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  1. Doing this again, already applied but want some realistic feedback now I'm through the thick: IP: Ontario Year: Finished MSc. AMSCAS 3.78 sGPA 3.71 (IN OMSAS): First year: 3.72 (3.68 fall, 3.76 winter) Second year: 3.62 (3.38, 3.86) Third year: 3.8 (3.78, 3.84) Fourth Year: 3.83 (3.72, 3.94) MCATs 26: 10/7/9 25: 10/8/7 509: 126/126/128/129 516: 127/129/128/132 My ECs: -Campus Club founder and president. -Response Team executive for three year, volunteer for first year. -Master's club executive -Orientation leader three times. -Shadowing experience in surgery with orthopaedic and general surgeons. -Volunteer at a doctor's office (really, just secretarial work and some extra shadowing). -Volunteer at a nuclear lab (but really, just more shadowing). -Volunteer at a nursing home (life enrichment and programming). -Volunteered in a resident training -Tons of intramurals, and gym use. Research -One directed study, three conference citations -Two pubs (one first author) -Data collection multiple times Thanks!
  2. No, but if this doesn't work out in the next 7 hours, I'm 100% jumping on a class action haha
  3. Better question - anyone lucky enough to be part of the minority to submit before the deadline? Can't disqualify 50% of the population.
  4. "may" be extended? mutha**** just take my cash. Don't play with my heart. TrashSAS.
  5. 5PM tomorrow, right? There's no way everyone will get through in the next 50 mins lmao. I missed lunch for this, now the anxiety is eating me up instead
  6. So classic. Also happening to me is as well. I've never experienced this in the 4 cycles I've applied. I also tried to submit over an hour in advanced. What a nightmare. Hopefully they will extend the deadline. I've emailed since phoning won't work.
  7. Why does this forum only give me 10 likes per day. I've been a premed for over half a decade now.....
  8. Changing my meme to sad frog soon TIMESTAMP: March 16th, 12:50PM Result: LAWL. wGPA: 3.90 Year: 2nd Year MSc (unlikely in grad pool) MCAT: Cutoffs reached Essays: Felt good about them. Spent some time. Geo: IP ECs: 1 first author pub in submission (a few other projects half completed on grad CV), 1 conference poster, president of an UG club, executive of a response team as highlights. See you next year!
  9. Considering changing my meme to this, but that would be too defeatist?
  10. Just for clarification Schrödinger's cat = PsychSoc High PsychSoc ~ I had a personally low verbal score [I realize this implication was poorly communicated. I apologize. I realize communication is also a CanMEDs role so tisk tisk] Low verbal score = UofT is my only hope UofTease is my only hope = Sad. Sad = Acceptmenextcyclehowbowdah.
  11. Y'all are being too pessimistic about this whole situation. Think of this as a Schrödinger's cat type situation: until we hear back we are both invited AND rejected. Pretty good news for everyone who, like me, has never been invited for an interview before. Just my 2c ps. PsychSoc was my highest MCAT section which may also subtly indicate why I am still/was only hopeful for UofT
  12. Not highlighting at all in verbal UNLESS it's literally one word at a time (i.e. a name that I THINK may come up in a passage). I tend not to skim questions pre-hand (Princeton seems to advocate for this and I hate TPR's strategy)
  13. I'm trying my best to get better at this. I can pick up on locating certain ideas in the passage, but trouble when it's something like a direct word or quote
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