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  1. JohnGrisham

    Rural family medicine renumeration

    Often its due to call stipends. And your on call a lot. One centre I worked at, the GPs got 1000$/day on call on top of billings. Then of course increased % on base fees. Often its simply because they are working a lot more hours and doing different things.
  2. JohnGrisham

    Preparing meals in med school

    Its silly but trying to book basic things like car repairs, dentist and other things that require in person 9-5 is very difficult.
  3. You dont need to bring it up, other than getting your official malaysian transcripts for completeness. It wont negatively affect your Canadian apps. You will have to restart from scratch here anyways. You can keep re-applying to canada while in malaysia if thats what you choose.
  4. JohnGrisham

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Sure but again unless I'm mistaken, there needs to be documented and documentation of communication of deficiencies. Simply stating "oh I told them" isn't good enough. Need a record. Cause then yes people will just make things up.
  5. JohnGrisham

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Was this a 2 week rotation? Again, i would reach out your UGME and clarify procedures. Then have them liase with the program in question. Its not acceptable to give a student a deficient = fail for you, without documentation of poor progress at the mid-point, and an appropriate action/learning-plan/remediation steps. Again, very first rotation, non-core, and 2 weeks should be a sign for the program to have extremely little expectations of you. Even as a end of year 3 clerk, the expectations are not very high at all.
  6. JohnGrisham

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Also, as a general rule at least in my experience - you can't receive a fail or "deficiency" unless you received Mid-rotation feedback to the effect that you were performing as such, and offered support on how to address deficiencies. I'm pretty sure this is a Accredidation standard. So talk to your UGME, and figure out what recourse you have. Pretty unacceptable, unless you completely slacked off and didnt show up (which doesnt sound at all what you did).
  7. JohnGrisham

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Wow, sorry for your situation. Who fails a clerk on their very first rotation? And honestly, i get you're at Mac or Calgary - but starting your students off on a subspec rotation not at your home program is not the smartest organization. Did you choose to go OOP for this elective and in this specific specialty?
  8. JohnGrisham

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Likely people in some centres not wanting to spend 5+ years away from their preferred centres. Would rather match alternate specialty then move from Calgary to MUN for example. EDIT: not that there is anything wrong with MUN, but some with strong ties to a region may not want to uproot as far as cross-country, versus adjacent provinces with shorter flight times.
  9. JohnGrisham

    Paying for US med school tuition?

    Nice try carribean medical school admin.
  10. Haha sorry, just throwing in anecdote of how some practitioners(yes, not just dentistry, happens in medicine too), increase their take home income
  11. Or just do what 3 out of the 4 last dentists ive visited do: Realize you have good coverage and bill insurance more scaling units than they actually did. I've pointed it out each time and they get an embarrasing flabbergasted look, like "why do you care, you're not paying anyways". or "oh no no, the secretary must have punched it in wrong...." despite overhearing the dentist tell them "x units for patient A".
  12. JohnGrisham

    Studying for mcat with limited time?

    After you do hundreds of passages, you'll pick up the key points they like to test on and fill in knowledge gaps by reading around passages you had trouble with. Rinse repeat. I'm a big proponent of not sitting passively for weeks on weeks just reading prep books. Working on passages, and spending even more time dissecting why you got questions right/wrong was what worked for me and others.
  13. Nothing special you can do. Don't overspend, applies to all aspects of life. Try to learn how to cook if you don't already and do batch meals to prevent always eating out. Life related. In the first 2 years, theres not much reason to "have to" eat out alot. Treat yourself for sure, but you shouldn't "need" to buy lunch every day for example. In clerkship, yes there are more times where you "need" to buy lunch/dinner. But often many rotations with smart planning and freezing, you can still have at least 1 homecooked meal (lunch or dinner) ready to go. Most hospitals have fridges/lounges, and very few rotations have you going non-stop without time to quickly eat for 10 mins. It may mean eating at odd times, yes, but its doable. Again, nothing special about medicine in terms of saving money. Don't go buying textbooks brand-new, or at all if you never would use them (most people dont). Dont buy a fancy electronic stethoscope(we will make fun of you), and dont overspend on vacations. That said, you dont need to penny pinch and never eat out, or reward yourself either. But you also dont need to overspend on luxury condos, excessive wardrobes because youre "in medicine" now.
  14. JohnGrisham

    Studying for mcat with limited time?

    Still enough time. You don't really need 2-3 months of full-time study like some premeds do. You need effective study habits, good baseline and focus on practice questions/active learning over passive content review. People overblow the content aspects of the MCAT, much of it is using basic content knowledge, coupled with critical thinking and the information they present to you in the passage. Very few questions rely solely on discrete factual knowledge.
  15. JohnGrisham

    Grand Rounds and Other ways to stand out

    Have seen the counter scenario happen many times. The people gunning from day 1 going unmatched in derm, ophtho, and uro when out of nowhere MSI4s matched IP and OOP. Sometimes it can be to your detriment for being around too much.