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  1. tavenan

    How to set myself up for success

    You'd want to look this information up for each individual school, I'm not a big expert in this area because I'm not a service member. But for Dalhousie, for example, you would be considered a IP applicant regardless of where you were posted. The exact requirement is: You have been on active duty as an RCMP police officer or as a member of the Regular Force of the Canadian Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 consecutive months prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2)
  2. tavenan

    How to set myself up for success

    If I were you, I would go into a relatively "easy" program to boost my GPA. Being in the military gives you a massive advantage as you'd be considered an IP applicant in MANY schools, and the fact that you served also gives you a huge leg up over your typical pre-med in terms of your EC's. Do extensive research into what ever program you choose and make sure it's not overly difficult. For example, If you were going to the University of Waterloo, I would advise you to go into Honours Science, and pick basically every "birdie" course they have to ensure you get a very high GPA. You can also try something like a Psych program which tend to be birdie as well. It's really up to you, but medicine is very accessible for you as long as you get a competitive GPA, which is why I think you should put less emphasis on doing a degree for a "backup" plan.
  3. tavenan

    chance me?

    Why do you think that? Your stats are perfectly within range for those 2 schools, you just have to perform slightly above average on CASPER to get an interview at McMaster, and do well on your essays (obviously) for Toronto. You're not at a disadvantage at all. No school looks down on re-applicants. Ottawa will only interview you a certain number of times, but that's interview, not application. Good luck
  4. tavenan

    chance me?

    A masters degree does very little in moving the needle for your medical school application outside of select schools in Canada that are the exception. it also costs a lot of money and time (you can't apply to a lot of schools until you finish your masters, for example).
  5. tavenan

    Interviews 2019

    Scratch that, I checked my email from a few years back and they sent an invite at around 2 PM EST once. So invites might be coming out around now if they're going to be coming out today.
  6. tavenan

    Interviews 2019

    I don't remember them sending out invites past 12 PM EST, so if it was today people probably would have had it by now. I hope for you guys that it comes out ASAP, the wait can be killer.\
  7. tavenan

    Interviews 2019

    The past couple of years they've come out on the 19th or the 20th. So I would bet tomorrow or the day after, though technically it could be as late as next week by the 25th.
  8. tavenan

    Jot notes down during CASPER?

    When I was applying to schools I wrote things down during the live thing. I ended up interviewing at McMaster so I assume there were no problems. I don't see any other way to keep track of the names in the scenarios, I'd forget it mid typing.
  9. You put 1 month. You can't add time from the future.
  10. No one knows the answer to this question, and if they do know they can't tell you. Do what you think is best. If your activities are incredibly weak, then maybe I would repeat an activity from before if it applies.
  11. tavenan

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Interview invites are usually on October 19th or 20th, so should be this week.
  12. Absolutely not, that would be a massive unnecessary risk. Once you get to a point where you can score 129-130 reliably on the FL's, your actual score on exam day comes down to basically luck for the 128-132 range. You could really hurt yourself if you rewrite.
  13. I actually haven't looked at this year's application layout yet. I knew they introduced an ABS, but jeez, 8 essays? Wtf. I'm glad I got in when I did.
  14. Why not just compare everyone's family wealth and just accept the top 200 bank accounts then? Western has a relatively objective admission criteria so what you're describing here won't happen unless they have a significant change in their admission philosophy. Nothing is more disqualifying to a quantitative admission process than some stupid subjective admission criteria. Focusing heavily on the MCAT atleast gives the poor some chance to be represented in medicine, even though the wealthy still have an advantage in either case, just not as much as an advantage currently. To OP: I don't think cutoffs are likely to change unless there is a significant shift in the applicant pool quality this year. I don't think any P/S cutoff they introduce will move the other cutoffs that much, because everyone who meets a 129 and 128 in CARS and B/B, respectively, is likely to have a fairly high score in P/S already. If anything it might change the number of qualified SWOMEN.
  15. Then nearly every single one of my activities would have been defined as "non medically related"? Do they want applicants to just check the box for every thing they put in except a few activities?