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  1. isitlunchtimeyet

    Waitlist Support Group 2019

    Are there ever more rounds of waitlist offers after this point? I thought most movement will have already happened.
  2. isitlunchtimeyet

    Waitlist Support Group 2019

    For everyone who's as neurotic as me i compared last year's dates to this year and came up with these as predicted days for waitlist movement: May 31st (friday) = high waitlist June 4th (tues) = normal waitlist
  3. I was placed on the normal/middle wait list for Western. I know the high wait list almost always clears but was wondering about the middle wait list. Do a good number of people get in off of it or is it only a few people? I'm just trying to get an understanding of my chances so I can set my expectations realistically. Hoping that it moves but would appreciate any additional insight/information. Also does waitlist movement happen pretty quickly? Do they clear high wait list in a few days and move onto the normal one immediately in June or does it the majority of waitlist movement extend later into the summer?
  4. isitlunchtimeyet


    yeah schulich seems really great about their reminder emails
  5. How would they know that some people are waiting for other schools though if everyone paid their deposit? Also - can you explain how DalOnline works and where i can see this info. I have no idea what's going on with Dal's system
  6. isitlunchtimeyet


    because it's a cruel cruel world
  7. isitlunchtimeyet

    Class Culture

    ahaha PMed you
  8. isitlunchtimeyet

    Lecturing/prof during M1

    Following! I was hoping to do this as well. I don't think it would be that tough to teach a few lectures in our areas of "expertise".
  9. isitlunchtimeyet


    God I hope they boost post interview
  10. Highlight in the first screenshot is saying they'll give you points for a grad degree when reviewing your application. Second screenshot is saying they don't care about your grad marks for your GPA. They don't contradict each other.
  11. isitlunchtimeyet


    omggg sammeee I'm usually good with interviews but i was so rambly i can't even remember any of my answers. I just get flashbacks of parts of an answer at random times. Was tearing up walking out of clinical skills afterward. Currently feeling supppeerr sad about it overall - I've been struggling with focusing on day to day life and responsibilities as a result.
  12. isitlunchtimeyet

    Your insights are highly appreciated

    Agree with everything above. This says nothing about your suitability to be a doc - it's just how the system is and you can 100% improve. One thing I'd add is limit the amount of prep you do with other applicants. I found that to be the least effective use of my time. Find med students who have succeeded and seek help from them. I'm more than happy to do some mocks with you this summer and provide some critical feedback!
  13. isitlunchtimeyet

    Class Culture

    Yay! That's awesome to hear! I hope our class is the same.
  14. isitlunchtimeyet

    Class Culture

    Hi! I'm likely going to be a Dal 2023. Can any current or past med students at Dal comment on what the class culture/environment is like? Both positives and negatives?