...
  8. If anyone can look over mine as well, that would be appreciated as well! Please PM me.
  9. How would you word that though? Is there a need to making it sound "official"?
  10. Oh.... "some" invites? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it doesn't sound like a lot of people will be hearing good news....
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