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  1. isitlunchtimeyet

    Interviews 2019

  2. isitlunchtimeyet

    Interviews 2019

    What do you mean by IV? I'm confusseeddd
  3. Sounds like they'd be competitive for UofT!
  4. isitlunchtimeyet

    ABS format

    I had a lot of problems on my mac. Had to download reader and it looked good once i transferred everything there.
  5. isitlunchtimeyet

    ABS format

    How are you entering your stuff into chrome if it's submitted through the pdf file we had to download?
  6. def with spaces. I called last week and asked admissions.
  7. isitlunchtimeyet

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Yeah Carolyn told me the same thing as what hopefullyafuturedoc said. Interview invites will be sent out a month before interviews (by end of October).
  8. isitlunchtimeyet

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    AHHHHH omgggg THANK YOU. I called and asked when interview invites come out but didn't specifically ask about casper cutoff rejections.
  9. saaammeee i'm one point below the total lol imma give it a shot anyway
  10. Yeah just shoot them an email clarifying so they know.
  11. isitlunchtimeyet

    Document Tracking and AAMC ID

    FYI called OMSAS yesterday and she said they only update that portion once a week, and they don't do all of them every week so it may take a few weeks for your MCAT score to be received by OMSAS. So long as you release your scores once they're available it's nbd - they'll get it eventually.
  12. isitlunchtimeyet

    MD/PhD Applicants - CV

    My bad. Totally missed that. Hope you figured it out!
  13. isitlunchtimeyet

    MD/PhD Applicants - CV

    I imagine if you followed the guidelines and uploaded it there's no need to re-upload. What did the acceptance notifications say?
  14. UofT did a live session about the essays on their admissions facebook page. If you check that out it should answer these questions and any others you have. To answer, what I understood from the video is that the 2000 characters allow for words of differing lengths, but we need to stay within the 250 words. You don't need a title, but the verifier and abs activity citation don't count in the 250-word limit.