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  1. Hey all, new to these forums and looking forward to some advice. I’ve got a lot of questions! I’ve recently begun thinking about med school, and would like to have some advice for a plan of attack. I am a BC resident, just graduated from UBC with a BA (Honours) in Philosophy. I’m thinking of eventually applying to UBC MED, but I’m curious what my chances are in other schools as well, so I’m open to advice in that area as well. Before I give GPA stats, I have a few clarifying questions: Does UBC use the grade conversion table found HERE (http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2012/08/ADM_grade_conversion_tables.pdf) to convert its own grades as well as grades from other institutions? Also, it looks like they use percentage and not the 4.0 GPA system for their applications, right? If so, here’s my GPA stats in percentage, according to the UBC conversion table: Year 1 (30 Credits): 83.8 Year 2 (30 Credits): 70.6 Year 3 (30 Credits): 85.4 Year 4 (27 Credits): 84.1 Year 5 (15 Credits): 85 Overall (top 102 credits, excluding year 2): 84.53 Here they are according to OMSAS GPA Calculation.. Is this standard in other med schools? Or is there another method I’m missing? Year 1 (30 Credits): 3.7 Year 2 (30 Credits): 2.96 Year 3 (30 Credits): 3.74 Year 4 (27 Credits): 3.75 Year 5 (15 Credits): 3.86 Therefore, I think my overall (calculated from averaging the scores of each course, excluding the second year) is: 3.75 Now, obviously I would like to get Year 2 dropped, if possible. Otherwise my overall GPA/Percentage would drop significantly. UBC says on their website that the worst academic year can be dropped, “if you meet the criteria”. Does anyone know what those criteria are? I’ve searched, but can’t seem to find anything. Another question: I’ve noticed that some schools, such as Dal and MUN, require that your degree was entirely full-time, especially in the last 2 years of study. Looking at my stats, although most of my degree was full-time study, that’s obviously not the case for the last year, as I was just mopping up various required courses for my degree. Does UBC require this as well? Am I eligible for consideration? What about other schools? Similarly, is there a problem with the fact that I took a one-year gap between years 2 and 3? My next questions have to do with getting the science pre-reqs. I don’t have any science background at the university level, and so would need to snap up those prereqs. I’m hoping to do them at TRU online. From what I’ve read, at UBC these would just get calculated into my overall GPA, even if I took them as non-degree courses. Is this right? What about other schools? Is it a problem if I do them part-time while I work (this is related to my concern above, about full-time study being required for eligibility)? There doesn’t seem to be any need to do any entire second degree, right? Just the prereqs. Would there be an advantage to a second degree? Finally, two more questions. I have pretty good ECs (I think). 2 major volunteer commitments, for 6 years and 2 years respectively, for about 8-10 hrs and 3 hrs weekly each (obviously more by the time of application). 3 languages spoken, lots of travel (some volunteering on that travel), some public speaking, 2 internships at a church (3 years and 1 year respectively). Most of my ECs are related to church activities - will this be looked on negatively? Finally, assuming I do well in the prereq courses, my GPA stays the same (or raises!), and I do well on the MCAT, what are my chances at UBC? What about other schools? Thanks so much in advance for your help.
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