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  1. JohnGrisham

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    Why is there a limitation on the # of seats? You hear about IMGs being able to write the exams etc (but most end up not being eligible to even apply residency etc).
  2. JohnGrisham

    Electives for FM

    If you're going into FM, a outpatient gyne rotation is probably far more relevant than doing an MFM elective. You'll never come close to the types of patients MFMs see. Definitely interesting patient population if you're just interested for your own purposes. Prenatal care in a GP maternity clinic would be useful though, depends on your jurisdiction whats available though.
  3. JohnGrisham

    Ontario FM more competitive this cycle?

    Not true, has happened in prior years at a number of programs where they do not interview all that apply.
  4. Youre right OPs stats are bit less than desirable, that said upward trend is helpful in their GPA. MCAT score is low, but seems like maybe its CARS holding them back and they have stronger scores in sciences, which is helpful in a sense. If they have strong non-academics, they may be able to overcome. Varsity sport is helpful in the US too. Worth a shot anyways.
  5. You won't be restrained. Its not like youre destined to be a Nobel prize winner anyways. No one cares in the real medicine world because everyone is to busy working and making money. If you want sports med, DO is even more impetus. The manual therapy hooplah is getting big in the physiotherapy world also and there are lots of sports med docs in the US that are DOs..because they spend more time actually learning MSK anatomy etc.
  6. JohnGrisham

    Pharmacy to medicine

    Plenty transfer or finish then apply to medicine. Dont need to worry at all just get good grades and a strong app like everyone else. No one will question a thing.
  7. USDOs have a higher overall match rate between canada and the US. You know yourself best, if you end up being below average in med school its much safer to be a USMD or USDO than other IMG. USDO has a lot more room for error than Aussie etc for matching. Matching in Canada all around is difficult. US match is a near guarantee as a USDO even if you have a low step 1 as long as your flexible.
  8. JohnGrisham

    Elective location diversity?

    Its FM. I know many people who did no OOP electives and got interviews across the country. And then I know people who did multiple OOP and didnt get interviews at some of those schools.
  9. Surely being competitive for a surgical subspec makes you competitive-ish for gen surg? My understanding from talking to the surgical peers is that gen surg isnt as competitive. Maybe on a program specific basis..but not overall.
  10. Go live and work rurally during summers. That will show something at least.
  11. JohnGrisham

    Low stat, considering US and in need of advice

    501 is no chance at USMD
  12. JohnGrisham

    PHPM Electives

    Interesting- I'm surprised your school allowed attendance at it! That is impressively progressive.
  13. JohnGrisham

    PHPM Electives

    Is this via an elective(AFMC?)? That sounds interesting, and would be happy to pass that info on to my colleagues interested in PHPM!
  14. JohnGrisham

    Summer Break Pre-CaRMS Electives

    Some schools have longer and ive heard people doing 3-4 weeks of summer electives.
  15. JohnGrisham

    Summer Break Pre-CaRMS Electives

    Essentially, most schools have breaks between year 3 and 4. Some students are now using those summer breaks to do even more electives OOP before the real elective blocks you get credit for are scheduled. Expensive yes, time consuming yes, and too over the top. You don't get credit for these electives either.