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  1. JohnGrisham

    IMG and CARMS residency

    Yeah, sorry...you are mistaken. Many of them were not competitive for med in canada or went straight out of high school. But this discussion has been had over and over in many other threads.
  2. JohnGrisham

    What are my chances for MD or MD/PhD

    If that is all you have for non-academics, you stand a slim chance. Any work experience? Any other non-academics like community volunteering, sports, leadership? I think you already know the answer, if you aren't even near striking distance in Canada, its unlikely you'll come close for USMD. Research is one thing, but not all.
  3. That said there is a lot of self selection bias. People end up wanting to do residency where they do med school because that is often where their social network is.
  4. JohnGrisham

    Type of Research to do for Carms...

    That is extremely ambitious. Research is often over-rated and over-emphasized my premeds and medical students. Yes there are a few specialties where research is important(and you've self identified with this), but having 10-15 real publications is extremely unlikely. For at least 70%+ of people, research isn't going to make the difference.
  5. JohnGrisham


    Definitely not. You submit your individual transcripts to the medical schools and they calculate GPA accordingly. How your school does internal calculations is meaningless
  6. You're "below average" in a hyper competitive group of applicants who made it to the interview stage at a Canadian medical school. Chalk it up to luck and try again. Getting "average" or "above average" unless you're at the high end percentiles or low end percentiles is likely meaningless. You could be 39th percentile and be below average, 50th percentile and be average, or be 61th percentile and be above average (completely made up these numbers, but just for effect).
  7. Very easy. Do a ACGME FM residency, pass ABFM and then pass CCFP. Done.
  8. Rest and recharge. If you really want to keep fresh reading around guidelines and mccqe material for your first rotation. Most gains you would make have diminishing returns. Just like how you will be relearning things throughout year 3 that you learned in 1/2, the same will be for msi4, residency and beyond etc. Uworld step 2 ck question bank is gold standard IMO. Has great content in it. Casually do some questions if you're bored.
  9. The background knowledge is not insurmountable, UFAP and you're there. Canadian curriculums are generally much more focused on step 2 material, so you'll be better off in a different way. UFAP. UFAP.
  10. For sure, and dont get me wrong I'm a realist and not naive to the fact that those who are more well connected get further in life. But still felt hypocritical, much like when a recent cancer patient of mine had ?cord compression and their daughter physician was able to secure a stat imaging scan at their hospital. (We arranged it at our centre for a later time so there would be someone to read and direct oncology planning). Sometimes I get reflective on these topics and then shrug my shoulder acknowledging thats "just how it is". I would likely do the same I'm sure if I'm ever in an unfortunate position like that. Its human nature.
  11. There are plenty of big cities that are under serviced as well. Rural more so yes but plenty of people without FPs in big cities. When I started med school I called around 30+ places. Then the only way I got one was through pulling strings via the physician program. Same doctor that wasnt taking new patients took me on just for being a medical student. Felt cheap.
  12. Theres already a large amount of people choosing FM, and that said, its not as if there are loads of leftover FM spots, definitely not in the big cities.
  13. This is it. A close colleagues mother is a local big shot plastic surgeon, not easy in private practice.
  14. Surgical staff love NPs. Have one person to manage all your post-op patients who need to stay in hospital for a few days for recovery. Its like having a really good R1 who just does ward duty and can manage most things on their own without bothering you.