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  1. Also if youre on wait lists, its December so make sure you've emailed them again to remind them about you and update them on any big non-academic updates to entice them to offer an interview.
  2. A lot of great stats in this thread but no mention of non-academics. Your stats will get your application reviewed, but will not get you an interview. They are a dime a dozen. You need to have an excellent personal statement and extensive non-acadmics. Maybe not so extensive that you'd be competitive for UofC or UBC, but competitive enough to stand out or warrant further look as an international.
  3. Its not necessarily less intense at all, it's just shorter. PGY1 across most programs is more or less the same.
  4. They are right, but at the same time you have had strong scores 512 and 518. The US retake issue doesn't really apply to you. Since you retook and did much better. I wouldn't even retake a 3rd time tbh. A 518 is an excellent score, and it wont hold you back in the US. Its clear CARS is your weak point. I would not retake, and cut your losses in Canada and head south, because you've probably peaked for CARS. Do not go anywhere but USMD/USDO. You do not need to go anywhere else. Apply early and apply broadly and let the interview offers guide where you end up.
  5. Honestly, if it was me, I would be getting a lawyer. Sounds drastic, but if they aren't accommodating you, then it's time to lawyer up. The confines of CaRMS is essentially holding you hostage and limiting prospects of transfer, so you should make them accountable for their end of the contract also. Demand protected time to learn french, do your best to self-learn as well, and keep doing well academically.
  6. Probably because their all in surgical specialties where the patient is knocked out
  7. Have you already started contacting other FM programs? Best to contact programs directly, in particular your home medical school and as well some less desirable programs to see if theres any spots open for transfer. Explain your situation more clearly and succinctly than above though. Take responsibility but don't be too long winded, or put your program in a bad light either. Also make sure not to shed any doubt on your academic abilities, or that you are struggling in the current program. Frame it more as your language barrier is less than optimal etc. Are you otherwise on track to finish your training if you are unable to transfer? can't they put you in the most english stream possible? It was my understanding that there are streams at McGill where you truly can get away with minimal english. How much french have you learned since july?
  8. The numerical info can be somewhat found on CaRMS website. Take a look through all the statistics they publish
  9. Sask, MUN and Manitoba have excellent track records for ccfp-em pathways for training. Calgary is a definite no, unless youre in rural streams.
  10. Have you done the relevant UK medical school admission test for the school you are looking to attend? I would prepare for that, and do all the research you can into various UK med schools so you have a smooth process to your application once you get your residency status. What do you mean about "starting your studies" - do you mean study something else in the next 3 years, until you can apply to medical school? Do you have any post-secondary education at the moment? Or just finished high school? What have you been doing since graduating high school? I would try and figure out what things youre interested in, and also figure out what your work-status will be in the UK for the next 3 years. Also remember, you might not even get into medical school right away, or at all, so you need to really do your research to know the process inside out, and have back-ups. You can't sit idly - unless you're independently wealthy of course. Getting a job, work experience, and real world experience is the way to go. Get involved in community work, volunteering and make some "homes" within organizations so you have transferable skills development.
  11. Queens looks at your most RECENT 2 years. Western looks at BEST 2 years. Both are only used, if they are higher than your cGPA.
  12. The main people who want to make it seem that its "vital" is the prep companies. Its mostly them that prey on IMGs who are desperate to tip the odds. But generally speaking, interview prep companies are no going to make the huge difference between getting in and out at this point, especially given the huge variation in types of candidates schools look for. Its your whole life that has taken you to this point, rely on those experiences. This is of course assuming no language barriers, awkward social skills etc etc.
  13. Definitely not how it works ahaha, at least not for individuals versus giant mega-corporations.
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