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  1. You still will need competitive GPA and non-academics, but definitely worth a shot. Its zero % if you don't apply. See how you stack up for UofC UofA UBC as of now, and plan your MCAT and any improvements(online courses can help out GPA etc).
  2. Well done! I will say you're likely very atypical even for a Canadian IMG, that is an impressive and well above average haul of interviews for IMGs.
  3. Are you a medical student? Most of that is pretty standard clinic stuff, that you'll get experience in if you rotate through FM clinics. IUDs maybe less so, but if you make an effort to line an elective up in MS4 or residency, shouldn't be a problem even for IUDs.
  4. What is your question, are you talking about doing Public health as an MPH, versus doing Public health as a physician, through the 5 year residency(which can include FM, or just research instead for those that dont want FM license for some odd reason) ?
  5. 2. Most banks are simply tacking on the mortgage payments to the end, and intrest still accrues. Deferral will actually COST MORE than just paying the payments now. Its simply a measure in most cases to help with short-term cash flow, but you pay for it down the line. 1. It seems like OP, like many students actually wont be eligible for much, unless they were already working. its a short-sight of the plans, but cant always be perfect. OP: Let your landlord know, and since youve already moved out - let them know again, that the room is vacant, you can't pay rent, and that you wish it could work out, and will keep trying to find another tenant - and that they are free to fill the spot too with another tenant. You can't take blood from a stone. Keep trying, but otherwise walk away. How much are you even paying for a room in a student house? As for this talk about evictions going on your credit score - as many places have already noted, this in fact is not really true in most cases. I'm not endorsing skipping out on the rent, but if they arent willing to work with you, then theres not much you can do. Definitely try dropping the sublet price and take it as a loss, and contribute whatever you can to the landlord.
  6. Actually, the last time i looked into workforce studies on this topic(2 years ago), most FMGs looking to train in the US are hoping to stay and build a new life..by utilizing the various different visa-waiver programs, green card pathways etc to stay. If you think about it, most aren't coming from Iran, India and China to train in FM/IM/Gen surg etc in Podunk USA to then just go back. They could have done similar training back home. They are going through all the expensive USMLES/time-sinks in exam prep.. doing it for the chance at a better life with higher income than what back home would afford.
  7. You would be working independently as a small business owner, there would be no "salary" as far as I am aware. Are you currently a small-animal vet in a clinic? i would assume most who are able to make an OK living in this industry, have a strong connection to the community already and connections. Or willing to invest a lot of time to get connected.
  8. Trust me, those hospitals without residents, definitely do not "rely" on clerks.
  9. Exactly, I would rather see the current 4th years/incoming R1s pulled - and be fresh to be re-introduced into the mix in 6-8weeks if things get hectic. Be at home, studying and prepping for R1. No use exposing them, and wasting PPE right now, while we are still fully staffed and have PPE. Once we are running low on staff, and don't have "ideal scenarios" with PPE, then its all bets off and we have a solid 3000 fresh R1s that come into the mix, presumably healthy and able to be given a bit more independence to manage all the non-Covid issues that are still going on. Less than ideal obviously, but if it gets to the point of TRUE emergency triage, a fresh R1 managing your DKA, ETOH tapers, casting/suturing up all the regular lacs that come in etc is better than those people being turned away. Some entering R1s are already fairly strong/pragmatic, and likely would be able to hit higher than their current training anyways, especially with extra latitude and motivation of life/limb.
  10. Agreed completely, but in times of crisis - we aren't going to be sitting around talking about dispo planning. In classic disaster triage mode, its the big stuff.
  11. Many hospitals, even in big centres are already looking towards running low on PPE, gowns, gloves etc. We don't need med students scrubbing into ORs for learning and wasting supplies. 2-3 weeks of no clerkship is not the end of the world for learning.
  12. Rumour mill has it Western FoM has cancelled remaining 4th year electives, any other schools taking drastic, but necessary steps?
  13. Why was it your number 1 then? Sorry you feel like crap, but it sounds like you should have spent more time thinking of your options.
  14. (I do not know that as fact, it was just my assumption given tight turnaround)
  15. My thoughts exactly, but towards clerks - majority of clerks are non-essential, and just more bodies transmitting and using up valuable/scarce PPE/gowns/equipment.
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