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  1. Signed in again after a long time to post. You are certainly not immature. And you are not alone in this situation. I also was in a similar position when I got accepted where someone who was involved in bullying me during my junior high school years was in the same class. And while the thought of them being there was really scary at first, I learned that they had matured over the years and in the end it wasn’t an issue at all. You deserve to be there! You have worked hard and don’t let what other people have done tarnish that. I would just echo what everyone else here is saying, just go in and be yourself. Work hard, and don’t take mind of anyone else. Find people who you enjoy being with and hang out with them. There’s still cliques and bullies in medical school but you don’t have to deal with them. You’re going to be a great doctor because you’ve worked so hard to get here, and you’re empathetic as well! So congratulations, you definitely deserve this and go for it because this is your dream and you are going to be amazing!
  2. Thanks so much for clarifying, that’s really helpful!
  3. Does Ottawa FM typically send out invites in batches? I know some students in Ottawa have received invites, but it’s so hard to know because they don’t email official rejections!
  4. I talked to some people doing their clerkship recently and was also a little disheartened to see the difference in their attitude towards medicine as a profession vs. our seniors still in pre-clerkship. Hopefully the memory of how disappointed I was by that will keep me in check from developing the same kind of negative outlook. But then again, I'm not in their shoes and I don't know all the stressors and experiences that may be contributing to such a change.
  5. No I wouldn't, it would assign more credibility to this issue, and may just raise a needless red flag on your application is you mention you already have existing serious personal issues with someone. The school cannot just chuck out your application because someone called with a huge lie about you. They would probably think about why would someone feel so strongly to call/e-mail in the first place; and deal appropriately. I'm more concerned about yourself tbqh. If you're worried enough about his behaviour/ attitude that you think they would target a place where you would potentially want to work, I would also advise to make sure you feel safe in other situations as well. If you have reason to believe they would defame you, hurt you, or sabotage you if they could; then I would get in touch with authorities or something.
  6. This thread is honestly very reassuring to read through. I was talking to some of my high school friends the other day about how absolutely terrified I was to go to my first day at medical school, it felt like moving to a new place all over again. Doesn't help that I'm very introverted and quiet. But I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed getting to know everyone. I think everybody is a little nervous in the first week and they are all also looking to get to know the class. People are a lot more friendly and more open, and you yourself are the same so associations just click. Which is awesome. There really isn't a "you can't sit with us" mentality in the school, which is what I really dreaded. I found that once I got to know one person it was far easier to approach others and also introduce myself to them.
  7. Depends I would think. Are you being paid for the work? If so I would list it under employment and check off the box that it was also medical experience. If you feel like you truly did learn more about medicine, the hospital system etc more so than gaining research experience then I would put it as medical experience. But if not, then I would list it as volunteer and check off that it was also medically related. It really depends on your experience and how you categorize and describe it imo
  8. That's precisely how I did it. I also indicated if an activity was ongoing as well. That's really odd that they never got back to you :/ There was always someone who answered the phone whenever I called them.
  9. I put the name of the organization I had worked at and the position I was in, so I guess it was a little redundant but I just felt it read better that way. I went into greater detail about the position in the other column.
  10. When I filled it out, I put in the year (1, 2, 3 or 4) that I had started the activity. There is another column that specifies the date interval for which you have been doing the activity, so I went into greater detail there. You should probably call the admissions office yourself and ask for more clarification though.
  11. starryskies

    On Podcasts...

    I love podcasts! Can't say that I ever really had any interest in medical related ones though. I usually listen to gaming, true-crime and political podcasts. I like how easily accessible the format is, and they're great to listen to on the bus That sounds REALLY neat
  12. I did IB and applied to UBC and OMSAS last year. UBC had a lot of course requirements, but they also accepted my English transfer credit. For OMSAS it really didn't change anything as well. My IB transfer credits were listed on my university transcript. I was not required by either to send my IB transcript. I was told last year however, that it really depends on the school that you are applying through OMSAS as to whether or not they require it. Honestly I think you have REALLY specific questions and that you should contact their offices directly by phoning. Policies can change over the course of a year, and you know the details of your situation better than be communicated on a forum.
  13. I would pick #1, I think you identified it yourself, your referee would have that much more to say about you and your outstanding achievements. I know someone personally who also obtained a reference letter in a similar situation as you are describing and it worked out well for them. Perhaps the one thing I would make sure of is if Referee #1 has had experience in writing reference letters before, or if they know the general process.
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