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  1. Canada or the US is a small drop in the bucket of overall physician compensation. If you cant get into Canada, and get in somewhere in the US, you're fine.
  2. Many areas of what MD's do could be argued as "not needing an MD to do", but it's varied scopes of practice and niche areas that some people like working, so not necessary to axe them all together...
  3. They do have nurses that assist in some places in Canada.
  4. Trouble is when you are in-patient, you're not available for clinic work and patients get unhappy when their doctor isn't available weeks at a time. Unless you're doing evening clinics etc, which some patients might even like haha.
  5. Exactly. Not everyone will get to work in the hospital, or in a niche clinic. Understand and embrace the bread and butter of the field as a baseline, and then hope you can carve out a practice over time that suits your needs and interests.
  6. As stated above, the patient population isn't for everyone. Often work with patients who have a lot of social issues, and non-medical (but equally important) aspects of their care etc.
  7. That is incorrect. You can apply and be accepted to medical school, just like anyone else. Multiple dental students in the past have done this no issues. Dental grades wont count though.
  8. Unless i misinterpreted the post - OP is a premed shadowing? So certainly as they stated they are in a province where it is not allowed anyways technically... Or i grossly misunderstood the post, and they are actually a medical student now! In that case, definitely still be polite and not get in the way too much, but if they took you for shadowing that means they are more than willing to interact and have you involved in communication etc. So appropriate questions and showing interest is definitely okay and encouraged
  9. You are a shadow, only speak when being spoken too, and if you do speak without being prompted, make sure its something insightful/clarifying - and not something to be said just for the sake of saying something.
  10. 100% this. Just because staff are choosing not to eat, doesn't mean you can't eat / they don't want you to eat. They are also not your babysitter, so make sure you advocate for yourself and say "hey, after i finish this dictation, i'll just grab a bite to eat". There is rarely a reason that you can't not eat. I've met some med students who have made exclaims, and its usually because staff doesn't pay attention and just assumed you already went, and the student was too timid to go and eat due to odd misconceptions. Always eat. Definitely try and pack a lunch though, if your hospital's cafeteria is unreliable.
  11. BUt AcADemIA is BeSt GIM in the community, is ripe for opportunity if you're willing to work hard!
  12. I think you will have to simply stay in the US, as short term pain, for long-term gain. Sucks, but you would have otherwise been there for school anyways if it wasn't for COVID - so functionally the situation shouldn't be much different(unless you were already commuting everyday from canada and living at home on canadian side? Which case, then yes, that double sucks.)
  13. No medical student is being forced to stay post-call. Anyone who is, should be telling their admin asap, and that will be addressed swiftly. Canadian schools are pretty strict about this, and most attendings know better than to keep medical students post-call. There really is zero reason any medical student should be staying post call - residents and attendings can handle literally anything a medical student is "needed" to do.
  14. From an inpatient perspective, you can't really compare FM to IM in Canada. IM is significantly more inpatient intensive, regardless of the # of years.
  15. Plenty of people go into medicine because of the "Good career" aspects, and do just fine. I have multiple colleagues who treat it as a job, and are excellent clinicians. None of them actively hate it though. They at worst tolerate it, and have carved practices to optimize parts they like enough.
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