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  1. Absolutely not, that would be a massive unnecessary risk. Once you get to a point where you can score 129-130 reliably on the FL's, your actual score on exam day comes down to basically luck for the 128-132 range. You could really hurt yourself if you rewrite.
  2. I actually haven't looked at this year's application layout yet. I knew they introduced an ABS, but jeez, 8 essays? Wtf. I'm glad I got in when I did.
  3. Why not just compare everyone's family wealth and just accept the top 200 bank accounts then? Western has a relatively objective admission criteria so what you're describing here won't happen unless they have a significant change in their admission philosophy. Nothing is more disqualifying to a quantitative admission process than some stupid subjective admission criteria. Focusing heavily on the MCAT atleast gives the poor some chance to be represented in medicine, even though the wealthy still have an advantage in either case, just not as much as an advantage currently. To OP: I don't think cutoffs are likely to change unless there is a significant shift in the applicant pool quality this year. I don't think any P/S cutoff they introduce will move the other cutoffs that much, because everyone who meets a 129 and 128 in CARS and B/B, respectively, is likely to have a fairly high score in P/S already. If anything it might change the number of qualified SWOMEN.
  4. Then nearly every single one of my activities would have been defined as "non medically related"? Do they want applicants to just check the box for every thing they put in except a few activities?
  5. tavenan

    MCAT Cutoff???

    Your CARS score will probably screen you, but you never know
  6. There is no such thing as an MCAT date that is too late for Ontario schools. Even if you write on the last day you'll have your score back in time. For other schools, you had to write earlier. Like Dalhousie wanted the MCAT written before August 10th, for example.
  7. tavenan

    Chance me

    I mean why not? You should apply to every school that you aren't outright disqualified for. So don't apply to Western, for example, unless you plan on retaking the MCAT. And probably don't apply for Queens, McMaster, etc. But for UBC and McGill, if you don't apply you have a 0% chance, but if you do, your chance is >0%. So again, why not?
  8. They'll do what ever they have to in order to interview 400 applicants. It's impossible for anyone to say whether or not they'll add Psych this cycle, though common sense dictates that they will add it at some point in time. In terms of lowering CP or BB cutoffs, the school historically favours low CP and high BB/CARS. You have to realize that there are multiple ways they can break down the applicant pool into 400 students to interview, so the cutoffs will vary based on the applicant pool, but you can be safe in assuming that the BB cutoff will be higher than the CP cutoff, for example. For that reason, I find it extremely unlikely that the CARAS cutoff will drop below 129, because of how highly it's valued by the school, and how effective a CARS score of 129 is at reducing the applicant pool to 400. If they lowered CARS to 128, they'd probably have to do a lot of work to get the number of qualified applicants down to 400 again. So it's best to wait and see how they value the Psych section. I think they might wait until they have 4 years of data for the first class that entered with the new MCAT, to see how their graduation / performance rates vary based on their PSYCH score on the MCAT. It's hard to tell how highly they value the PSYCH section, and if they introduce it at say a cutoff of 126 or 127, it's extremely unlikely that the cutoffs for the other sections would move at all, as everyone who meets 128 in B/B and 129 in CARS would most likely also meet a 126 or 127 in Psych already.
  9. tavenan

    Chances?? (desperate)

    you meet the GPA and MCAT cutoffs so it all comes down to your EC's
  10. There we go I'm surprised they made this information public, assuming that it's true of course. So it's almost certainly either a post-interview formula, or a test year. We'll have to see.
  11. Western is (was?) a MCAT-centric school (main barrier for most applicants, non-SWOMEN atleast). Such schools will never get any more or less competitive since the MCAT is a standardized exam. This reflects a shift in their ideology / what they're looking for, not the applicant pool getting more competitive for this school specifically. It's one of the reasons I thought the system Western used was uniquely fair in Canada. I would be very surprised if the CARs cutoff was a 129 next year. Heck, we might not even have a hard cutoff any more, just a soft one. We don't know how they'll be approaching this whole thing, maybe this year will be a test year and they're doing everything exactly the same way. But most likely they'll give you a score based on your MCAT/GPA/AB and pick the top 400, so there might not be a hard "cutoff" for MCAT but it'll be harder the lower you score is.
  12. They still looked at your overall experiences in the interview. This just introduces another element of uncertainty into a process that was already uncertain. The whole holistic meme is one of my least favourite aspects of the journey from undergrad to medicine, and I thought it was really nice how Western told you exactly what you needed to do to get an interview and gave hard working students from every background a realistic chance. Some poor kid with a really high percentile MCAT is going to get rejected from an interview in favour of a kid with a much lower MCAT, all because he wasn't "holistic" enough. This is something that routinely happens in systems such as this one (just look at Queens), so this is in no ways hyperbole. Medicine has been a rich boys club for centuries and taking away quantitative review processes in favour of qualitative ones gives even more advantages to wealthier students. They already have an advantage in studying for the MCAT and achieving higher GPA's, but EC's is truly where rich applicants get to shine. I find it troubling and an unwelcome change.
  13. Imagine re-writing a 97th percentile MCAT to reach Western's MCAT CARS cutoffs and then not getting an interview because "holistic". This might have happened to me if I was unlucky enough to be applying this year. wow. The objectivity of Western was unique in Canada and it looks like they're throwing it away. Maybe their GPA and MCAT pool was getting too insane and they needed to do something. I still would have preferred introducing CASPer before doing this.
  14. Ah, given the advantages SWOMEN get it's a surprise that the majority of the class aren't SWOMEN