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  1. Hi: I'd like to do 1-2 of the EK full length exams. Does anyone have a recommendation for which of the 4 are "best"? Thank you!
  2. Stop posting and get moving! My partner's a dental student and, considering discussions I've had with him and his class, I'd say that most people study casually for 4-6 weeks. Then again, if the science is brand spankin' new to you, you'll need to factor in more time.
  3. Presh

    Has Anyone Done An Ek Full Length?

    I found the exam to be very dissimilar from the AAMC material that I've been practicing with. For instance, there were so many stand alone content-based questions and too little passage interpretation. It didn't focus on "high yield" topics. And some sections, notably CARS, was just hard for the sake of being hard (e.g. all four of the choices seemed correct, or all four of them seemed incorrect). It was frustrating and I felt like I was wasting my time, but didn't want to stop halfway through because I spent US$50 on the damn thing! Honestly, if I were to study again - and I'll probably have to! - I'd avoid prep company material altogether.
  4. Presh

    Has Anyone Done An Ek Full Length?

    Update to anyone else who might be thinking about taking an EK full length: I wrote #4 today and wouldn't recommend it. Assuming that all EK exams are similar to this one, I won't be taking another.
  5. It wouldn't be considered any more valuable than doing research in another field, and less so if you weren't engaged in the research for genuine reasons. I'd suggest that the motivation to do research on any marginalized population simply for the sake of impressing admissions committees would be seen as, most likely, offensive.
  6. Presh

    Has Anyone Done An Ek Full Length?

    Thank you, revenant! I appreciate it.
  7. Best of luck! Unfortunately, "non-traditional" students often have to target 1-2 schools because, really, that's their only option. My advice would be to focus on those schools that you are a good candidate for and forget the rest. With enough determination you're bound to find success!
  8. I wouldn't count on NOSM because a significant portion of your score is "context" (~1/3 of the application); in other words, what are your ties to Northern, remote, rural, First Nations, or French-speaking Canada? To give you some perspective: I'm classified as rural (Southern Ontario), I've spent a significant amount of time in the North over the course of my life, and my MSc research was based in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, so I worked there for several months. I've also worked with the Northern First Nations community for years, which is looked highly upon. I got an interview, but I know that my context score was still total shit compared to other applicants. If you don't meet their context criteria, I'd only recommend applying if you want the experience of doing so.
  9. Can you afford the cost, time, and potential GPA hit of taking pre-requisitites? If so, then it would certainly help you to prepare for the MCAT, especially if you aren't a strong self-studier. If no, then you can absolutely prepare for the MCAT on your own. Just give yourself plenty of time to do so.
  10. Presh

    You Are Superhumans!

    Last night a professor said that people who go through the MCAT process now are superhumans. So, know that you are super, and that you can do this!
  11. I'm planning to write in September and am wondering what testing centre those of you who have written this year used. What were your experiences like? I wrote CARS last year at the Prometric Satellite Centre in London and didn't have a great experience because the cubicles were very small so I could see the person beside me. It felt a bit cramped. Thank you for any feedback you can offer!
  12. My sister (young professional) and her friend (starting her MPH in September) are looking for a third roommate to share a very large, well cared for house with in Old South. Both women are mature, outgoing, and physically active. - $530/month + utilities (estimated ~$100/month) - 5-minute walk to direct bus route to campus (6), which drops you off in front of the medical school - Private backyard - Garage with parking - Plenty of storage - New stainless steel kitchen appliances - Washer and dryer in the basement - Close to downtown (~$5 Uber ride!) - Minutes walk from downtown Wortley Village I currently live in Old South, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the city. The house is much higher quality than you'll find close to campus, especially for this price. This ad was posted when the house was for sale, but the owner decided to rent it instead: http://www.point2homes.com/CA/Home-For-Sale/ON/London/South-London/247-Ridout-Street-South/22227167.html#lg=1&slide=10 Message me if you'd like more information.
  13. Advice, please! I'm in a sticky situation. I would like to apply to UofT but there's no way that I can get a LOR from my graduate supervisor. Not only is he difficult to get along with, generally, but he clearly stated that he does not support students going to professional school following graduate school. Students in his lab don't tell him they're applying to professional school, let alone use him as a reference. I'm certain he won't make an exception for me. I called admissions a few months ago and was told that exceptions won't be made. Has anyone successfully applied or been accepted to UofT without a graduate supervisor's LOR? Having been in the world of academia [for much too long!], I know that I'm not the only graduate student to have had a difficult supervisor. Thank you!
  14. I appreciate the encouragement! We've discussed it in the past; it's a no-go. And even if he would write one, I'd be afraid of what he'd include. You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) how common his ideology is in academia. It's shame, and although I would love to be able to apply, I can apply to a number of other schools and am thankful for that.
  15. Update: this is the response that I received from admissions. "Unfortunately, we will still require a letter from your supervisor, evaluating your performance. Without it you application would be considered incomplete." On the bright side, I don't have to spend time writing the essays!
  16. I did my MSc in the Department of Biology where TA'd a bunch of courses and lectured in a couple. Depending what stream you're interested in, I may be able to offer some advice. PM me if you like.
  17. I can't speak to the benefit of doing anymore undergraduate work, but I will say this: having completed a graduate degree, and having a full academic CV (including publications, teaching, and invited oral and poster presentations), it isn't the best route. One of the biggest misconceptions is that doing a graduate degree after a less than ideal undergraduate performance will get you into medicine: that's highly fallacious. At most schools, a graduate degree is probably most useful at the interview stage (?), but I would imagine that relevant work experience would have the same effect. Just my $0.02.
  18. Several fourth-year dental students live in The Renaissance (or The Renaissance II, I don't know the difference) and seem to like it.
  19. Right? I asked myself that very question for years! I'm hoping that someone will have dealt with this and can offer some insight. Or maybe I'm just SOL!
  20. Hi Bambi MSWschnoodle: I'm certainly going to apply elsewhere, but I'd like to keep my options open. As a mature, second degree student my options are limited as is, so I'd like to be able to apply to UofT. As far as know, it's is the only school that requires a graduate supervisor LOR. I know two other students who didn't apply there because they couldn't get LOR from their graduate supervisor, but I'm not willing to give up that easy! MSWschnoodle: I've completed my graduate degree, so can't switch now! I know several other faculty members who have offered to write me letters, but I was told that it must be from my primary supervisor.
  21. Seconded. I'm in a similar situation to you and feel confident that ~3 months of studying (1.5 months casually, 1.5 months more intensely) will be sufficient to achieve a decent score. I also used the EK books. Lucky for you, neuroscience and psychology comprise a much larger portion of the new MCAT as compared to the old MCAT!
  22. I'm a mature, non-traditional student (with an MSc) who's preparing to write the MCAT in September. I'm looking for like-minded people to study with in London. My schedule is flexible! Message me if interested!
  23. 10th edition released in May 2016 in USA. Not yet available in Canada. Updated from 9th edition (2014) following the first round of the new MCAT sittings. $40 firm. Essentially brand new. Missing 12 pages, which are included as photocopies.
  24. I'm using the NextStep book as well and don't love it, primarily because I don't always agree with the conclusions drawn by the writers. I'll still use the book (because [seemingly unnecessary] trickiness is good practice!), but personally find it less similar to the AAMC questions than other resources I've used. Point is: it's a very frustrating book, which on some days defeats me! Keep with it!
  25. Presh

    Arts Grad With A 520 Mcat Ama

    Thanks, Kathryn!