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  1. Oral pathology is a subspecialty of dentistry. 3 year residency post dental school. Can also combine with a PhD or with oral medicine residency but will be longer. Very interesting specialty, lots of interesting pathology (OSCC etc.) Not the highest paying dental specialty, and most oral pathologists I know of are very research focused. Rewarding specialty for dentists with research focus and interest in basic science.
  2. I know lots of Canadians who were able to do this (anecdotal)
  3. This is truly fantastic. Wow, it is rare to see someone post something like this on the internet. Open-minded and reasonable. Whoever you are, your patients are lucky to have you.
  4. This may be a little late to post this, lol but...
  5. Example: (Myself) Final year WRC August-September-Guelph (6 week rotation) October-November- Guelph (6 week rotation) November-December- Cambridge (6 week rotation) Note: Ranked KW first for every rotation and ended up with this list. My friend in the same stream: August-September-KW-GRH (6 week rotation) October-November- Guelph (6 week rotation) November-December- KW-GRH(6 week rotation) Note: Ranked KW first for all rotations. Depends on your luck. Rotation location decided by random lottery-Note if you don't rank KW for first choice, you WILL NOT get it.
  6. I'd erase the words "as a physician" and leave the rest as a general rule for life, but that's just me.
  7. Some of the psych courses potentially. 4030: behaviour modification/behaviour therapy is technically A+ doable with Lorne Sugar, but you'll likely squeak an 89.5. Approximately 45-50% of the final grade is MCQ tests, meaning you would need to get 80-85% on the subjective parts of the course. Interesting course though. 4050 Personality Theory and Behaviour Disorders. with Trobst is another. ~40% for tests, but she does mark papers quite fairly, so 85-90% on them is quite doable. Super interesting course though, and the stuff from this course REALLY helped with my psychiatry rotation in med school
  8. Does it still exist as its own specialty? I was under the impression it had been collapsed into Pathology. (Medical Biochemistry)
  9. WRC Mac has some great sports med preceptors through family med. Contact our WRC Electives Coordinator, she's amazing!
  10. Thanks a lot! I have a lot of oncology related research, multiple publications from before med school, several in progress that I'm hoping to publish before CARMS. Will VERY likely be at least submitted for publication before CARMS. The other field I'm considering is Medical Genetics, which I currently have an elective booked in. Basically, I saw a few patients in miscellaneous clerkship rotations that had interesting genetic conditions and I ended up REALLY enjoying those experiences extensively. (I also have an serious interest in both molecular genetics and cell biology {Planning on doing a CIP with a PhD in either Genetics or Cell Biology}, so it fits pretty well for me). Will my doing 1 or 2 electives in Medical Genetics look like I'm not serious about radiation oncology? After considering the points made by previous posters, I'm actually thinking less about Internal (would NOT enjoy GIM at all) and more about Radiation Oncology. I don't want to JUST apply to Radiation Oncology as there aren't that many spots, and I really would want to apply to at least one other specialty, and I honestly could see myself enjoying Medical Genetics. I want to see patients, so I'm not really considering pathology (not that I don't enjoy pathology, just no patient contact for the most part).
  11. Wasn't an issue for me! I doubt anyone will say anything.
  12. OK, so let's say I decided I was all in for Radiation Oncology. Would I then ONLY do Radiation Oncology Pre-CARMS electives? I could also throw in a Palliative Care elective to help with that if necessary? (Note I currently Have two Radiation Oncology elective booked out of my 5 pre carms electives.) Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks a ton and to the previous poster as well. Only thing is that Internal med, people match with even 0 electives. Most last cycle did 3+ electives for Rad Onc. Do you think it would still be doable to match to Rad Onc with only two electives? Data per CARMS electives data on that site.
  14. Realized I would be equally happy as a Radiation Oncologist and Medical Oncologist. Yes, I know how different they are, but I genuinely enjoy both. (I did pre-clerkship electives in both and really enjoyed them, and both could fit equally with my research interests: Goal being Clinician Scientist through a CIP training program, heavily involved in research for a while, no MSc or PhD, but several published papers, most in Cancer related cell biology) Current strategy: (Only 5 preCARMS elective spots: 3 Radiation Oncology, 2 Internal (thinking 1 CTU, 1 Medical oncology/Hematology) Thoughts, ideas, tell me I'm an idiot? Thanks in advance.
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