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  1. For UofT having paid health care experience looks really good on your application, the more patient interaction the better as well as showing a high degree of independence. For the MMI there are books on the subject, which some people recommend as I haven't read them i'm not in a position to do so. However I did read over the following pages/documents https://michener.ca/admissions/applying/application-to-programs/multiple-mini-interviews-mmi/ https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/interviewer-manual-mmi_websiteversion.pdf?sfvrsn=2 (previous version)
  2. Both McMaster and UofT keep their ranking systems behind closed doors so it is just speculation as to how they breakdown GPA/supplemental/MMI. All the best, if you have any questions about the program either post here or send me a message.
  3. Don't worry about the MMIs they are done and out of the way, I know that I found it hard to sleep between the MMIs and getting accepted. Here is what I found helped, stay mentally and physically active with other things (go to the gym/engross yourself in a book), spend time with friends and family sometimes its good to just vent about how things went it allows you to process what happened as well as get an outsiders perspective. The reason you do so many stations as it allows you mess up 1 or 2 as they know nerves can sometimes get the better of candidates. The last thing is that UofT will notify you on the date they set if not before the class of 2017 found out 4 days before the expected date which was a nice surprise. Lastly if you don't get in you could be wait-listed, if not process what you think you did right and wrong (your supplemental and grades got you to the MMI ) and set yourself the task for improving for next time. Best of luck.
  4. From the Facebook Pre-PA group- data collected by the class of 2019 themselves.
  5. Hi Pahopefull, the majority of the residential blocks occur in 263 Mccaul street, 500 university ave and Anatomy labs in the Medical Sciences building (all close together). Only a few of the later classes are held in Michener institute. Once you start the program you will have access to the e-learn message boards and every year there is a private facebook group that you can use to message classmates. Northern placements the university offers student accommodations or a stipend if you want to find your own, so take that into account. Final advice for res. block accommodations is that there are sometimes limited space at the michener institute itself (I used that for the final 5 week block in my first year and worked out to be cheaper than anything else i could find in the city) Relaxingbath
  6. Congratulations to those that got their acceptance emails you are about to start a very busy and crazy two years! It's all worth it when you are done. If you have any questions about the UofT program or what it's like to work as a PA i'm happy to answer them the best I can.
  7. GPA- unknown as degree and postgraduate from a UK university and transcribed in house by UofT Healthcare >1 year ER nursing. Invited on first attempt to MMI, and accepted UofT place. Just completed the program and preparing to write entry to practice exam in October.
  8. Hi quirkson, I am a 2nd year UofT PA student, here is my observation. In my year as that is what i can speak with some authority, we have nurses, radiology techs, pharmacy assistants, EMS, IMG, research assistants and many other backgrounds. The hands on experience should mean that you are physically interacting with patients the research assistants that are in the program where completing physical assessments for biometric data. If you where working in a lab or just handing out surveys to patients then it would be difficult to show that you had direct patient interactions. For those in my year that got in direct from undergrad, 1 worked as patient transfer and first responder on campus, some others did volunteer work with handicapped children. It is possible to get experience and there is no gold standard you make sure you are actually dealing with patients.
  9. Just to confuse matters, PAs (physician Assistant) 2 year program close to 100% employment rate at the moment. Something to consider?
  10. Congratulations to all the UofT MMI interviewees, It was really nice to speak to you today, I hope the Q&A sessions helped. Some stats for those that are interested over 500 applications this year, 88 interview spots for 30 places, applicants continue to set high standards for previous qualifications, patient experience and supplemental applications. Some hard advice to follow relax, keep busy and try not to over think the MMI day too much.
  11. Wow, for my class, the class of 2017 60 interviewees for 30 spots, 2018 80 interviewees for 30 spots. I know they where hoping to increase the size of the class or they maybe just wanting more options to choose from for the MMIs. Congrats to those that have interview its a big achievement in its self! To those that haven't there is still a chance if people decline the MMI invite and a spot will open up.
  12. In my class (2017) and what i know of the class of 2018 there isn't really a common denominator GPAs vary though its not really talked about (not aware of anyone with the minimum GPA getting in). There are some straight out of undergraduate, some with masters as well as some mature students who have been working for many years and returned to change careers. As for healthcare experience there is a huge range, nursing, radiology tech, pharmacy, research assistant (with strong pt skills), OT/PT assistants, registered dietitian, international medical graduates the list goes on. As per the paconsortium.ca website the more hands on the patient experience the more favorable they will view the application.
  13. Unless McMaster has changed their process, you don't get a firm rejection at all. To those that didn't get the first round of invites you still might get one right up till the day or 2 before the interviews.
  14. I believe they normally take 25 students a year. Not sure if they ever release the application stats though all PA programs are competitive.
  15. Here are some resources https://anneccpa.wordpress.com/ , http://michener.ca/admissions/applying/full-time-admission/multiple-mini-interviews-mmi/ and finally http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select/multiple-mini-interview-(mmi) . They give an overview of how the MMIs are carried out and what kind of "general" things they are looking for. The LCEs are arranged my the students themselves that being said there is a master list given out of where previous students have done LCEs with some feed back on what to expect (you can choose to use this list or find your own). They can vary from being shadowing where you don't have any hands on patient interactions to getting to carry out procedures and involved participation. LCEs are carried out in your home location though there is a great experience at the Toronto pathology department at Humber hospital - some years have arranged to stay an extra day after residential blocks to do this. The residential blocks are the only times where you have to be in Toronto the rest of first year is online in your home location. Hope this clarification has helped. Don't hesitate to ask any further questions.
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