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  1. Ça peut se faire pendant les stages soft comme médecine de famille/psychiatrie ou en post-CaRMS. Par contre, s'il faut être présent en classe pendant les heures de travail ou pour des examens, ça ne sera pas possible.
  2. If you speak french and intend to apply to the french schools, you'd have to actively try not to match if your only aim is FM.
  3. You need to use the CaRMS translation service, which is crap.
  4. The first rule of PM&R is: You do not talk about PM&R. The second rule of PM&R is: You do not talk about PM&R.
  5. Also, your finances might be figured out right now but (god forbid) you never know what might happen. It's a lot better to have it and not use it than the opposite.
  6. Ironically, I'd say the true bread and butter for ortho is probably TKR/THR. It's probably close to half of their caseload.
  7. The flipside to that is that there are so many uncommon presentations that they actually end up being rather common as a whole. It's the individual presentations that are uncommon. Regarding the more common presentations for each specialty, the Toronto Notes is a good starting point for learning what you're expected to know as a clerk.
  8. I applied for electives at Dalhousie and Toronto fairly late (can't remember how many weeks from the top of my head). I ended up getting both and I think Toronto refunds you if they can't find you an elective. No extra fees.
  9. You need a ton of experience to be comfortable doing endoscopies and I doubt you could get the volume to achieve that. There's also the issue of referrals since you probably couldn't get enough volume from just your patients. No one will refer to a GP if they can refer to a surgeon/GI.
  10. Si tu es externe, habituellement les gardes se terminent vers 23h et se font à l'hôpital obligatoirement alors le problème est doublement réglé.
  11. Let's not even talk about spine (although it's shared with ortho).
  12. It still is unethical to call yourself Dr in a clinical setting if you're not an MD/DMD (or arguably a PharmD). It's actually illegal in Quebec to call yourself Dr without any other descriptive unless you're an MD/DMD/DMV. Hell, I find it unethical as a clerk when attendings or residents present me to patients as "Dr Snowmen" so they don't have to explain what a clerk is. If a doctoral degree is required to practice the profession (psychologists or optometrists, for instance), you can call youself "Dr John Doe, psychologist/optometrist". If it isn't required (PT with a PhD in rehabilitation science for instance), you have to call yourself "John Doe, PT, PhD".
  13. C'est pas parce que t'as un accent, c'est parce que t'es aux MEMs. Le but c'est basically de te déstabiliser pendant une journée au complet pour voir comment tu réagis. J'ai aucun accent et pourtant les intervieweurs (dont une bonne proportion (30-40%) provenait de minorités visibles mêmes si j'ai fait mes entrevues à l'UdeS, une université que tu accuses de xénophobie) avaient aussi des réactions qui pouvaient sembler à de la méfiance ou essayaient de me déstabiliser. Parce que c'est les MEMs. Faut arrêter de chercher les complots partout, voyons donc.
  14. The best bang for your buck is definitely to do electives (and ace them) where you'd like to match.
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