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  1. I agree that doing it as an EC is perfectly acceptable but I wouldn't harp on about how religious you are in interviews etc, it gives the wrong idea.
  2. A career in medicine will be hard and painful and long so if its not for you I wouldn't bother. Pursue your passion in life, always!
  3. i agree with ubc2012 - applying to US is better to apply to first before applying to abroad - you'll have a lot of problems when coming back to do residency if you go abroad
  4. There are other hospitals that not only take summer research positions but all year round too - if need be, you should check it out - I know Sunnybrook Research institute do that.
  5. I would definitely consider building up your extra curricular activities during this time..volunteer work and perhaps look around for lab work or something. Great opportunity to build here ! and will look good for your resume and future applications
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