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  1. It was around an hour before the deadline. I remember for me it was working just fine around 2-3 PM
  2. I guess were done for tonight!
  3. MAY BE? MAY F** BE? no no no, you know no english, you should put WILL BE!
  4. choghok511

    OOP; worth it/chances?

    You will never know if it was worth it unless you try! your stats look promising but nobody here is an admission officer, so I hope you apply and wish you best of luck.
  5. choghok511

    DENT 2019

    best thing to do: call the admission office and ask!
  6. choghok511

    Will accepting bother MD+DMD offers cancel something?

    Based on my experience, once you go on Minerva and select one of the programs you are accepted in (assuming you have 2 admissions), and pay the deposit for that program, Minerva then automatically withdraws the admission to the other program so you will not even have a chance to pay the deposit for it! This experience is however not in the case of the two admissions being DMD and MDCM. I hope others can confirm this!
  7. choghok511

    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    You will hear now in terms of being "waitlisted" but your rank on the list will come out later!
  8. choghok511

    McGill Interview 2018

    got refused exactly at 2 PM good luck to everyone who got an invite
  9. choghok511

    McGill Interview 2018

    apparently OOP is out too, so no news is kinda bad news now I guess! I have not got a response either!
  10. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    rejections are out! so if you have no results, i suggest you wait for it!
  11. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    I know this topic is only for medicine, but any rejections from McGill Dent?
  12. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    I applied to both, refused Med and nothing for Dent yet! I think Dent should be out for all soon too!
  13. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    Dentistry at McGill?
  14. choghok511

    minerva updated for 2018 interview

    Please if you get a decision, use this page to report it so we can have all stats together thank you
  15. choghok511

    minerva updated for 2018 interview

    its too early to say that! wait a little bit, they have to change them one by one manually!