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  1. Thank-you so much for the reply! Would you say that the grading is fair and that it's possible to do well (85+) if you put in the time and effort? I'm just a bit worried about the grading since we don't get any face time with the prof or tutors. Also do you mind if I ask how long it took you to complete the course?
  2. Has anyone taken any psych courses online with Athabasca? So far I found feedback on bio/chem/eng courses but I'm doing the courses as part of Western's special year and am looking for something fairly easy to take and have a background in pysch! TIA
  3. Thanks for the reply Ellorie and Sunny Anxiety is the issue but this semester a huge part of it was due to worries about a medical issue which won't be a problem next semester. And I'm generally good with keeping up with my school work and have done well in my previous years and I honestly feel like these past few months/semester was just kind of a tough time for me. The normal anxieties I have due to school I am able to manage but as another poster told me it might be beneficial for me to seek some help which I will be doing over the break so overall I think i will be in good shape for next term. -Greenskies
  4. I'm just not sure if my university will consider that valid....they might just say that it's your responsibility to mange your life. I think our official policy states that it has to be either a death in the family or some illness that incapacitated you for the reason to be considered valid :/ I've heard of notes from doctor's getting rejected too so that's why I'm a bit worried. I think the class is being offered again next semester and also in the summer as it's taught by the same prof. Not sure if they'll change the format though. I think that next time around I'll be able to handle it since I won't have the anxiety relating to the medical condition affecting me as well. -Greenskies
  5. Thanks for the advice! At my university I think you write it in the next exam period or next time the course is being offered which is in the winter session (April/May) so if I'm granted a deferral I think that's most likely when I would write it. -Greenskies
  6. Thanks, yes as I replied above it's also the medical illness that's affecting me but I've heard of people being sick the day of the exam and having their request denied so that's what I'm most worried about. -Greenskies
  7. Thank-you for the advice! The class is offered next semester and also in the summer with the same prof I believe so would I write the same exam as her new class if I deferred or will it be a different exam just for me? Have you ever heard of a deferral being denied even though there was a valid/legit reason? It's not the stress and anxiety but also the medical illness (it's an ongoing chronic thing) and since my whole purpose to take an extra year to improve my grades I feel like my health is affecting me from doing my best and simply getting it over with without doing well would defeat the purpose of my entire year. Also my anxiety is pretty severe at this point, I haven't really eaten anything for the past few days and my heart is constantly racing even when I try to sleep so I don't know what to do anymore. -Greenskies
  8. Sorry should've mentioned, this is not Ash123! She graciously let me borrow her account to post since the my email verification didn't some through yet. She posted about a late withdrawal for me yesterday but I no longer think that is an option so if you guys have any ecperince with deferrals please, please let me know! -Greenskies
  9. Longtime lurker, first time poster here. So i have five exams coming up this semester and I'm really stressed and anxious and I am thinking of deferring an exam. I'm doing a 5th year (post-grad) solely for the purpose of bumping up my grades and currently due to medical reasons as well as stress, anxiety, and inability to sleep, I can't focus, or concentrate. At my school you need to submit medical documentation to have a deferral granted and then they decide whether you will be granted the deferral or not. I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with deferring an exam and what the process was like. Was the deferred exam harder? Also has anyone ever had a defer request denied? If you don;t feel comfortable posting please PM me. I'm really freaking out over this and am worried that if I try to request a deferral they'll deny me but at the same time I think that this is the best/only option for my health and overall goals.
  10. Ash123

    Second Degree Success Stories

    DelightedPreMed did you end up taking the pre-reqs for the MCAT or did you self-study?
  11. Thanks! Always better to be on the safe side I guess
  12. On the page where you fill out specific details about your role in a particular activity I noticed in the instructions it says to indicate "total hours and the number of years" for years does this mean that in the hours box we also include 2 years, 3 years, etc. Aren't the years already included in the heading on the activity with the month though? Do I have to include a count again?