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  1. Wow, that's strange! It could be that this is something new that they're allowing and they just haven't updated their website lol. I would definitely email them again about it, citing what you posted from their website and just explaining that you would like to confirm that you can write the American DAT, in light of the info on their site. I know it sucks to email them again lol, but atleast that way you can be sure it's not a misunderstanding and can have a paper trail of their responses
  2. I agree Thank you for offering to do this shm, this is is such a great and selfless thing do! And such a good opportunity, especially because of how new this whole personal statement thing is (atleast for dental school in Ontario)
  3. That's what I was thinking too! But I found this thread from last year, it might help compare: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/84090-u-of-t-dentistry-class-of-2019-wait-list-thread/page-5. The second post on the page of the link (5th page) shows that it took until June 19th to get to waitlist spot #18. But then again, their offers came out earlier My guess is that the waitlist moves pretty slowly after the first deposit b/c people accepted to multiple d-schools have a hard time deciding + some people are accepted to one school (i.e. UofT), but are waitlisted elsewhere for their top choice (i.e. med school or another d-school), so they have to wait until they get off that waitlist, in order to drop their acceptance at UofT, for instance, so that delays the entire process unfortunately ):
  4. Sorry I'm late to this! Result: accepted IP/OOP: IP GPA: low 3.9 DAT (PAT + AA): 19/19 Year of Study (3rd year/4th year/Master's/PhD): 5th year!
  5. Thank you so much BScDMD!! That makes much more sense about how some courses don't require as much reading/memorization b/c they're based on clinical skills. But also, that's pretty intense about some people coming in at 5am and leaving at 12am haha! Sounds like you need to be super efficient and on top of your time management to keep up with the schedule . Thank you so much again for taking the time to write this out
  6. Thank you so much for your reply BScDMD, that was super helpful I was always wondering, if class is 8am-5pm, isn't the maximum you can study per day (besides weekends) basically 4 hours (i.e. 6pm-10pm -- accounting for a break after class and good sleep lol)? And if so, do you think it's enough? I guess I'm just wondering about this b/c I feel like a lot of people in undergrad study more than this per day and the workload in dental school is much more than in undergrad, so I'm wondering how people in d-school keep up with the workload given that there's not much time to study after class lol
  7. My friend just called and asked, they said you have to maintain an overall average of 3.0 (so not a 3.0 in each course!)
  8. I think he/she is talking about the fact that UofT's website says you have to main an *average* of 3.0 vs. the letter says you need to get at least a 3.0 in each course I agree with AncientDentist, those are 2 totally different things and you should definitely call in to ask if it will affect you. I was also confused as to why it said that!
  9. Haha my friend and I were talking about how UofT dents has a general trend of sending big news on Fridays at 5 pm (right before closing) . I guess it's so people have time to digest the news (actually we were told this on the interview day lol) and then bombard them the Monday after
  10. Thank you so much for letting us know AncientDentist:)!
  11. I also asked for questions to be repeated and know of others who did the same, so yeah you're definitely not alone in that!
  12. Thanks AncientDentist!! GL to you too and everyone else!
  13. I'm really sorry to hear that your first email did not work out, I'm surprised I also agree with Commons about further emailing someone else in a well-worded/sincere letter, I guess there's nothing you can lose doing that. I agree with others who said that the ratio of people applying to Western vs. spots is much lower compared to UofT. But I also feel like the applicant pool for UofT is a bit more competitive b/c of the fact that they invite less people. Also, your stats for Western 93%/27 RC are super high, especially considering for many universities the maximum % you can get for Western is 95% lol (your stats for UofT are also high, it's just that I think they're exceptionally high for Western lol). I also agree with others that UofT's decisions may come earlier b/c my friend told me that last year they also said it would be a month, but it came out 2 Fridays later, so you may be able to wait. Also, have you asked for you pre-interview ranking and interview score? I think that would give you a really, really good idea of whether you will be accepted or not. I really do think you have a really good chance at both schools though
  14. I believe it all depends on the schools you are applying to -- I know that Western and UofT do not require it For the rest of the schools, I think you'd have to check individually (it should say on their website).
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