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  1. That's probably the highest it will go (4,45%). The stock markets can't keep doing so well forever, especially if a commercial war between the US and China does happen. From memory, the Conference Board projected that this is about as high as it will go and it should plateau at 4,20% around 2020 (3,95% for the LOCs). Now, if there is an economic downturn (more and more likely), they won't be able to keep raising the interest rates and might have to lower them again.
  2. Snowmen

    Admissions Médecine 2018

    Ton conseiller doit pas être une superstar alors... Il était dans leur liste de conseillers "spécialisés"? Mais personnellement, je n'avais pas eu un très bon feeling avec RBC.
  3. Snowmen

    Admissions Médecine 2018

    Vous êtes quand même une cohorte fascinante.
  4. Snowmen

    Medecine 2019

    Le programme de physio/ergo à l'UdeM ne permet pas d'annuler des cours donc tu serais obligé d'être à temps plein. Aussi, avec 11 crédits ou moins, tes cours universitaires ne compteront pas et ce sera encore ta cote collégiale qui sera utilisé sans modification.
  5. Snowmen

    Med 2018

    Avez-vous pensé lâcher les demandes en médecine et appliquer en techniques policières?
  6. Yes, you can have multiple insurances. Because I had surgery, I'm not eligible for the Sogemec one so I have the AMQ/CMA insurance since it doesn't require a medical and then I complete the difference between the AMQ's coverage and RBC's coverage with an RBC insurance, the reason being that RBC has an exclusion period for known-conditions of 2 years after every coverage increase while the AMQ doesn't. Therefore, say I'm covered for 6000$ or wtv by the AMQ and then an extra 4500$ with RBC, if something happens out of the exclusion period, I get the full 10 500$ but I can still get 6000$ if something happens during the exclusion period. Not sure if that was clear.
  7. The plans in Quebec are either free during medical school or pretty cheap. Not more than a disability insurance on the LOC.
  8. Perhaps "law" wasn't exactly the right word but per Sherbrooke University's FAQ, the ministerial order that determines how many spots are available each year contains this rule/law/whatever it technically is. I just checked and it's actually 7 years now. "Selon la Politique triennale en vigueur statuant sur les nouvelles inscriptions dans les programmes de doctorat en médecine au Québec, « une personne ne peut être admise et comptabilisée qu’une seule fois dans les nouvelles inscriptions sur une période de 7 ans à partir de la date de la première inscription au doctorat en médecine »."
  9. By law, you can't apply to medicine for four years after accepting an offer to attend medical school in Quebec. For the ROC, leaving medical school to start over would probably be a pretty huge red flag. I've seen transfers happen here on Premed101. There's only 1-2 examples I can think of and they were for extremely serious reasons (my-children's-mother-died-and-I-have-to-move-to-another-province-to-care-for-them serious level). Not because you don't like the school you're in. Typically, they also happen between clerkship and pre-clerkship or during clerkship. It would be pretty much impossible to switch during pre-clerkship from a logistical POV.
  10. It depends on how much you use. A line of credit is a bit like a huge credit card with much lower interest rates. If you use 100k, you'd pay about 3200$ in interest every year.
  11. Snowmen

    Med 2018

    J'aime comment vous lui reprocher de ne pas vous répondre comme s'il avait la moindre obligation de la faire. Il vous doit rien guys.
  12. MDM and a bunch of other companies offer disability insurance for medical students even if you have no income. For instance, I have one from the AMQ/CMA that's complemented by one from RBC. I don't know who told you that but they were wrong.
  13. As far as I know, you either match before the grace period ends or start repaying.
  14. Just a tip for gas stations: Esso takes AmEx at pretty much every station except the ones with really old pumps.
  15. J'ai coulé mon examen final de biologie II et ça m'empêche pas d'être au-dessus de la moyenne en médecine donc inquiète toi pas trop! Haha Par contre, faut évidemment réussir à rentrer et ça c'est évidemment pas simple avec de moins bons résultats dans les cours de science. Aussi, fait attention avec les "je sais que les médecins se servent pas de ça" parce qu'il y a plusieurs notions assez poussées en physique et en chimie notamment qui sont pertinentes d'un point de vue clinique. Même chose pour la philosophie du point de vue de l'éthique clinique.