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  1. Agreed. Make people have real jobs before med school? Aside from surgery, and 24hr call clerkship isnt crazy draining compared to a normal career job and such. Especially since the buck rarely stops with an msi3/4. Nothing compared to residency I'm sure Post call is generally a thing. Only time it wasnt was on my FM rotation with emerge coverage. Even then it wasnt too busy and only a few minor calls.overnight and nothing compared to a busy CTU overnight admitting.
  2. JohnGrisham

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    Most who get into medicine aren't as you describe. But there are many who are underneath like that, but don't let it show on the surface. I.e. they were the ones who were smart enough to realize being outwardly a d*ck won't get you into medicine. Some of them resurface once they become senior residents onwards and have some power so to speak.
  3. I think your mixing things up. It is the F1-OPTI visa that US medical school grads who are non-US citizens get for 1 year after grad. It is commonly used as a bridge for PGY1 to apply for H1b for PGY2 onwards. You can't do residency on the TN visa.
  4. Your 254 will set you up strong. If you already know region you want to do residency, start doing the research into programs and try to set up 1-3 electives (as your school allows). You'll have no issue with primary care. Just do the remaining steps and set up some electives in the US if possible. Otherwise get familiar with the app process and dont miss any deadlines. IF you have a Green Card, process is even easier. If not, you'll need to apply for J1 or H1b, but with new rules for J1 its even easier. Your citizenship status with partner will dictate whats the best option to take etc.
  5. The main issues they have are exactly that, being away from Canada for even longer, and having to do the numerous extra steps necessary for US residencies etc etc
  6. Specialty dependent, but takes a few extra steps and its doable for most things. Trouble is finding a job if you're super specialized and/or picky on region.
  7. JohnGrisham

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    Also, when the US students rocked the boat about the uselessness of Step 2 CS and that 99% of US med students passed it and should only be for IMGs, they raised the failing rate of the exam(apparently), as a counter to the online student surveys/petitions.
  8. JohnGrisham

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    Some of the complaints about LMCC 2 are that it is so far removed etc for some specialties, is there not an option to take it earlier in training? i.e. pgy1 or m4 Or is there a requirement that it be done only after a certain point. I know for LMCC1 MS3 IMGs can take it, so there shouldnt be any reason CMGs cant take QE1 at end of 3rd year instead of 4th year...and then take QE2 end of 4th year or early PGY1?
  9. "Any other advice on improving my matching chance in Canada? Should I be doing summer practice in Canada? Do I contact all my medical contacts? Do I start researching residencies now and getting to know the people involved? " Yes to all of these, though hard to say if any of it will make a difference. Being a strong student clinically and doing electives (not shadowing) in Canada will be best yield.
  10. Well, traditionally most of those are GPs from South africa, UK, Ireland and Australia that have come over.
  11. JohnGrisham

    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    Can we really say there has been support of one another prior? Some groups of doctors have complained about other groups of doctors for at least the last decade, if not more. There wasnt necessarily the same downward pressure to cause more public bashing, but definitely has existed within the medical community itself.
  12. You can take the Canadian exams and try your luck at the Canadian FM residency spots along the way too. Otherwise you have a good backup, that said make sure you know the process of getting UK and/or Irish residency in teh first place. You'll have to figure out the priority ranking as an EU citizen, but not UK etc.. and non-uk school.
  13. JohnGrisham

    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    The cartel-like behaviour is spot on. Seeing new nephro's trying to "get in" is just sad.
  14. JohnGrisham

    Ireland Medical School Realities

    Definitely! I will say that Canadian curriculum generally is more clinically related and definitely prepares you well for step 2 and step 3. All in all, we've diverted a bit from the thread focus, at the end of the day its mostly on an individual to sit down and dedicate the time to standardized tests regardless of where they are studying medicine, US, abroad or even Canada.
  15. JohnGrisham

    Competitive Matching

    Two close friends who went to Mac Med had plenty of free time pre-clerkship, sure not much in terms of summer but from the day-to-day aspects of "in-school" time, they definitely had more free time than my preclin at a 4 year school. So i dont think the statement is accurate for a 4 year vs 3 year school. For time off as in summer breaks, then yes 100% 4 year programs obviously have way more time off.