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  1. Manitoba has cancelled IMG/CSA electives until further notice.
  2. What about CSA's? Any benefit to doing observerships? Or just wait for electives.
  3. First of all, the Netherlands is not a Scandinavian country. I'll try and answer your questions to the best of my knowledge for Finnish med schools. 1. You would need a visa unless you have an EU citizenship. 2. Most universities are free for anyone to attend, but some of the universities are starting to charge tuition for non EU students. 3. Honestly, I have no idea. 4. Unless you speak fluent Finnish or Swedish, there isn't any way to practice as a doctor in Finland. 5. Med school is 6 years here, some students start right out of the Finnish form of High School, while others have done a bachelor's or even higher degrees. 6. Entrance to med school is mainly through an entrance exam conducted at the school you are applying to, you can only apply to one medical school a year. All foreign students wanting to attend have to come and write the entrance exam held in ~May each year, MCAT/GAMSAT etc are not considered. 7. You must be basically fluent in either Finnish or Swedish to attend med school here as there are no English versions of the courses here.
  4. Let's say you took a couple years off to work in between your bachelor's and medical school. Since you aren't a student, you have to start paying back your OSAP loans. Once you are a medical student, do your OSAP loans go back to being inactive, ie you don't have to repay them, and no interest accumulates?
  5. Do you know if anyone actually saved this on their computer as the link doesn't work anymore?
  6. My understanding is that you would need to write the GAMSAT in order to apply through CAO if you are applying to the 4 year graduate entry degrees. For these programs the schools want an equivalent to a 2.1 degree, I'm still trying to determine what it is, but it is likely up to each specific school to decide. If you have this equivalent, then you are ranked based on your GAMSAT score to see if you get in. When applying through CAO, all they look at is your total GAMSAT score, so ECs / GPA (once your degree is considered equivalent to a 2.1) are not considered at all. The tuition is basically free only if you have never done any post secondary education at the same level as the degree you would be starting. Since the medical degree is a bachelors degree, and you have one already, you would have to pay around 15,000-17,000 euros in tuition a year. Each school has their own policy as to whether you are considered an EU resident, and thus applicable for EU fees and applying through CAO, so your best bet is to contact the schools directly and see what they say.
  7. Does anyone know if Mac is still giving graduate applicants the little boost? Master's used to get 0.01 and PhD got 0.04. They seem to have removed it from their website now.
  8. Which tends to be more difficult: coming back to Canada for residency after doing med school in Ireland/UK or coming back as a fully trained doctor after completing your residency in Ireland/Uk?
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