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  1. After being rejected from every US and Canadian med school, I've decided to move out of Ontario to increase my chances at universities in other provinces and repeat my MCAT. Does anyone know which school would be the easiest and what the requirements are to gain residency? I think BC had a 6 month period needed to become a BC resident, Alberta had 2 years, Nova Scotia had 1 year I'm not sure but I'd love to know and would love input on this. I'm leaving my family behind for this and moving in with my girlfriend (we're gonna move together).
  2. I've been studying for the MCAT for the past 3 weeks and I've done 9 TPR FLs and the official practice test (sample test tomorrow). I've been actively scoring anywhere from 500-504 for a while now on my TPR FLs. Everyone online has been saying that they are much much harder, HOWEVER, when I did the AAMC Practice test, I only scored a 505. I just had a serious nervous breakdown because my scores on the AAMC practice test were( PS/CARS/BS/PYS) 127/126/127/125 (DESPITE TPR PSYCH BEING THE HIGHEST).... What do I do guys... My exam is on the 5th and based off of everyone (including 3 personal friends), TPR Fls are much harder than the real deal and the sample tests should be more indicative; however I only got 505, a 1 point boost... Everyone has said they got 10 point boosts. My friend had scored a highest of 503 on his and got a 513.... I'm incredibly depressed right now because I was hoping at a bare minimum 510 since my scores were pretty reasonable in the TPR tests...
  3. Hello, hope all of you are doing well. I was preparing my EXCEL spreadsheet with all my grades for each school and I was reviewing UofT's site and it mentioned the formula in which the lowest 1.0 credit/year is dropped. My question is that my year 1 had 5 credits, year 2 had 5 credits, year 3 had 3 credits and 2 more credits in the summer (because I had 3 deaths in my family over a 6 month period and I just needed to get away from everything), and year 4 has 5 credits. I'll be graduating this year but I wanted to know if the UofT formula applies to me because I was reading on my university's site and it states that 3 or more CREDITS (not courses), count as full time. Does UofT MS consider this full time? Thank you.
  4. After months of contemplation, I've decided that Caribbeans is out the window. I also don't want to go to the States with the massive debt load and with Donald Trump playing with US politics and potentially creating a Fascist USA. So I was being told by a close friend that if I change my place of residency, I can apply to other province medical schools with their requirements. For example, if I take my Ontario degree, and live/work in Nova Scotia for 12 months, I can gain Nova Scotian Residency and apply to Dalhousie while they require a 3.3 GPA vs Ontario GPA of 3.7 (I have only a 3.6). I have pretty good ECs and I'm doing my MCAT in the summer. Does anyone know if this is true and if yes, would you recommend it? I really love Canada and don't want to leave it. I'd like to dedicate my work in medicine to Canadians because of how grateful I am as well towards Canada for helping my family and I, who are of Middle Eastern/South Asian descent. Thank you.
  5. Haven't written it yet. And based on my calculations, I have a 3.78 for Western and 3.79 for Queens (based off my best 2 years and most recent 2 years). cGPA: 3.60 by the end of the year (applicable for uoft/mac) Ottawa GPA = 3.72 without my first year because it did not have a complete course load. I only have 3 years of full courseload with 1 semester in the summer to make up for year 1.
  6. Bless you all. I've decided to apply to a Masters but I will apply to medical schools as well because I apparently have a 3.82 queens and 3.80 western gpa
  7. Hey guys, is there anyone that can help me calculate my gpa for medical schools? I know this sounds like a stupid question, but some of you may have seen me consider a masters vs Caribbeans but apparently, I have a 3.82 queens GPA, 3.80 western GPA, and if I do well, I'll have a 3.63 cGPA, enough to apply to uoft, mac, and ottawa. I'd post my grades here but I'd prefer not to. The reason I need help is because I have some advanced questions (for example, in my previous year, I had dropped 4 courses, but still had 3 courses/semester, as queens wanted... so does that mean I can use that year?) Please inbox me!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that. That actually upsets me quite a bit. I've heard of people doing highly specialized residencies/fellowships and ending up doing nothing because its too specialized and there are no hospitals in the area looking for that because they already got senior/highly experienced doctors working for the next 20-40 years. You might want to read my lengthy post. Not an MBA! I hate MBA! We think very alike. That isn't possible unless you're literally in Nunavut or something. For starters, I've worked with some close doctors, family friends for that matter, and they fall in the 49.9% tax bracket and get taxed the life out of them. There is absolutely NO way they walk home with 250k as a family practice - UNLESS they have their own businesses on theside. And 400k? Again, perhaps if you're in Iqaluit? Tax? Please be realistic. Those guides are typicall pre-tax/cut figures and are generally misleading. This. Thank you. That last sentence - engineers/lawyers/businessmen make greater money. But why drop the lowest year? Is that how med schools look at it or something? Because if I drop my lowest year, I'm roughly back at a 3.7.
