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  1. flyingmonkeys

    Disability Insurance - Worth It?

    Any suggestions when looking for disability insurance? I'm looking at RBC/OMAs plans and was wondering if anyone had any advice/feedback about them.
  2. flyingmonkeys

    Md Financial Management?

    You can also always consider a robo advisor like Wealthbar or nest wealth which will manage your funds based on a risk profile but for significantly less than actively managed funds if you don't want to do it yourself.
  3. flyingmonkeys


    A quick add on question for a friend, if you moved from another province (Nova Scotia to Ontario) for residency where you are a full time student, where would your official address be. Would you file from your "home province" or from the new province.
  4. flyingmonkeys

    Psychiatry Vs Family Medicine

    Just want to note the idea of "- 5 year residency (although I hear it is one of the easiest residencies to live life during... on at 8 off at 4, call 1/7 etc.)" Not necessarily true. I have friends who are psychiatry residents and depending on the rotation, some easily have 8-6:30/7 days consistently, especially on in-hospital rotations. Some sites have more call than others too.
  5. flyingmonkeys

    Disability Insurance - Worth It?

    is the consensus then that the PARO plan isn't enough? That's all I have right now... maybe I need to re-evaluate
  6. flyingmonkeys


    I'm a PGY1 and am filing my taxes now... quick question, do residents still count as full time students for tax purposes?
  7. flyingmonkeys

    R2 Invites

    When is the deadline for R2 invites? There seems to a lack of clarity around this among my unmatched friends with some having heard from many programs and some from none. Do they often send regrets or should they just assume that they have been rejected?
  8. flyingmonkeys

    Rad Onc

    I have a friend who went unmatched when applying to internal this year. There appears to be a plethora of rad onc spots in second round. Are these worth applying to even with no previous electives in it?
  9. flyingmonkeys

    Pgy1 Transfer

    Just on that note, I'm in a specialty that doesn't allow for electives in the specialty I hope to transfer to. Would a letter from clerkship in that specialty be appropriate combined with references from pgy 1 in another specialty? And does anyone know if it's important to contact the programs you want to transfer to prior to the PGME process?
  10. flyingmonkeys

    Pgy1 Transfer

    I met with the pgme office at my school as I am considering applying for transfer come January. The advisor had worked with family residents who switched to obs and vice versa. It's definitely doable, especially if you're willing to leave your home school. Would strongly suggest meeting with the pgme office at your school to discuss.
  11. flyingmonkeys

    Transferring Programs

    As a resident potentially seeking transfer this winter, I was wondering if anyone would be able to clarify the process further. I understand that an email is sent out by PGME in January regarding transferring. Is there any role in contacting PDs of potential programs prior to this/prior to when they are busy with CARMs or is it best to simply apply to PGME without making your intentions known to the PD prior to the application?
  12. flyingmonkeys


    I know it's very early on in the year to be thinking about this but I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with this, either themselves or through friends, and if they had any advice on how to hopefully transfer successfully.
  13. I think another thing to think about when selecting your specialty is to think about what population you prefer to work with. I enjoyed inpatient medicine and inpatient pediatrics pretty similarly. I applied to both and interviewed for both during CARMs. However, now as an internal medicine resident, I'm realizing how much I enjoyed working with young people and their families and I miss it sorely. I feel that I placed too much value on the salary discrepancy between internal and pediatrics and ranked the former higher and now regret it. All physicians make enough money. If the fields you are considering are similar in terms of the lifestyle and career prospects, then go with your gut and think about what patients you want to see every day. For me, I wish I could trade in the AECOPDs for the cranky babies with bronchiolitis...
  14. flyingmonkeys


    Thank you; that clarifies the process.
  15. flyingmonkeys


    Thanks. Also, can one only apply to transfer to one discipline at once? (Say pediatrics and family med).