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  1. ^^ Thanks for this! I'm in the same-ish situation. Sent them Oct 30 but nothing on Minerva. IP tho.
  2. Looks like you got your answer but for anyone reading this in the future, I was in a similar situation and ran into this link: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/recommended_courses_for_commonly_requested_institutions_0.pdf Didn't have the institution I was looking for but it does have Athabasca!
  3. So min gpa for OOP is 3.8. Anyone know how many decimal places they use? Mine is 3.778 -.- Also, it's probably better to ask admissions, but in the meantime, if you had 2 years with less than 24 credits, they are not counted since they are not 'full time'. But would they also drop your lowest FT year on top of that? (ofc given that you have more than the min 2 years of undergrad) I just find it hard to believe that they'd be willing to drop 3 whole years (all from my previous UG, currently doing a second). It works in my favour but sounds too good to be true so I'm waiting for some missed fine print to get me, despite having gone through the application manual.
  4. I previously saw that GPA cutoff for IP and Montreal region were the same. Is this always the case or it was a one-off? If the latter, anyone know MTL wGPA cutoff for this year (English stream)?
  5. @Donald_Duck I stumbled on an old-ish (2017 I think) post saying that you're almost certain pre-interview score is 50% wGPA + 50% CASPer. Post-interview is 100% interview score. So are you telling me they don't look at the extracurriculars part of the OMSAS app at all? Also, they don't count summer or 'supplementary courses taken outside the usual academic session'. I'm at a different university but retook Orgo through Athabasca so technically it's not in my transcript since it doesn't count towards my degree. But I finished it within first semester so it was equivalent to having a full course-load with 5 courses. Would this fall under supplementary courses (ie. they'll just make sure I have the min B as a prereq but not count it towards wGPA)? Would the year count as full course-load for wGPA? PS: sorry for hijacking the thread!
  6. currently second year of second degree. Transfer credits are just counted towards number of credits, not marks. Each school has its own policies. Maybe create a master Excel file and update them as rules change lol. Off the top of my head, Ottawa has last 3 years weighted avg (can be from 2 diff degrees), Mac does every course you've taken in your lifetime, Queens does last 2 years, you know Western. There's also a lot of fine print about how each school treats course repeats, etc.
  7. Sorry to butt in but this thread had the exact info I was looking for (if Ottmed would accept Athabasca orgo). I was wondering if any of you would know the answer to my second question. I already took orgo but I got a 70% at that university which translates to OMSAS 2.7 (right below 3.0 cutoff). Athabasca has the option to be exempt from lab if you took it within the last 5 years. My question is would OttMed accept an orgo repeat minus lab as long as you did the lab in the first attempt? I mean I already did the actual labs (and did well in them) so it was really the theory portion bringing me down which I would be repeating. Thanks!
  8. There is no requirement for full time study, however only the cumulative GPA will be calculated for those not enrolled in full time study Here's the link: https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students/applying/application-process Under GPA > gen info Now that I'm rereading it though, by "not FT study", they might have meant those with fewer than 3 courses/semester and not non-trads? lol as a nontrad myself, you can see why I'd be very concerned. Btw thanks for answering since yours was one of the posts I noticed on the thread!
  9. I was under the impression that if you're in FT school currently, then 2 GPAs are calculated: wGPA (last 2Y GPA, Sept-Apr only) and cGPA (every course ever taken, including summer). Better of 2 used. If you're not in school FT, then Queens just uses cGPA. A quick scroll through the accepted/WLed/rejected thread confused me. I saw a few people there who were done school and were working FT yet they stated their wGPA. Wouldn't cGPA be used though? Can anyone please let me know where I'm going wrong in understanding this? Thanks in advance !
  10. Goodness. Got all the rest but 70% on the dot for orgo. Does it for sure have to be 3.0/4.0 (it didn't say it on the website but I'm assuming OP said it since B at Ottawa = 3.0)? A 3.0 under my school's column on OMSAS requires 73-76% The fact that it says 70% for CEGEP orgo makes me feel like I was so close yet so far. Hopefully by the time I apply, they start implementing something like McGill where MCATs are considered in lieu of prereq performance to prove I can do science Also, can anyone confirm OP's assumption that when it comes to repeats, it would be most recent? Anyone ask adcom if it's more recent/higher/avg of the 2 attempts?
  11. guess it's time for the next generation of non-trads to take the reins lol !
  12. Not sure if admins still update the sticky but the above about uoft would be a useful addition. Also, something else I found out for McMaster is that even though they look at grades for every course ever taken, they use a composite score for interview selection ie. GPA (min 3.0), CARS and CASPER all get equal weight (which was completely new to me because most schools emphasize GPA). Might give hope to those who do not have the best GPA but good CARS/CASPER. Bit of a shot in the dark since you never get to know how you did on casper, it's still a little better than the doom-and-gloom never escape first ugrad gpa lol post-interview is 70% interview 15% each GPA and CARS.
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