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  1. f011235813

    Living in hamilton?

    Note: McMaster has more than one campus. We also have the Kitchener Waterloo campus (WRC) and Niagara campus (NRC), and KW is VERY close to Guelph-if you enjoyed living in Guelph. (*****Shameless Plug for McMaster WRC*****)
  2. f011235813

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Can confirm movement yesterday as well.
  3. Psych courses in general. PSYC2240-Bio basis of behaviour is usually very easy and all MC/SA tests. PSYC2130-Personality with Krista Phillips MODR1770: If with Dan McArthur, no essays or presentations. SA tests only. Pretty much most Psych courses that are 2000 or 3000 level. Lots of MC only courses to choose from.
  4. f011235813

    Physician political orientation

    Can't say the schools NECESSARILY select for this, but the vast majority of my fellow students are Left leaning, many far left. By contrast, I have only met a couple students in all years combined who have a view that's even slightly to the right of centre. CASPER my year didn't seem heavily political, and in my MMI, nothing overtly political really came up.
  5. f011235813

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    VERY pleased!!!!!!!!! Been watching you go through this for years! CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DESERVED INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Was a psych major. Took 4th year psych courses: PSYCH4000 (THESIS), PSYCH4030, PSYCH4050. Much more research based than 3rd year courses. They ARE A+ doable, but you need to put in extra effort as opposed to 3rd year courses. 4030 is A+ doable with Lorne Sugar, but you need to put in a lot of work. One of the Neuro ones was supposed to be A+ doable as well. The one that needed Bio basis and Neural Basis as pre-requisites. MODR courses are A+ doable, but subjective. So are some PHIL courses. (Phil1100-Meaning of life for example) 4th year courses are seminars, so they're designed to be different from 3rd year courses.
  7. f011235813

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Yep. Can confirm this is the case with mac!
  8. You'll know probably by end of June. May 22 is deadline to accept, but WL will move, usually into June.
  9. Keep your head up! Mac Waitlist moves a lot usually!
  10. Anybody done any US electives during clerkship? Advice on how to sign up for these, find ones that take internationals? (Specifically in NYC, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Miami) Desired specialty is IM. Thanks in advance!
  11. Also, anyone willing to share their scores? Thanks in advance!
  12. f011235813

    Only Interviewed at Mac

    I know a bunch.
  13. f011235813

    No Chance?

    Can't comment to other experiences, but I have a lot of friends in US medical schools who did NOT go to UofT (a bunch of them were York students, some went to schools like Mac and Western). and some of them are at REALLY good schools. It's possible that US schools place a heavy emphasis on reputation, but I know for a fact that it can at the least be overcome if it's really such a big factor
  14. If you took Full course load, one or two B's will make no difference for UofT (Drop your 18-24 lowest credits-unclear if you applied as a 4th year or not). And the effects for Mac will be negligible.
  15. f011235813

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    I seem to recall this as well.