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  1. If they tell you to go home, and youre done your work..you go home. Take the opportunity its not a trap. Nor will you get any demerits.
  2. JohnGrisham

    LoC refused, advice??

    Inexperience rep, go somewhere else.
  3. JohnGrisham

    What Are My Chances/Any Feedback? 3.96/514

    Doing the USDO apps wont add much work, and its still early. You should be gauranteed a few interviews at the solid schools. Strongly consider it, as the LORS etc will all be the same. Strongly consider adding USDO, if you want this to be your last application and be gauranteed a residency in the US. 3rd app to USMD is likely to turn out poorly again, unless things drastically changed or you solved the why behind not having any luck before. Good luck!
  4. JohnGrisham

    Lines of Credit

    I think above poster may have also been referring to the recent sale of MDM to Scotiabank, i imagine being partnered with scotiabank now means their MDM LOCs will be through them...and not NationalBank anymore. At least i'd imagine, but youre definitely right you could get a LOC via NB before.
  5. JohnGrisham

    First Aid, Pathoma

    First aid step 1 covers most of the basic science you should ever know and definitely more than most Canadian curriculums cover. It is not "over hyped" unless youre at Mac or something where its really far off to the wayside with basic science. Most Canadian curriculums are yes, closer to step 2 material..but i find that it'd easier to actually understand step2 material and guidelines and treatments.. When you actually understand the pathophysiology.
  6. JohnGrisham

    Confused about USDO and International Options

    Once you leave canada, your best chance at coming back to eventually practice is to do residency in the US then come back after residency completed. Thus going to a USMD or USDO is your best bet since youre near gauranteed a residency even if youre bottom of your class and have a step 1 fail. Matching in canada for residency is hard for any international. The odds suck. So it shouldn't be your primary target. It should be considered as a bonus because of how.much of a crap.shoot it is. If your profile isnt strong enough for USMD(generally you need to be competitive in canada or just about, to even have a shot at USMD), then USDO is just as good. If you do well in med school, you'll have plenty of options for residency in the US. Prior to 2016 changes, USDOs matched decently in canada in the CMG stream into FM, IM, psych, and even anesthesia. Now in the IMG stream their odds are more or less the same as other IMGs with maybe a slight boost if you can show that you are more clinically capable having done North american standard rotations compared to other places that sometimes you only do more observation style clerkship. But thats too small of a sample size of people applying to carms IMG stream, so just consider them equal in odds. But when it comes to the US match they do well, and it depends on individual merits. Last two years people have matched into competitive specialties and strong programs such as rad onc, multiple plastic surgeries, and even optholmology. Those students were strong Canadian undergrads who maybe got boxed out in canada for MD but started right away in the US and did well in medical school. And then of course the usual FM, IM, PEDs, EM primary care matches in abundance. The point is, once you go abroad, if you want the safest path going to the US for med school is your best bet. Since chances are you'll be applying their for residency anyways if you dont want to put all your eggs in the crap shoot CaRMS basket.
  7. Many people who are unhappy, often times havent done other careers. I'm pretty sure more than 50% of my class have never held real jobs. Maybe only 10% have had actual careers more than just a year etc.. At least with medicine and the right specialty I will make more than most people and have flexibility. Primary care jobs that allow one to work 3 days(full) a week and make 100k exist and especially if willing to go rural or locums. So if I get miserable or more jaded then I am, guess what? I'll stop working so much and dial it back. Food for thought. Medicine has its ups and downs but very few things touch the flexibility and payoff if you are a flexible and realistic person.
  8. Generally, if it is possible, it would be after you finish preclin and transfer for clerkship. Would need very good reason. Otherwise you'd have to reapply and start over.
  9. Quite likely not, unless they do 3.7+ in full load in both 5th year and 6th year and do well on MCAT. That should be enough "proof" of competence.
  10. Usually 2 half courses (6credits total) is fine as they understand it's equivalent to 8cr as long as it had lab component
  11. JohnGrisham

    Cell Phone Plans

    Agreed. Fido has promo.plans all the time like 40-50$ for 4-5gb and unlimited rest.
  12. JohnGrisham

    Very Lost Canadian PR with 3.41cGPA

    I meant get a 4.0 in the courses you tske, as in get an A+. So your average for the year should be as close to 4.0 as possible.
  13. JohnGrisham

    Very Lost Canadian PR with 3.41cGPA

    Dont bother taking the MCAT this summer, you have many other variables to improve upon first. Focus on your non-academics for the summer, and prepare to take both a 4th year and 5th year and get your grades up. You've done much better in your 3rd year, keep it up! Be strategic with your course choices, get some GPA boosters in there. No masters, not yet. Will not help you're situation as much as doing a 5th year of coursework at 4.0 level. Are your courseloads full in all terms? i.e. 5 courses per term, or equivalent? Your 3rd year is good and should be usable.
  14. JohnGrisham


    What ARE your ecs? You only list what you dont have. Do you have work experience? What experiences DO you have? You dont always need hospital volunteering if other experiences can show you have skills and maturity.
  15. JohnGrisham

    BC Family Doctor Billing

    Gross billings? If so that is pretty low if you're truly seeing 35+ patients a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. Something doesn't add up, or youre intending to mean net after overhead?