  9. That means a lot to me - the fact that you see me as a corporate climber and not a office worker. I work day and night to expand my knowledge JUST so I can be a corporate tycoon and not an employee. From books to degrees, I cannot work for someone else and will not work for someone else. I love business, I really do. I think that pursuing my business ventures will make me MUCH more happier than fiending away years full of debt to become a surgeon or whatever - which by the way depresses me seeing sick people. Wow. Why does he say that though?
  10. Hey guys, So I'm hearing a lot of different opinions and some similar ones too so I'll try to elaborate further now. #1) Yes, I love business. I love the idea of waking up for the corporate world and investing all day and making wads of cash. And this is irrelevant but I enjoy the suit and tie a bit more than the lab coat. I can see myself as a CEO, leading big tasks, talking to important people, and etc. #2) A second undergrad - Okay this is certainly not going to happen. If I have to re-do another 4 years in an undergrad, I feel like that is mental and emotional suicide. I hated my current undergrad to the point that I was in therapy and contemplated dropping out. I don't care about biology or chemistry as much as I do about making money. While it's really cool and it makes me feel good when people say how smart I am because of my undergrad, I see no practical application to it. Now some of you might say to me to enter the field of research - NO NO NO. I hated research. I worked for a professor and it did not excite me at all even 1 bit. Sure the lingo was cool and I felt smart but if I had to do this for another 50 years, I'd be done. I have no desire to become a researcher or professor. So to the original point - a second undergrad is a no no. I want to enter the PRACTICAL world and a MBA or masters in international business or even masters in data analytics is more realistic and more appealing to me than studying cell biology. Again, it feels great when people say to me "wow you have an 81% average in biology? I'm in philosophy and I have a 60", I don't love it. I remember forcibly taking adderall and chugging caffeine just so I could focus for my exams. #3) USA or Carribeans - I have absolutely no desire to go to the Caribbeans. I cannot afford the $400000 without a bank loan and going in such severe debt scares the life out of me. Now the more important question that everyone is asking, AM I PASSIONATE ABOUT MEDICINE? a) Yes, in the sense that I want to make money and medicine is a path for that Yes, the prestige and reputation is great c) NO, I don't want to see dying people and depress myself d) Yes, I love the idea of being able to diagnose and be able to help people e) NO, I don't want to spend 10 years to do it in school with LOADS of debt. Now some of you will bombard me with how much of a bad and unethical person I am because I'm doing it for "all the wrong reasons" - skip that. I don't care. I have a duty to my family first, then myself, and then the world. I'm not sorry if that makes me a bad person or etc. #4) Settling in a different province - that is rather difficult for me since I have no family there. I also don't want to go there unless I'm going there with the intent of business. #5) So why the masters in businesses? Because I want to enter the corporate ladder. Why am I even considering medicine then? My parents have fed me the notion that if I don't become a doctor, I might become broke and doing odd jobs like my father has to do. THAT'S ALL. Medicine is INSURANCE in case business fails, EVEN THOUGH MY HEART AND SOUL IS IN IT.
  11. A lot of interesting opinions.. I'm just more confused now. I feel like I won't even be able to get in anymore with the scores you guys are mentioning.
  12. I have an 80 on the dot major, and 81 non-major. and 3.5 cgpa
  13. I want to avoid the debt. And yes, I've been very much in touch with my entrepreneurial side.
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