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  1. As long as one of your references is predominantly focussed on your character (rather than academic) then you should be fine. The titles that your referees hold do not matter, it's their ability to comment on your capacity to work as a physician that counts.
  2. Not sure that I'm qualified to give this advice yet because I'm in the same boat that you are... but I'm just trying to relax by pursuing other interests that I had to put on hold, or at least put on the back burner, while absorbed in the rat race of undergrad. It's nice to catch up on subjects like literature which my program didn't offer me the flexibility to take courses in. It also feels great to not constantly have to turn down invites to social events / spend time with family. Take time to dabble with things you enjoy guilt-free!
  3. It does appear that it's been a while since a class had any shade of red!
  4. By clinical are you referring to conducting an RCT, or observational studies? Either way, I'm sure you've already conducted a thorough lit review. The next best step would be to go back to these manuscripts and analyze the statistical methods they used to determine which comparisons would be meaningful for your study. Knowing what you want to do with your data makes working with it much more manageable. Whenever you feel lost in the abyss that is clinical data (lol) reflect back on the overarching goals of the project and you'll find your footing again!
  5. Result: Accepted (St George)! Timestamp: 9:26 EST May 8, 2018 cGPA: 3.94 ECs: Diverse and long term Essays: Very personal, felt good about them Research: 1st author pub, conference presentation, abstracts Interview: First station was a little rocky, felt really great about the other three! Year: 3rd Year UG
  6. TIME STAMP: Feb 13 @ 4:33pm Interview Date: March 4 (MD) Result: Invite cGPA: 3.94 (Not eligible for weighting) MCAT: Above cut-offs ECs: Good variety of meaningful activities Essays: Felt good about them Year: 3rd Year UG Geography: IP
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses! I ended up not writing the letter, it just seemed too small of a blip considering that everything else was in line.
  8. Hey everyone, While fine-tuning my application, I realized that I may need to write an academic explanations at the last minute. I am hoping to get some opinions from you all before frantically doing so! On my transcript, I have one course withdrawal in the first semester of my first year of undergrad. It was an extra course that I decided add to my schedule and decide whether I wanted to keep it after going to the first few classes. However, as a brand new uni student I was confused about when the add/drop deadline was and dropped the course 1 week after the deadline. I still maintained a full course load during this semester and it was not needed for my degree program. Any advice on whether I should write an academic explanations essay or not? If I do, the one caveat is that I have no receipt to validate the exact day I dropped the course. Please let me know your thoughts ASAP! Thanks in advance
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