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  1. isitlunchtimeyet

    Interview invite with wGPA of 3.83 possible?

    No problem! Based on what I'd heard I didn't think it was possible either but it definitely is! I have low stats too so seeing her get in was a great motivator. Keep your head up and nose to the grindstone and you'll get to where you wanna be!
  2. isitlunchtimeyet

    Interview invite with wGPA of 3.83 possible?

    Honestly she was first to get an interview, got an acceptance straight away, never waitlisted, didn't write an AEE (to the best of my knowledge). It really came down to having great ECs. UofT is serious when they say 3.8 makes you competitive. We haven't heard of it because if you're in med people automatically assume you have reaaally great grades - people don't want to lose that perception by disclosing their low admissions averages.
  3. isitlunchtimeyet

    Interview invite with wGPA of 3.83 possible?

    yeah she ended up getting in straight out of undergrad
  4. isitlunchtimeyet

    Interview invite with wGPA of 3.83 possible?

    I have a friend who has a lower wGPA than yours and got in last year. It's definitely possible!
  5. She done messed up. Rules are rules for a reason. They protect both sides - the physician and the patient.
  6. isitlunchtimeyet

    Admission/Rejection Invitation Date

    lol wow can't believe I missed that. Thanks!
  7. I've looked through the forums but can't seem to find the threads for the acceptances/rejections for Dal Med from past years. Could someone share the links with me?
  8. isitlunchtimeyet

    London MMI Prep

    loool are you forrealz
  9. isitlunchtimeyet

    Doing research with a professor after graduating

    you can def still do research after graduating. I've seen students do this with nserc usra.
  10. isitlunchtimeyet

    Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!

    Thanks for having us!
  11. Hey! Anyone in London interested in doing some MMI practice with me? I'll be interviewing at Dal.
  12. isitlunchtimeyet

    Interviews 2019

    What do you mean by IV? I'm confusseeddd
  13. Sounds like they'd be competitive for UofT!