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  1. Result: Accepted to MAM Time Stamp: 9:22 AM Interview Date: Feb 28 wGPA: 3.99 (cGPA) MCAT: 13/9/13 ECs/Essays: See interview thread Interview: Had a good idea of what the interview would be like after interviewing last year. Felt great about 3 stations. Year: 4th year UG Will likely be taking my McMaster offer over this one. Good luck everyone!
  2. Accepted - Hamilton!!!! Time Stamp: 8:13 AM GPA: 3.99 VR: 9 Interview: Most stations felt awesome. One was a bit awkward. IP 4th Year UG
  3. Invite: No Timestamp: 1:49 PM EST OOP/IP: OOP GPA: 95.4% MCAT: 35 (13/9/13)
  4. Nothing yet. We had until today to confirm, so they will probably be sent fairly soon.
  5. TIME STAMP: 6:57pm Result: Reject wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 13/9/13 ECs: Lots of employment and volunteering, varsity athlete, research, tons of awards and scholarships. Year: 4th year UG Verbal cutoff is a pain.
  6. They made a video last year after the admission cycle answering a bunch of FAQs. I think this information was somewhere in it. Here is the link to the video: https://www.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/1499521/uiconf_id/16244741/entry_id/1_iiyz5lm2/embed/auto?&flashvars[streamerType]=auto
  7. Interview is 50%. Pre-interview score is 50%. This was for last year. Not sure if it will be different this year.
  8. I received an invite today and am an MD applicant.
  9. TIME STAMP: 1:48 pm Interview Date: Feb. 28 MD Result: Invite wGPA: 3.99 (cGPA, no weighting) MCAT: 13/9/13 ECs: Varsity athlete and captain, vice president of club, cardiac rehabilitation trainer, big brothers big sisters mentor, meal delivery for elderly and disabled, tutor, public health committee, extensive employment, intramurals, emergency physician shadowing, research (poster and thesis but no pubs), many scholarships for academics and community work. Essays: Worked on them for a couple months and revised a few times. Year: 4th year UG Geography : IP
  10. I'm pretty sure the post-interview formula is 50% interview, 50% pre-interview score. They announced it in a video a few months ago I think.
  11. Time stamp: 11:45 am Invite! GPA: 3.99 Verbal: 9 Casper: Felt much better than last year. IP 4th year UG
  12. TIME STAMP: 10:31 am Interview Date: Feb. 22 Result: Rejection cGPA: 3.99 wGPA: N/A MCAT: 13/9/13 ECs: See interview thread Essays: Worked hard on them and had many people review them. Interview: All stations were very conversational. They went very well, and a couple interviewers mentioned that I did great. Year: 3rd year UG
  13. I got my confirmation email 11 days after the invite email. @beeboop
  14. It won't have any impact if you go or do not go. There are interviews in the afternoon during the bus tour, so those individuals - like myself - won't be able to go on it that day anyway.
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