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  1. JohnGrisham

    Moving to Newfoundland worth it?

    But being willing to move and uproot yourself is not a small thing, and could be enough to prove yourself. Of course you moved for IP seats, but theres more to it than that. Get involved in the community, set some roots etc.
  2. Definitely naive. Most Canadian med school admission processes are not as complex as people would like to think. They do a good job with what they can, but they aren't fine tooth combing through things- when it doesn't matter since even if they make a "mistake" they still get a perfectly fine candidate.
  3. You shouldn't have showed up for the exam to write. You can't get accommodations if you show up and write.
  4. JohnGrisham

    Medicine in Australia

    Dont forget to factor in self-selection bias, many who won't have favourable odds end up not even applying to CaRMS and focus on the US or staying in Aussie.
  5. Yep. Both aren't crazy competitive that you can't apply both
  6. Two classmates applied to a hyper competitive specialty. The one who on paper was a much better candidate(MD/PhD) excellent knowledge and clinical acumen matched lower on their list in a less desirable province, whereas the other who had no research and relatively less strong skills matched the top spot for them, because he just got along better with staff. Research and CaRMs is hit or miss by a landslide. Doesn't matter.
  7. At least 20-30% of my med class incoming wanted to do FM. More once they realized how much harder training in other specialities is and job outlooks.
  8. JohnGrisham

    Medicine in Australia

    Well his mistake was not writing the US exams and applying to the US. That's really his own fault. Can't change the past of course. Hope it works out
  9. A 3.2 is a far cry from being a gaurantee to even getting an interview at UofT. Maybe an interview at queens but even then can be hit or miss. Dal has few seats for OOP. So again not a gaurantee of securing interview but definitely possible
  10. Used to be apart of IM? And look how far it has dropped as a specialty :p
  11. JohnGrisham

    Erratic School History - Red flag?

    One thing to be preparred: be very proactive, as your GPA may take a drop when transferring from college to university.
  12. Depends on region, its amazing in my region. Lots of imported anesthetists to keep ORs open.
  13. Yes. Most real organizations dont take people without real skills. If you have no skills and someone is willing to take you, and your $$$, then its probably not a good organization.
  14. JohnGrisham

    Next steps?

    Just keep boosting your ECs via work experience and other volunteer work. Your grades are great. MCAT 127 verbal? thats going to hurt. Can consider a retake if the CARS is 127, which is a shame since rest of your scores are very good. I wouldnt bother with the 1 year program, when you can keep building your life experiences and maybe retake the MCAT if necessary.
  15. Well, the question is, what is going on that taking 1 year away from it wouldnt be enough? There are very few situations where being away for 2 years(less if you factor in OOP electives in year 2) after 1 year leave of absence isn't doable. Unless of course youre in the situation where you need to be a primary care giver, which is very difficult to be in. May need to look at other means to make it work, given your unique situation as a medical trainee etc.
  16. JohnGrisham

    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    You should know the requirements of an exam you are taking, its not a 3rd parties responsibility to inform you on something you should inform yourself on. Are you going to go 100% by the dental supply reps word on instruments and efficacies in the future? Take it as a learning moment and good luck with your repeat
  17. JohnGrisham

    Where to go

    If you really want a residency in Ontario, do med school in Canada.
  18. JohnGrisham

    How do you "back up"?

    Depends. Lots of people who are going for FM or went for FM do 8-10weeks of FM category electives. This includes GP-OB, hospitalist, palliative etc.
  19. JohnGrisham

    How do you "back up"?

    Everyone is in same situation. Won't make any huge difference overall
  20. What about taking a leave for 1 year and delaying Start? That way you can address family matters then start residency after.
  21. JohnGrisham

    DDS or keep applying to MD?

    I actually know 3. 2 went into medical school after working as dentists for 5-10 years. The other left dental school after 2 years and went into medical school. Definitely take dentistry and keep reapplying. You may just end up liking dentistry anyways.
  22. Need more undergrad years at 4.0 level. Start a 2nd undergrad degree, get a 4.0 in at least 1 year and do better on the MCAT, That will open up many more doors than currently. UofT, Queens, UWO(if you can really get MCAT way up), UBC, Calgary/Alberta if Cars is up. Other than your Research accolades, do you have any other volunteering/community work/actual jobs etc? Schools like calgary, ubc etc require strong non-academics and strong grades.
  23. Unless your in Alaska, 250$/week for one person is ALOT. Even if your eating eating out alot
  24. JohnGrisham

    Canandian Residency- Honest view

    Agreed entirely US Grads that are Canadians will do 10x better than Canadian IMGs from the carrib.
  25. Aka dont get a mortgage too early!