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  1. choghok511

    OOP; worth it/chances?

    You will never know if it was worth it unless you try! your stats look promising but nobody here is an admission officer, so I hope you apply and wish you best of luck.
  2. choghok511

    DENT 2019

    best thing to do: call the admission office and ask!
  3. choghok511

    Will accepting bother MD+DMD offers cancel something?

    Based on my experience, once you go on Minerva and select one of the programs you are accepted in (assuming you have 2 admissions), and pay the deposit for that program, Minerva then automatically withdraws the admission to the other program so you will not even have a chance to pay the deposit for it! This experience is however not in the case of the two admissions being DMD and MDCM. I hope others can confirm this!
  4. choghok511

    Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

    You will hear now in terms of being "waitlisted" but your rank on the list will come out later!
  5. choghok511

    McGill Interview 2018

    got refused exactly at 2 PM good luck to everyone who got an invite
  6. choghok511

    McGill Interview 2018

    apparently OOP is out too, so no news is kinda bad news now I guess! I have not got a response either!
  7. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    rejections are out! so if you have no results, i suggest you wait for it!
  8. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    I know this topic is only for medicine, but any rejections from McGill Dent?
  9. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    I applied to both, refused Med and nothing for Dent yet! I think Dent should be out for all soon too!
  10. choghok511

    Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2017/2018

    Dentistry at McGill?
  11. choghok511

    minerva updated for 2018 interview

    Please if you get a decision, use this page to report it so we can have all stats together thank you
  12. choghok511

    minerva updated for 2018 interview

    its too early to say that! wait a little bit, they have to change them one by one manually!
  13. choghok511


    I don't know why, but CaPS stopped their mock MMI sessions this year. Another practice that many suggest is to record yourself or practice in front of the mirror. this way you can work on your eye-contact, facial expression etc. Also, if you record yourself, you can rewatch it and see how "convincing" you are in your answer! best of luck
  14. Hi everyone, Since you have to take only ONE Casper test per application cycle, I was wondering if anyone here was applying to McMaster or McGill as well as French schools and want to write it in both English and French? I know that especially for McGill, they also accept French but my English is far better than my French and I do not want to lower my chances for McGill by writing the Casper in French. And I know McMaster does not accept French at all, so does anyone know how this works? Does Casper have exactly the same questions as TECT (French Casper) in a given year? Thanks
  15. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone here took French classes in Montreal that could prepare them for the French admission test at UdeM? I have not used my French much since Cegep French courses and I am planning on applying to the French schools next year. I know there are many classes in town, but I really appreciate it if anyone could suggest a specific course that they find helpful for the purpose of applying to french medical schools? Thank you