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  1. JohnGrisham

    chances overall? =/

    What ARE your ecs? You only list what you dont have. Do you have work experience? What experiences DO you have? You dont always need hospital volunteering if other experiences can show you have skills and maturity.
  2. JohnGrisham

    BC Family Doctor Billing

    Gross billings? If so that is pretty low if you're truly seeing 35+ patients a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. Something doesn't add up, or youre intending to mean net after overhead?
  3. Its fine in the US, zero issues. As long as there are thousands and thousands of IMGs and FMGs, no worries for domestic. Maybe the very bottom of the barrel may have relatively more difficulty..but even then people with step 1 fails, bottom of class etc etc still manage to secure a primary care spot somewhere as long as youre reasonable with geography.
  4. Whatever works for you. Most of the time, lectures have the majority of relevant content on the slides. Few lectures in my preclinical ever truly actually required you to take notes in order to get a concept or question down. Mostly just extra information, that almost always wasnt testable nor clinically relevant. That said, I still took detailed notes! But majority of the questions I would get wrong were because I simply hadn't memorized what was actually in the notes(too much volume) and not for a lack of good notes.
  5. Still much safer to just go to a US school, if you can get in.
  6. JohnGrisham

    Please help! How do I get from here to MD?

    Prove to yourself you can handle a full course load and get 3.8+. Do this for 2 years in a second degree, and you open yourself up to queens and UWO. If and only then, should you consider.foreign schools. You havent proven you can perform academically strong yet. If you score quite well on the MCAT this summer, then perhaps that would relieve a bit of worry about your academic strength. Not all but helps.
  7. JohnGrisham

    Landmark Internal Medicine Studies

    Nope, not yet PG#. For some reason lecturers loved bringing up these trials. And we loved making fun of how forced some of the acronyms were hah. I guess the oddness of naming made them stick? I always seem to hold onto the "less practical" information..since never have I gotten a question on an exam right for knowing the details of the TNT trial or CLARITY trial for example.
  8. JohnGrisham

    Landmark Internal Medicine Studies

    Yes. Also surprisingly I'm impressed that my school has prepped me decently since I can tell you the main points of all those trials! Except the last two.
  9. The match rates for USMD are also partially lower because most only apply to top Canadian programs in desirable locations, as why would they rank lower or less desirable programs when they likely have more desirable US programs on their NRMP match list. So a bit of that. Use the search, this exact discussion has happened and you'll find plenty of informative posts
  10. JohnGrisham

    Yale Med vs UofT Med

    Assuming non-troll, stick with UofT as you seem to want to be in Canada for residency etc anyways. No reason to add extra-hurdles.
  11. Ahh i see, interesting! Why not just take the MCAT then and apply across Canada? With a strong GPA and a good MCAT, you stand a decent chance in places outside of QC. If you go abroad, you'll have to take many much more difficult tests than the MCAT, so may as well take the MCAT and prove to yourself. Then you may even land a spot in Canada that is much cheaper and far more secure.
  12. Consider nursing while reapplying? If youre making it to the interview stage you are close. Jumping ship abroad while at this stage, for someone who is not just a single 20yo applicant would be ill advised. haha What school(s) are you making it to the interview stage at? What is your GPA and mcat? Schooling will be a nightmare to sort out if you want to be apart of the local systems. Doable but still annoying. International grade schools are expensive. Do you have EU passports? Would your partner(if there is one) be able to work abroad? Do you have a decent amount of savings already to help finance? Bank loan will not be sufficient, let alone for a family. If you end up in the US for residency, working there can also pose an issue for a partner.
  13. JohnGrisham

    GIM Salary

    Depends if you find full time hours right away or not. Huge regional variation. Met some fresh GIMs who are only able to locum coverage etc, but will hopefully land a permanent gig soon. Low ball your first year for financial planning purposes just in case you find yourself in this position.
  14. Its not bad, but not amazing. Would be worth an app if you have strong ecs.
  15. JohnGrisham

    Year 3 Clerkship

    Localized. Year 4 is electives where you can go wherever in canada/us/world